Poaceae (weeds)

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diagram of grassy plant (click to enlarge)
Source: Wikipedia

Poaceae (weeds) - (grass family)

The Poaceae are a large family of monocots with more than 10,000 species, including many weeds.

The general characteristics of this family are:

  • the stems are hollow, but not on the internodes where the leaves emerge,
  • the leaves are nearly always arranged alternately, are elongated and have a smooth margin,
  • the base of a leaf (the sheath) encloses the stem,
  • at the junction of leaf blade and leaf sheath is a membrane or fringe of hairs (the ligule) which protects the inside of the sheath,
  • inflorescences are usually branched and bear spikelets each containing one or more flowers (florets).


  • Gramineae

For details see the respective page in Wikipedia.

The following genera are currently entered under Poaceae (weeds):