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Publications of M. Catherine Aime (44 listed):

Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology (2020) 42, 210-217
Aamna Ishaq, Mary C. Aime, Elena K. Ayala, Sadiq Ullah, Najam S. Afshan Icon, Muhammad Fahad, Muhammad Fiaz, Abdul R. Niazi and Abdul N. Khalid (2020)
First report of Asian pistachio rust (Pileolaria pistaciae) in Pakistan

IMA Fungus (2020) 11 (14) - Unambiguous identification of
Robert Lücking, M. Catherine Aime, Barbara Robbertse, Andrew N. Miller, Hiran A. Ariyawansa, Takayuki Aoki, Gianluigi Cardinali, Pedro W. Crous, Irina S. Druzhinina, David M. Geiser, David L. Hawksworth, Kevin D. Hyde, Laszlo Irinyi, Rajesh Jeewon, Peter R. Johnston, Paul M. Kirk, Elaine Malosso, Tom W. May, Wieland Meyer, Maarja Öpik, Vincent Robert, Marc Stadler, Marco Thines, Duong Vu, Andrey M. Yurkov, Ning Zhang and Conrad L. Schoch (2020)
Unambiguous identification of fungi: where do we stand and how accurate and precise is fungal DNA barcoding?

Phytopathology (2020) 110, 1604-1619
Jorge R. Díaz-Valderrama, Santos T. Leiva-Espinoza and M. Catherine Aime (2020)
The history of cacao and its diseases in the Americas

Plant Disease (2019) 103, p. 760 (Rosskopf et al.)
E.N. Rosskopf, M. Abbasi and M.C. Aime (2019)
First report of Guineagrass smut caused by Conidiosporomyces ayresii in North America

Plant Disease (2019) 103, 2237-2245
Tomás Allen Rush, Jacob Golan, Alistair McTaggart, Cade Kane, R.W. Schneider and M. Catherine Aime (2019)
Variation in the internal transcribed spacer region of Phakopsora pachyrhizi and implications for molecular diagnostic assays

Plant Disease (2019) 103, p. 2968 (Pisani et al.)
C. Pisani, P.C. Patel, E.N. Rosskopf, M. Abbasi and M.C. Aime (2019)
First report of downy mildew caused by Plasmopara halstedii on Ageratum houstonianum in the United States

MycoKeys (2018) 39, 63-73
M. Catherine Aime and Mehrdad Abbasi (2018)
Puccinia modiolae in North America: distribution and natural host range

IMA Fungus (2018) 9, 75-89
M. Catherine Aime, Lisa A. Castlebury, Mehrdad Abbasi, Dominik Begerow, Reinhard Berndt, Roland Kirschner, Ludmila Marvanová, Yoshitaka Ono, Mahajabeen Padamsee, Markus Scholler, Marco Thines and Amy Y. Rossman (2018)
Competing sexual and asexual generic names in Pucciniomycotina and Ustilaginomycotina (Basidiomycota) and recommendations for use

Mycological Progress (2018) 17, 1251-1267
Shawn C. Kenaley, Menchus Quan, M. Catherine Aime and Gary C. Bergstrom (2018)
New insight into the species diversity and life cycles of rust fungi (Pucciniales) affecting bioenergy switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) in the Eastern and Central United States

IMA Fungus (2017) 8, 335-353
Ryan M. Kepler, J. Jennifer Luangsa-ard, Nigel L. Hywel-Jones, C. Alisha Quandt, Gi-Ho Sung, Stephen A. Rehner, M. Catherine Aime, Terry W. Henkel, Tatiana Sanjuan, Rasoul Zare, Mingjun Chen, Zhengzhi Li, Amy Y. Rossman, Joseph W. Spatafora and Bhushan Shrestha (2017)
A phylogenetically-based nomenclature for Cordycipitaceae (Hypocreales)

Plant Disease (2017) 101, 2020-2026
Martha P. Romero Luna, M. Catherine Aime, Martin I. Chilvers and Kiersten A. Wise (2017)
Genetic diversity of Stenocarpella maydis in the major corn production areas of the United States

Plant Pathology (2015) 64, 216-224
M. Toome and M.C. Aime (2015)
Reassessment of rust fungi on weeping willows in the Americas and description of Melampsora ferrinii sp. nov.

