Plant diseases

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plant diseases - plant pathogens

Plant diseases can be caused by a variety of different groups of organisms. The disease-causing plant pathogens are listed here under:

(plant pathogenic bacteria - 133 species)
Hyaloperonospora-parasitica-hyphae-haustoria(cropped).jpgFungi and fungal-like organisms
The plant pathogenic fungi and fungal-like organisms include the Ascomycota, Basidiomycota, Oomycota and other groups - (total 1193 species)
CowpeaMosaicVirus3D.pngPlant viruses
Subcellular particles which consist of proteins and either RNA or DNA. They multiply inside living cells - (494 species)
Spiro.jpgOther plant pathogens
The plant pathogens and diseases of this group contain:
diseases of unknown etiology (2 species)
parasitic algae (2 species)
phytoplasmas (36 species)
spiroplasmas (2 species)
Trypanosomatidae (3 species)
viroids (28 species)

For a summary of the different groups of plant pathogens, their epidemiology and management see the respective page in Wikipedia.