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Publications of Renaud Ioos (46 listed):

Plant Pathology (2021) 70, 181-194
Jaime Aguayo, Claude Husson, Emilie Chancerel, Olivier Fabreguettes, Anne Chandelier, Céline Fourrier-Jeandel, Nadine Dupuy, Cyril Dutech, Renaud Ioos, Cécile Robin, Michel Thibaudon, Benoit Marçais and Marie-Laure Desprez-Loustau (2021)
Combining permanent aerobiological networks and molecular analyses for large-scale surveillance of forest fungal pathogens: A proof-of-concept

Plant Disease (2021) 105, p. 219 (Aguayo et al.)
J. Aguayo, I. Cerf-Wendling, A.B. Folscher, C. Fourrier-Jeandel, R. Ioos, M.C. Mathews, D. Mostert, C. Renault, V. Wilson and A. Viljoen (2021)
First report of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense Tropical Race 4 (TR4) causing banana wilt in the island of Mayotte

Forests (2020) 11 (7 - 724)
Rein Drenkhan, Beccy Ganley, Jorge Martín-García, Petr Vahalík, Kalev Adamson, Katarína Adamcíková, Rodrigo Ahumada, Lior Blank, Helena Bragança, Paolo Capretti, Michelle Cleary, Carolina Cornejo, Kateryna Davydenko, Julio J. Diez, Hatice Tugba Dogmus Lehtijärvi, Milon Dvorák, Rasmus Enderle, Gerda Fourie, Margarita Georgieva, Luisa Ghelardini, Jarkko Hantula, Renaud Ioos, Eugenia Iturritxa, Loukas Kanetis, Natalia N. Karpun, András Koltay, Elena Landeras, Svetlana Markovskaja, Nebai Mesanza, Ivan Milenkovic, Dmitry L. Musolin, Konstantinos Nikolaou, Justyna A. Nowakowska, Nikica Ogris, Funda Oskay, Tomasz Oszako, Irena Papazova-Anakieva, Marius Paraschiv, Matias Pasquali, Francesco Pecori, Trond Rafoss, Kristina Raitelaityte, Rosa Raposo, Cecile Robin, Carlos A. Rodas, Alberto Santini, Antonio V. Sanz-Ros, Andrey V. Selikhovkin, Alejandro Solla, Mirkka Soukainen, Nikoleta Soulioti, Emma T. Steenkamp, Panaghiotis Tsopelas, Aleksandar Vemic, Anna Maria Vettraino, Michael J. Wingfield, Stephen Woodward, Cristina Zamora-Ballesteros and Martin S. Mullett (2020)
Global geographic distribution and host range of Fusarium circinatum, the causal agent of pine pitch canker

Plant Disease (2020) 104, 60-70
Maud Thierry, Pierre Gladieux, Elisabeth Fournier, Didier Tharreau and Renaud Ioos (2020)
A genomic approach to develop a new qPCR test enabling detection of the Pyricularia oryzae lineage causing wheat blast

Plant Disease (2019) 103, 345-356
Yosra Ahmed, Jacqueline Hubert, Céline Fourrier-Jeandel, Megan M. Dewdney, Jaime Aguayo and Renaud Ioos (2019)
A set of conventional and multiplex real-time PCR assays for direct detection of Elsinoë fawcettii, E. australis, and Pseudocercospora angolensis in citrus fruits

Plant Disease (2019) 103, p. 365 (Saurat et al.)
C. Saurat, N. Schenck, C. Fourrier-Jeandel, L. Bialais, J.-B. Daubrée and R. Ioos (2019)
First report of Neonectria neomacrospora causing European silver fir (Abies alba) dieback in France

Plant Pathology (2019) 68, 1493-1507
R. Ioos, P. Chrétien, J. Perrault, C. Jeandel, C. Dutech, P. Gonthier, F. Sillo, A.M. Hietala, H. Solheim and J. Hubert (2019)
Multiplex real-time PCR assays for the detection and identification of Heterobasidion species attacking conifers in Europe

Plant Disease (2019) 103, p. 2962 (Hubert et al.)
J. Hubert, C. Jeandel, L. Costet, B. Hostachy, A.-S. Dupuis, A. Coddeville, L. Barau and R. Ioos (2019)
First report of orange rust caused by Puccinia kuehnii on sugarcane on the Island of Reunion

Forests (2019) 10 (12 - 1158)
Cristina Zamora-Ballesteros, Julio J. Diez, Jorge Martín-García, Johanna Witzell, Alejandro Solla, Rodrigo Ahumada, Paolo Capretti, Michelle Cleary, Rein Drenkhan, Milon Dvorák, Margarita Elvira-Recuenco, Mercedes Fernández-Fernández, uisa Ghelardini, Paolo Gonthier, Laura Hernández-Escribano, Renaud Ioos, Svetlana Markovskaja, Pablo Martínez-Alvarez, E. Jordán Muñoz-Adalia, Justyna Anna Nowakowska, Tomasz Oszako, Rosa Raposo, Alberto Santini and Jarkko Hantula (2019)
Pine pitch canker (PPC): Pathways of pathogen spread and preventive measures