Plant Disease (2014) 98, p. 1581 (Wilson et al.)
A.W. Wilson and M.C. Aime (2014)
The rose rust fungus, Phragmidium tuberculatum, is widespread in the Americas: first reports from California, Oregon, Massachusetts, and Honduras

Plant Disease (2014) 98, p. 842 (Garces et al.)
F.F. Garcés, F.F. Fiallos, E. Silva, F. Martinez, M.C. Aime, J.C. Comstock, N.C. Glynn and L.A. Castlebury (2014)
First report of orange rust of sugarcane caused by Puccinia kuehnii in Ecuador

Plant Disease (2014) 98, p. 156 (Ploetz et al.)
R.C. Ploetz, A.J. Palmateer, P. Lopez and M.C. Aime (2014)
First report of rust caused by Puccinia nakanishikii on lemongrass, Cymbopogon citratus, in Florida

Plant Disease (2014) 98, p. 277 (Wilson et al.)
A.W. Wilson, J.L. Beckerman and M.C. Aime (2014)
First report of the white pine blister rust fungus, Cronartium ribicola, on Ribes odoratum in Indiana

Environmental Entomology (2013) 42, 1246-1256
Rabiu Olatinwo, Jeremy Allison, James Meeker, Wood Johnson, Douglas Streett, M. Catherine Aime and Christopher Carlton (2013)
Detection and identification of Amylostereum areolatum (Russulales: Amylostereaceae) in the mycangia of Sirex nigricornis (Hymenoptera: Siricidae) in central Louisiana

Mycologia (2011) 103, 1004-1018
Chandalin Bennett, M. Catherine Aime and George Newcombe (2011)
Molecular and pathogenic variation within Melampsora on Salix in western North America reveals numerous cryptic species

Plant Disease (2011) 95, p. 353 (Kaur et al.)
R. Kaur, T.A. Rush, D.M. Ferrin and M.C. Aime (2011)
First report of Puccinia thaliae rust on canna lily in Louisiana

Plant Disease (2010) 94, p. 272 (Holcomb et al.)
G.E. Holcomb and M.C. Aime (2010)
First report of Plumeria spp. rust caused by Coleosporium plumeriae in Louisiana and Malaysia and Catheranthus roseus, a new host of this rust

Mycological Progress (2010) 9, 459-468
Linley J. Dixon, Lisa A. Castlebury, M. Catherine Aime, Neil C. Glynn and Jack C. Comstock (2010)
Phylogenetic relationships of sugarcane rust fungi

Mycologia (2010) 102, 62-68
William L. Bruckart III, Farivar M. Eskandari, Dana K. Berner and M. Catherine Aime (2010)
Life cycle of Puccinia acroptili on Rhaponticum (= Acroptilon) repens

Plant Disease (2010) 94, p. 636 (Kaur et al.)
R. Kaur, C. Knott and M.C. Aime (2010)
First report of rust disease caused by Puccinia sparganioides on Spartina alterniflora in Louisiana

Plant Disease (2010) 94, p. 478 (Mostert et al.)
L. Mostert, W. Bester, T. Jensen, S. Coertze, A. van Hoorn, J. Le Roux, E. Retief, A. Wood and M.C. Aime (2010)
First report of leaf rust of blueberry caused by Thekopsora minima on Vaccinium corymbosum in the Western Cape, South Africa

Plant Disease (2010) 94, p. 380 (Sampangi et al.)
R.K. Sampangi, M.C. Aime and S.K. Mohan (2010)
First report of rust caused by Puccinia similis on Artemisia tridentata in Idaho and Oregon

Plant Disease (2009) 93, p. 201 (Blomquist et al.)
C.L. Blomquist, J.M. McKemy, M.C. Aime, R.W. Orsburn and S.A. Kinnee (2009)
First report of bamboo rust caused by Kweilingia divina on Bambusa domestica in Los Angeles County, California

Plant Disease (2009) 93, p. 1348 (Singh et al.)
R. Singh, D.M. Ferrin and M.C. Aime (2009)
First report of powdery mildew caused by Podosphaera xanthii on Sechium edule in the United States

Molecular Plant Pathology (2008) 9, 577-588
Lyndel W. Meinhardt, Johana Rincones, Bryan A. Bailey, M. Catherine Aime, Gareth W. Griffith, Dapeng Zhang and Gonçalo A.G. Pereira (2008)
Moniliophthora perniciosa, the causal agent of witches' broom disease of cacao: what's new from this old foe?

