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Help sections
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Pests, diseases, weeds · Scientists/professionals · Templates ·Database features · FAQ · special notes

By using the above box you can navigate among the different help sections. The following topics are covered in the help pages:

General introductions and explanations on wikis

These give some general introductions and explanations on how wikis work and are organized.

For more details on the MediaWiki features and methods see the Wikipedia help section or the MediaWiki website. Not all of the features used here are part of the basic MediaWiki software and some MediaWiki extensions have been installed to provide additional features. An overview on some of the installed extensions can be found in the help section of the biowikifarm.

Information on pests, diseases and weeds

The following help sections provide introductions and guidance on features relevant to information on pests, diseases and weeds.

The organization and structure of our wiki

An overview on how this wiki is structured. Wiki "categories" are explained and the organization of information on pests/diseases/weeds, beneficials/antagonists, crops, publications and scientists/professionals is introduced.

Publications - the literature database

The main feature of this wiki are data on pests, disease, weeds, beneficials/antagonists, crops and countries, all related to specific literature records. This section introduces the database of scientific literature and gives guidance on how to enter and edit publications and related data.

Pests, diseases and weeds

An introduction to the features and organization of the pages covering specific pests, diseases and weeds. Explanations are given on how the information entered into the literature database can be retrieved for a specific pest or beneficial.

Information on scientists and professionals

This wiki also contains a database of scientists and professionals active in the field of pest management. These data are linked to the literature database and to an external database. The structure and features of these data are explained and how the data can be entered and edited.

Special features

Templates used in this wiki

Templates are special instructions to the system on how to format and display the wiki pages and how to retrieve and analyze information in the databases. Analytical templates usually rely on special 'extensions' (additional software components) being installed on a wiki. This section gives an introduction on what the templates do. It also contains an overview on all the templates used in this wiki.

Database features used in this wiki

The database features of this wiki are provided by special extensions (additional software components). This section gives a brief introduction to the Sematic Mediawiki software and the specific database features of this wiki.