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Publications of Alan R. Wood (27 listed):

Studies in Mycology (2019) 92, 47-133
Y. Marin-Felix, M. Hernández-Restrepo, M.J. Wingfield, A. Akulov, A.J. Carnegie, R. Cheewangkoon, D. Gramaje, J.Z. Groenewald, V. Guarnaccia, F. Halleen, L. Lombard, J. Luangsa-ard, S. Marincowitz, A. Moslemi, L. Mostert, W. Quaedvlieg, R.K. Schumacher, C.F.J. Spies, R. Thangavel, P.W.J. Taylor, A.M. Wilson, B.D. Wingfield, A.R. Wood and P.W. Crous (2019)
Genera of phytopathogenic fungi: GOPHY 2

Tropical Plant Pathology (2019) 44, 318-325
Andries Fourie and Alan R. Wood (2019)
The rust Puccinia arechavaletae, a potential biological control agent of balloon vine (Cardiospermum grandiflorum) in South Africa. II: Host range

Australasian Plant Pathology (2018) 47, 379-387
Andries Fourie and Alan R. Wood (2018)
The rust fungus Puccinia arechavaletae, a potential biological control agent of balloon vine (Cardiospermum grandiflorum) in South Africa. I: Biology

Studies in Mycology (2017) 86, 99-216
Y. Marin-Felix, J. Z. Groenewald, L. Cai, Q. Chen, S. Marincowitz, I. Barnes, K. Bensch, Braun, E. Camporesi, U. Damm, Z.W. de Beer, A. Dissanayake, Edwards, A. Giraldo, Hernández-Restrepo, D. Hyde, S. Jayawardena, Lombard, J. Luangsa-ard, A.R. McTaggart, A.Y. Rossman, M. Sandoval-Denis, M. Shen, R.G. Shivas, Y.P. Tan, J. van der Linde, M.J. Wingfield, A.R. Wood, J.Q. Zhang, Y. Zhang and P.W. Crous (2017)
Genera of phytopathogenic fungi: GOPHY 1

IMA Fungus (2015) 6, 163-198
Pedro W. Crous, Lori M. Carris, Alejandra Giraldo, Johannes Z. Groenewald, David L. Hawksworth, Margarita Hernández-Restrepo, Walter M. Jaklitsch, Marc-Henri Lebrun, René K. Schumacher, J. Benjamin Stielow, Elna J. van der Linde, Julija Vilcane, Hermann Voglmayr and Alan R. Wood (2015)
The Genera of Fungi - fixing the application of the type species of generic names – G 2: Allantophomopsis, Latorua, Macrodiplodiopsis, Macrohilum, Milospium, Protostegia, Pyricularia, Robillarda, Rotula, Septoriella, Torula, and Wojnowicia

Tropical Plant Pathology (2014) 39, 284-293
Alan R. Wood (2014)
Observations on the gall rust fungus Prospodium transformans, a potential biocontrol agent of Tecoma stans var. stans (Bignoniaceae) in South Africa

Persoonia (2014) 32, 184-306
P.W. Crous, R.G. Shivas, W. Quaedvlieg, M. van der Bank, Y. Zhang, B.A. Summerell, J. Guarro, M.J. Wingfield, A.R. Wood, A.C. Alfenas, U. Braun, J.F. Cano-Lira, D. García, Y. Marin-Felix, P. Alvarado, J.P. Andrade, J. Armengol, A. Assefa, A. den Breeyen, I. Camele, R. Cheewangkoon, J.T. De Souza, T.A. Duong, F. Esteve-Raventós, J. Fournier, S. Frisullo, J. García-Jiménez, A. Gardiennet, J. Gené, M. Hernández-Restrepo, Y. Hirooka, D.R. Hospenthal, A. King, C. Lechat, L. Lombard, S.M. Mang, P.A.S. Marbach, S. Marincowitz, Y. Marin-Felix, N.J. Montaño-Mata, G. Moreno, C.A. Perez, A.M. Pérez Sierra, J.L. Robertson, J. Roux, E. Rubio, R.K. Schumacher, A.M. Stchigel, D.A. Sutton, Y.P. Tan, E.H. Thompson, E. Vanderlinde, A.K. Walker, D.M. Walker, B.L. Wickes, P.T.W. Wong and J.Z. Groenewald (2014)
Fungal Planet description sheets: 214-280

Persoonia (2013) 31, 188-296
P.W. Crous, M.J. Wingfield, J. Guarro, R. Cheewangkoon, M. van der Bank, W.J. Swart, A.M. Stchigel, J.F. Cano-Lira, J. Roux, H. Madrid, U. Damm, A.R. Wood, L.A. Shuttleworth, C.S. Hodges, M. Munster, M. de Jesús Yáñez-Morales, L. Zúñiga-Estrada, E. M. Cruywagen, G.S. De Hoog, C. Silvera, J. Najafzadeh, E.M. Davison, P.J.N. Davison, M.D. Barrett, R.L. Barrett, D.S. Manamgoda, A.M. Minnis, N.M. Kleczewski, S.L. Flory, L.A. Castlebury, K. Clay, K.D. Hyde, S.N.D. Maússe-Sitoe, Shuaifei Chen, C. Lechat, M. Hairaud, L. Lesage-Meessen, J. Pawlowska, M. Wilk, A. Sliwinska-Wyrzychowska, M. Metrak, M. Wrzosek, D. Pavlic-Zupanc, H.M. Maleme, B. Slippers, W.P. Mac Cormack, D.I. Archuby, N.J. Grünwald, M.T. Tellería, M. Dueñas, M.P. Martín, S. Marincowitz, Z.W. de Beer, C.A. Perez, J. Gené, Y. Marin-Felix and J.Z. Groenewald (2013)
Fungal Planet description sheets