Plant Pathology (2007) 56, 911-922
W. Phillips-Mora, M.C. Aime and M.J. Wilkinson (2007)
Biodiversity and biogeography of the cacao (Theobroma cacao) pathogen Moniliophthora roreri in tropical America

Plant Disease (2007) 91, p. 113 (Deadman et al.)
M.L. Deadman, A. Al Sa'di, Y. Al Maqbali and M.C. Aime (2007)
First report of leaf rust by Puccinia triticina on wheat in Oman

Plant Disease (2007) 91, p. 1517 (Aime et al.)
M.C. Aime and A.Y. Rossman (2007)
First report of the rust Phragmidium violaceum on Pennsylvania blackberry in California

Plant Disease (2007) 91, p. 638 (Deadman et al.)
M.L. Deadman, Y. Al Maqbali, A. Al Subhi, R. Al Yahyai, A. Al Sa'di and M.C. Aime (2007)
First report of rust caused by Tranzschelia discolor on peach in Oman

Canadian Journal of Microbiology - Revue Canadienne de Microbiologie (2006) 52, 1027-1035
Hyesuk Kong, Cheryl D. Patterson, Robin E. Mitchell, Jeffrey S. Buyer, M. Catherine Aime and John Lydon (2006)
A mutation in an exbD gene reduces tagetitoxin production by Pseudomonas syringae pv. tagetis

Plant Disease (2006) 90, p. 971 (Bruckart III et al.)
W.L. Bruckart III, F.M. Eskandari, M.C. Becktell, D. Bean, J. Littlefield, A.L. Pilgeram, D.C. Sands and M.C. Aime (2006)
Puccinia acroptili on Russian knapweed in Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming

Plant Disease (2006) 90, p. 826 (Deadman et al.)
M.L. Deadman, A. Al Sa'di, Y. Al Maqbali, S. Livingston and M.C. Aime (2006)
First report of Puccinia sorghi on maize in Oman

Plant Disease (2006) 90, p. 525 (Tunali et al.)
B. Tunali, A. Yildirim, M.C. Aime and J.R. Hernández (2006)
First report of rust disease caused by Uromyces galegae on Galega officinalis in Turkey

Plant Pathology (2006) 55, 783-791
J. Crozier, S.E. Thomas, M.C. Aime, H.C. Evans and K.A. Holmes (2006)
Molecular characterization of fungal endophytic morphospecies isolated from stems and pods of Theobroma cacao

Plant Pathology (2006) 55, p. 584 (Phillips-Mora et al.)
W. Phillips-Mora, J. Cawich, W. Garnett and M.C. Aime (2006)
First report of frosty pod rot (moniliasis disease) caused by Moniliophthora roreri on cacao in Belize

Journal of Plant Pathology (2006) 88, p. 229 (Deadman et al.)
M.L. Deadman, A.M. Al Sa'di, Y.M. Al Maqbali, S. Al Jahdhami, A. Patzelt and M.C. Aime (2006)
First report of the rust Melampsora euphorbiae on Euphorbia heterophylla in Oman

Plant Disease (2005) 89, p. 431 (Kapooria et al.)
R.G. Kapooria and M.C. Aime (2005)
First report of the rust fungus Olivea scitula on Vitex doniana in Zambia

Plant Disease (2005) 89, p. 208 (Deadman et al.)
M.L. Deadman, A.M. Al Sadi, S. Al Jahdhami and M.C. Aime (2005)
First report of rust caused by Puccinia carthami on safflower in Oman

Mycologia (2005) 97, 1012-1022
M.C. Aime and W. Phillips-Mora (2005)
The causal agents of witches' broom and frosty pod rot of cacao (chocolate, Theobroma cacao) form a new lineage of Marasmiaceae

Plant Disease (2005) 89, p. 1131 (Tunali et al.)
B. Tunali, A. Yildirim, M.C. Aime, J. Hernández and D. Berner (2005)
First report of the rust fungus Coleosporium tussilaginis on Tussilago farfara in Turkey

Plant Disease (2004) 88, p. 1161 (Berner et al.)
D.K. Berner, F.M. Eskandari, A.Y. Rossman, M.C. Aime and J. Kashefi (2004)
First report of anthracnose of Crupina vulgaris caused by a Colletotrichum sp. in Greece