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This page provides an overview on what type of information on pests, diseases and weeds exist in this wiki and how these components are structured.

Wiki categories

First we need to explain the concept of categories. A wiki contains many pages which need to be sorted and ordered so that users can keep track on what information exists. This is done by placing a page in one or more category pages. Category pages always start with the 'Category' namespace. They can be created like any other page and can contain subcategories. A category page contains alphabetically sorted lists of its subcategories and of the normal pages, those in the (Main) namespace, which are assigned to this category. As an example see the Category:Journals (which contains the subcategory Conference Proceedings and many normal pages). To assign a page to a category simply place a line like


near the bottom of a page. You can assign a page to several categories. The category assignments appear in a separate box at the bottom of the page. For more details see the respective MediaWiki page.

The main categories of the Pest Information Wiki

The following categories provide the main structures for the information on pests, diseases and weeds included in this wiki.

Pests, diseases and weeds

All pages describing species or subspecies of pests, diseases and weeds belong to this category, usually through subcategories.

Beneficials like parasitoids, predators or antagonists

Publications like journal articles or books


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