Journal of Phytopathology (2018) 166, 525-531
Carine Charron, Jacqueline Hubert, Janice Minatchy, Véronique Wilson, Fabiola Chrysot, Scholastie Gerville, Renaud Ioos, Céline Jeandel and Michel Grisoni (2018)
Characterization of Colletotrichum orchidophilum, the agent of black spot disease of vanilla

FEMS Microbiology Ecology (2018) 94 (5 - fiy049)
M. Grosdidier, R. Ioos, C. Husson, O. Cael, T. Scordia and B. Marçais (2018)
Tracking the invasion: dispersal of Hymenoscyphus fraxineus airborne inoculum at different scales

Forest Pathology (2018) 48 (4 - e12426)
M. Grosdidier, R. Ioos and B. Marçais (2018)
Do higher summer temperatures restrict the dissemination of Hymenoscyphus fraxineus in France?

European Journal of Plant Pathology (2017) 148, 997-1001
Anne-Laure Boutigny, Jonathan Scauflaire, Nicolas Ballois and Renaud Ioos (2017)
Fusarium temperatum isolated from maize in France

Plant Pathology (2017) 66, 359-367
M. Grosdidier, J. Aguayo, B. Marçais and R. Ioos (2017)
Detection of plant pathogens using real-time PCR: how reliable are late Ct values?

European Journal of Plant Pathology (2016) 146, 231-244
Nathalie Schenck, Celine Fourrier-Jeandel and Renaud Ioos (2016)
A robust and specific real-time PCR tool for the detection of Phytophthora lateralis in plant tissues

Plant Pathology (2016) 65, 380-391
C. Guinet, A.L. Boutigny, A. Vialle, R.C. Hamelin, P. Frey and R. Ioos (2016)
Simultaneous monitoring and quantification of Melampsora allii-populina and Melampsora larici-populina on infected poplar leaves using a duplex real-time PCR assay

Plant Disease (2016) 100, 2465-2474
C. Guinet, C. Fourrier-Jeandel, I. Cerf-Wendling and R. Ioos (2016)
One-step detection of Monilinia fructicola, M. fructigena, and M. laxa on Prunus and Malus by a Multiplex Real-Time PCR assay

Plant Disease (2015) 99, p. 1277 (Saurat et al.)
C. Saurat, N. Schenck, C. Fourrier, I. Cerf, C. Casset and R. Ioos (2015)
First report of Phytophthora niederhauserii causing wilt of Begonia elatior in France

Forest Pathology (2015) 45, 324-330
C. Fourrier, S. Antoine, D. Piou and R. Ioos (2015)
Rapid detection of Fusarium circinatum propagules on trapped pine beetles

Plant Disease (2014) 98, p. 1584 (Hubert et al.)
J. Hubert, C. Fourrier, D. Laplace and R. Ioos (2014)
First report of pineapple black rot caused by Ceratocystis paradoxa on Ananas comosus in French Guiana

European Journal of Plant Pathology (2014) 138, 133-148
Anne-Laure Boutigny, Todd J. Ward, Nicolas Ballois, Gabriela Iancu and Renaud Ioos (2014)
Diversity of the Fusarium graminearum species complex on French cereals

Plant Disease (2014) 98, p. 841 (Piou et al.)
D. Piou and R. Ioos (2014)
First report of Dothistroma pini, a recent agent of the Dothistroma needle blight, on Pinus radiata in France

Plant Disease (2013) 97, p. 144 (Saurat et al.)
C. Saurat, C. Fourrier, V. Wilson, C. Casset and R. Ioos (2013)
First report of begonia elatior wilt disease caused by Fusarium foetens in France

Forest Pathology (2013) 43, 1-11
C. Husson, R. Ioos, A. Andrieux and P. Frey (2013)
Development and use of new sensitive molecular tools for diagnosis and detection of Melampsora rusts on cultivated poplar

EPPO Bulletin (2013) 43, 267-275
R. Ioos, T. Annesi, C. Fourrier, C. Saurat, A. Chandelier, S. Inghelbrecht, E.L.F. Diogo, A.-M. Pérez-Sierra, A.V. Barnes, K. Paruma, M. Adam, P. van Rijswick and L. Riccioni (2013)
Test performance study of diagnostic procedures for identification and detection of Gibberella circinata in pine seeds in the framework of a EUPHRESCO project

European Journal of Plant Pathology (2013) 136, 433-441
Anne-Laure Boutigny, Cécile Guinet, Agathe Vialle, Richard Hamelin, Pascal Frey and Renaud Ioos (2013)
A sensitive real-time PCR assay for the detection of the two Melampsora medusae formae speciales on infected poplar leaves

Plant Disease (2012) 96, p. 1375 (Hubert et al.)
J. Hubert, C. Fourrier, C. Payen, J.L. Fournié and R. Ioos (2012)
First report of powdery mildew caused by Podosphaera pannosa on Prunus cerasus in France

Plant Disease (2012) 96, p. 1069 (Saurat et al.)
C. Saurat, C. Fourrier and R. Ioos (2012)
First report of blight disease on Buxus caused by Cylindrocladium buxicola in France

Phytopathology (2012) 102, 908-917
Renaud Ioos, Céline Fourrier, Véronique Wilson, Kathryn Webb, Jean-Luc Schereffer and Denis Tourvieille de Labrouhe (2012)
An optimized Duplex Real-Time PCR tool for sensitive detection of the quarantine oomycete Plasmopara halstedii in sunflower seeds

Phytopathology (2012) 102, 47-54
B. Fabre, R. Ioos, D. Piou and B. Marçais (2012)
Is the emergence of Dothistroma needle blight of pine in France caused by the cryptic species Dothistroma pini?

