Puccinia kuehnii

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Puccinia kuehnii on sugarcane
Author: Josiane Takassaki Ferrari, Instituto Biológico, CPDSV, São Paulo, Brazil
Source: APSnet

Puccinia kuehnii (Krüg.) Butler 1914 - (orange rust of sugarcane)

The fungus causes a serious rust disease of sugarcane in Asia and Australia which has been also reported from the Americas since 2007. The disease is characterized by the development of orange to reddish-brown pustules (uredinia with urediniospores) on the lower surface of the leaves, up to 4 mm in length. See also Puccinia melanocephala which causes brown rust on sugarcane.

Vernacular names
• English: orange rust of sugarcane
• Português: ferrugem alaranjada da cana-de-açúcar