Australasian Plant Pathology (2012) 41, 255-261
Alan R. Wood (2012)
Uromycladium tepperianum (a gall-forming rust fungus) causes a sustained epidemic on the weed Acacia saligna in South Africa

African Entomology (2011) 19, 434-442
L.G. Madire, A.R. Wood, H.E. Williams and S. Neser (2011)
Potential agents for the biological control of Tecoma stans (L.) Juss ex Kunth var. stans (Bignoniaceae) in South Africa

Mycological Progress (2011) 10, 175-187
Markus Scholler, Matthias Lutz, Alan R. Wood, Gregor Hagedorn and Mechthilde Mennicken (2011)
Taxonomy and phylogeny of Puccinia lagenophorae: a study using rDNA sequence data, morphological and host range features

African Entomology (2011) 19, 186-207
F.A.C. Impson, C.A. Kleinjan, J.H. Hoffmann, J.A. Post and A.R. Wood (2011)
Biological control of Australian Acacia species and Paraserianthes lophantha (Willd.) Nielsen (Mimosaceae) in South Africa

African Entomology (2011) 19, 208-216
F. Heystek, A.R. Wood, S. Neser and Y. Kistensamy (2011)
Biological control of two Ageratina species (Asteraceae: Eupatorieae) in South Africa

Plant Disease (2010) 94, p. 478 (Mostert et al.)
L. Mostert, W. Bester, T. Jensen, S. Coertze, A. van Hoorn, J. Le Roux, E. Retief, A. Wood and M.C. Aime (2010)
First report of leaf rust of blueberry caused by Thekopsora minima on Vaccinium corymbosum in the Western Cape, South Africa

Biological Invasions (2010) 12, 211-218
Karen J. Esler, Brian W. van Wilgen, Kerry S. te Roller, Alan R. Wood and Johannes H. van der Merwe (2010)
A landscape-scale assessment of the long-term integrated control of an invasive shrub in South Africa

Studies in Mycology (2009) 64, 17-47
P.W. Crous, C.L. Schoch, K.D. Hyde, A.R. Wood, C. Gueidan, G.S. de Hoog and J.Z. Groenewald (2009)
Phylogenetic lineages in the Capnodiales

Plant Disease (2009) 93, p. 322 (Wood et al.)
A.R. Wood, A. den Breeÿen and F. Beed (2009)
First report of smut on Imperata cylindrica caused by Sporisorium schweinfurthianum in South Africa

Plant Disease (2008) 92, p. 1133 (Mostert et al.)
L. Mostert, W. Bester, S. Coertze and A.R. Wood (2008)
First report of daylily rust caused by Puccinia hemerocallidis in the Western Cape Province of South Africa

Biocontrol Science and Technology (2006) 16, 495-507
Alan R. Wood (2006)
Preliminary host specificity testing of Endophyllum osteospermi (Uredinales, Pucciniaceae), a biological control agent against Chrysanthemoides monilifera ssp. monilifera

Canadian Journal of Botany - Revue Canadienne de Botanique (2006) 84, 750-758
Alan R. Wood and J. Ginns (2006)
A new dieback disease of Acacia cyclops in South Africa caused by Pseudolagarobasidium acaciicola sp.nov.

Biocontrol Science and Technology (2005) 15, 117-125
A.R. Wood and P.W. Crous (2005)
Epidemic increase of Endophyllum osteospermi (Uredinales, Pucciniaceae) on Chrysanthemoides monilifera

Australasian Plant Pathology (2004) 33, 263-271
Catharina A. Kleinjan, Louise Morin, Penelope B. Edwards and Alan R. Wood (2004)
Distribution, host range and phenology of the rust fungus Puccinia myrsiphylli in South Africa

Australasian Plant Pathology (2004) 33, 549-558
A.R. Wood, P.W. Crous and C.L. Lennox (2004)
Predicting the distribution of Endophyllum osteospermi (Uredinales, Pucciniaceae) in Australia based on its climatic requirements and distribution in South Africa

Plant Disease (2002) 86, p. 327 (Wood et al.)
A.R. Wood and M. Scholler (2002)
Puccinia abrupta var. partheniicola on Parthenium hysterophorus in southern Africa

Australasian Plant Pathology (2002) 31, 409-415
A.R. Wood (2002)
Infection of Chrysanthemoides monilifera ssp. monilifera by the rust fungus Endophyllum osteospermi is associated with a reduction in vegetative growth and reproduction

International Congress of Plant Pathology (1998) Morin et al. - South African rusts with ...
L. Morin, P.B. Edwards, C.A. Kleinjan and A. Wood (1998)
South African rusts with potential to control two major environmental weeds in Australia
Edinburgh, U.K. (9 - 16 Aug. 1998), Poster presented in section: Ecological basis of biological control

International Congress of Plant Pathology (1998) Wood - The biology of the rust fungus ...
A.R. Wood (1998)
The biology of the rust fungus Endophyllum osteospermi in its host plant Chrysanthemoides monilifera
Edinburgh, U.K. (9 - 16 Aug. 1998), Poster presented in section: The practical status of biological control approaching the 21st century