Plant Disease (2011) 95, p. 359 (Ioos et al.)
R. Ioos, J. Hubert, C. Abadie, D. Duféal, G. Opdebeeck and J. Iotti (2011)
First report of black sigatoka disease in banana caused by Mycosphaerella fijiensis on Martinique Island

Phytopathologia Mediterranea (2011) 50, 267-272
Mohamed Ali Triki, Samira Kridi, Hamdi Hsairi, Ines Hammedi, Renaud Ioos, Radouane Gdoura and Ali Rhouma (2011)
Occurrence of Verticillium dahliae defoliating pathotypes on olive trees in Tunisia

EPPO Bulletin (2011) 41, 21-26
R. Ioos and C. Fourrier (2011)
Validation and accreditation of a duplex real-time PCR test for reliable in planta detection of Chalara fraxinea

European Journal of Plant Pathology (2011) 130, 311-324
Claude Husson, Bruno Scala, Olivier Caël, Pascal Frey, Nicolas Feau, Renaud Ioos and Benoît Marçais (2011)
Chalara fraxinea is an invasive pathogen in France

Phytopathology (2010) 100, 105-114
Renaud Ioos, Bénédicte Fabre, Carole Saurat, Céline Fourrier, Pascal Frey and Benoît Marçais (2010)
Development, comparison, and validation of real-time and conventional PCR tools for the detection of the fungal pathogens causing brown spot and red band needle blights of pine

European Journal of Plant Pathology (2009) 125, 329-335
Renaud Ioos, Tadeusz Kowalski, Claude Husson and Ottmar Holdenrieder (2009)
Rapid in planta detection of Chalara fraxinea by a real-time PCR assay using a dual-labelled probe

Phytopathology (2009) 99, 582-590
Renaud Ioos, Céline Fourrier, Gabriela Iancu and Thomas R. Gordon (2009)
Sensitive detection of Fusarium circinatum in pine seed by combining an enrichment procedure with a real-time polymerase chain reaction using dual-labeled probe chemistry

EPPO Bulletin (2008) 38, 198-204
R. Ioos and G. Iancu (2008)
European collaborative studies for the validation of PCR-based detection tests targeting regulated fungi and oomycetes

Plant Pathology (2007) 56, 209-218
R. Ioos, L. Laugustin, S. Rose, J. Tourvieille and D. Tourvieille de Labrouhe (2007)
Development of a PCR test to detect the downy mildew causal agent Plasmopara halstedii in sunflower seeds

Molecular Ecology Notes (2007) 7, 133-137
R. Ioos, B. Barrès, A. Andrieux and P. Frey (2007)
Characterization of microsatellite markers in the interspecific hybrid Phytophthora alni ssp. alni, and cross-amplification with related taxa

European Journal of Plant Pathology (2006) 116, 171-176
Renaud Ioos, Lise Laugustin, Nathalie Schenck, Sylvie Rose, Claude Husson and Pascal Frey (2006)
Usefulness of single copy genes containing introns in Phytophthora for the development of detection tools for the regulated species P. ramorum and P. fragariae

European Journal of Plant Pathology (2005) 112, 323-335
Renaud Ioos, Claude Husson, Axelle Andrieux and Pascal Frey (2005)
SCAR-based PCR primers to detect the hybrid pathogen Phytophthora alni and its subspecies causing alder disease in Europe

Mycopathologia (2004) 158, 351-362
Renaud Ioos, Assia Belhadj and Magali Menez (2004)
Occurrence and distribution of Microdochium nivale and Fusarium species isolated from barley, durum and soft wheat grains in France from 2000 to 2002

EPPO Bulletin (2000) 30, 499-505
R. Ioos and P. Frey (2000)
Application de la variabilité génétique de I'ADNr chez Monilinia laxa, Monilinia fructigena et Monilinia fructicola à l'identification des espèces par PCR
[rDNA variability within Monilinia laxa, Monilinia fructigena and Monilinia fructicola, and application to species identification by PCR]

European Journal of Plant Pathology (2000) 106, 373-378
Renaud Ioos and P. Frey (2000)
Genomic variation within Monilinia laxa, M. fructigena and M. fructicola, and application to species identification by PCR

Journal of Phytopathology - Phytopathologische Zeitschrift (2000) 148, 141-151
V. Marie-Jeanne, R. Ioos, J. Peyre, B. Alliot and P. Signoret (2000)
Differentiation of Poaceae potyviruses by reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction and restriction analysis