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Amaranthus retroflexus (click to enlarge)
Source:Wikimedia Commons
  Groups of weeds  
Asterales (127 species)
Brassicales (42 species)
Caryophyllales (91 species)
Fabales (78 species)
Lamiales (77 species)
Malpighiales (30 species)
Solanales (70 species)
other orders (195 species)
Other flowering plants
Magnoliids (1 species)
Monocotyledons (238 species)
Nymphaeales (1 species)
Other groups of weeds
Coniferophyta (4 species)
Pteridophyta (8 species)
Algae and mosses (1 species)


This group includes agricultural and environmental weeds (such as invasive plants) as well as parasitic plants considered harmful in agriculture and forestry. Agricultural weeds and invasive plants are characterized by their ability to compete aggressively with other plants. They usually disperse efficiently to agriculture fields or disturbed habitats and resist control efforts due to a persistent seed bank or an ability to regrow quickly from root or stem fragments.

Parasitic plants include weeds like:
broomrapes (Orobanchaceae)
witchweeds (Striga)
mistletoes see Loranthaceae and Santalaceae
dodder (Cuscuta)

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Weed families: