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The Pest Information Wiki is organized by the International Society for Pest Information (ISPI), a non-profit organization, registered in Darmstadt, Germany (see contact information). It intends to provide information on

  • animal pests of crops, forestry, and stores,
  • plant diseases in agriculture and forestry,
  • agricultural and environmental weeds, including invasive plants,
  • arthropods (e.g. insects) which are harmful to livestock or affect humans directly,
  • natural enemies of pests/diseases/weeds (beneficials) like parasitoids of insect pests, antagonists of crop diseases, or biocontrol agents of weeds.

The information is supported by a collection of relevant publications, see the top left on pages for pests, diseases and weeds which provides access to the ISPI literature database. There are also references or links to the ISPI database of scientists in the literature database. Publication lists are provided for authors who have registered in the database of scientists.

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