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Plant pathogens
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Plant parasitic nematodes (158 species)
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Weeds, parasitic plants (953 species)
Various other groups (232 species)

Welcome to the Pest Information Wiki
With 179589 research publications and other information on pests, diseases and weeds
Organized by the International Society for Pest Information (ISPI)

Selected publications of the week
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BitingMidge.jpgJournal of Insect Science (2020) 20 (6 - ieaa025)
E.G. McDermott and T.J. Lysyk (2020)
Sampling considerations for adult and immature Culicoides (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)
Leptinotarsa decemlineata.JPGInsects (2020) 11 (9 - 581)
Martina Kadoic Balasko, Katarina M. Mikac, Renata Bazok and Darija Lemic (2020)
Modern techniques in Colorado potato beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say) control and resistance management: History review and future perspectives
Peaaphidbroom.jpgJournal of Integrated Pest Management (2020) 11 (1 - pmaa016)
Ramandeep Kaur Sandhi (2020)
Biology, ecology, and management strategies for pea aphid (Hemiptera: Aphididae) in pulse crops
IPMimage1472066.jpgJournal of Economic Entomology (2020) 113, 2041-2051
Yves Carrière, Ben A. Degain, Virginia S. Harpold, Gopalan C. Unnithan and Bruce E. Tabashnik (2020)
Gene flow between Bt and non-Bt plants in a seed mixture increases dominance of resistance to pyramided Bt corn in Helicoverpa zea (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)
Thecodiplosis japonensis Park3.jpgPest Management Science (2020) 76, 3905-3910
Liu Xu, Yong Xie, Risong Na and Qing X. Li (2020)
Mini-review: recent advances in the identification and application of sex pheromones of gall midges (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae)
Plant manipulation by insects and nematodes
Hessian Fly.jpgAnnual Review of Phytopathology (2020) 58, 1-22
Bruno Favery, Géraldine Dubreuil, Ming-Shun Chen, David Giron and Pierre Abad (2020)
Gall-inducing parasites: Convergent and conserved strategies of plant manipulation by insects and nematodes
Plant pathology
IPMimage5390077.jpgNew Phytologist (2020) 228, 445-458
Petra C. Boevink, Paul R.J. Birch, Dionne Turnbull and Stephen C. Whisson (2020)
Devastating intimacy: the cell biology of plant–Phytophthora interactions
Alberi di olivo attaccati da Xylella nell'agro di Gallipoli.jpgPhytopathology (2020) 110, 1740-1750
Flavia Occhibove, Daniel S. Chapman, Alexander J. Mastin, Stephen S.R. Parnell, Barbara Agstner, Rosa Mato-Amboage, Glyn Jones, Michael Dunn, Chris R.J. Pollard, James S. Robinson, Mariella Marzano, Althea L. Davies, Rehema M. White, Andrew Fearne and Steven M. White (2020)
Eco-epidemiological uncertainties of emerging plant diseases: The challenge of predicting Xylella fastidiosa dynamics in novel environments
Fusarium avenaceum Fungi Lichen GB.jpgMolecular Plant Pathology (2020) 21, 1559-1572
Jiang Tan, Maarten Ameye, Sofie Landschoot, Noémie De Zutter, Sarah De Saeger, Marthe De Boevre, Mohamed F. Abdallah, Theo Van der Lee, Cees Waalwijk and Kris Audenaert (2020)
At the scene of the crime: New insights into the role of weakly pathogenic members of the fusarium head blight disease complex
Phytophthora infestans on potato 2.jpgFungal Diversity (2020) 103, 87-218
Ruvishika S. Jayawardena, Kevin D. Hyde, Yi Jyun Chen, Viktor Papp, Balázs Palla, Dávid Papp, Chitrabhanu S. Bhunjun, Vedprakash G. Hurdeal, Chanokned Senwanna, Ishara S. Manawasinghe, Dulanjalee L. Harischandra, Ajay Kumar Gautam, Shubhi Avasthi, Boontiya Chuankid, Ishani D. Goonasekara, Sinang Hongsanan, XiangYu Zeng, Kapila K. Liyanage, NingGuo Liu, Anuruddha Karunarathna, Kalani K. Hapuarachchi, Thatsanee Luangharn, Olivier Raspé, Rashika Brahmanage, Mingkwan Doilom, Hyang B. Lee, Liu Mei, Rajesh Jeewon, Naruemon Huanraluek, Napalai Chaiwan, Marc Stadler and Yong Wang (2020)
One stop shop IV: taxonomic update with molecular phylogeny for important phytopathogenic genera: 76–100 (2020)

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