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Publications of Ning Zhang (18 listed):

IMA Fungus (2020) 11 (14) - Unambiguous identification of
Robert Lücking, M. Catherine Aime, Barbara Robbertse, Andrew N. Miller, Hiran A. Ariyawansa, Takayuki Aoki, Gianluigi Cardinali, Pedro W. Crous, Irina S. Druzhinina, David M. Geiser, David L. Hawksworth, Kevin D. Hyde, Laszlo Irinyi, Rajesh Jeewon, Peter R. Johnston, Paul M. Kirk, Elaine Malosso, Tom W. May, Wieland Meyer, Maarja Öpik, Vincent Robert, Marc Stadler, Marco Thines, Duong Vu, Andrey M. Yurkov, Ning Zhang and Conrad L. Schoch (2020)
Unambiguous identification of fungi: where do we stand and how accurate and precise is fungal DNA barcoding?

Phytopathology (2019) 109, 1074-1082
Megan F. Muehlbauer, Janine Tobia, Joshua A. Honig, Ning Zhang, Bradley I. Hillman, Kaitlin Morey Gold and Thomas J. Molnar (2019)
Population differentiation within Anisogramma anomala in North America

Plant Biotechnology Journal (2017) 15, 39-55
Chong Zhang, Hua Chen, Tiecheng Cai, Ye Deng, Ruirong Zhuang, Ning Zhang, Yuanhuan Zeng, Yixiong Zheng, Ronghua Tang, Ronglong Pan and Weijian Zhuang (2017)
NBS-LRR gene AhRRS5 enhances disease resistance to Ralstonia solanacearum in tobacco

Mycologia (2016) 108, 806-819
Hans-Josef Schroers, Gary J. Samuels, Ning Zhang, Dylan P.G. Short, Jean Juba and David M. Geiser (2016)
Epitypification of Fusisporium (Fusarium) solani and its assignment to a common phylogenetic species in the Fusarium solani species complex

Plant Disease (2013) 97, 813-818
Thomas J. Molnar, Emily Walsh, John M. Capik, Vidyasagar Sathuvalli, Shawn A. Mehlenbacher, Amy Y. Rossman and Ning Zhang (2013)
A real-time PCR assay for early detection of eastern filbert blight

Mycologia (2013) 105, 1030-1042
Ke Zhang, Ning Zhang and Lei Cai (2013)
Typification and phylogenetic study of Phyllosticta ampelicida and P. vaccinii

Mycologia (2013) 105, 1019-1029
Jing Luo and Ning Zhang (2013)
Magnaporthiopsis, a new genus in Magnaporthaceae (Ascomycota)

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2013) 26, 1473-1485
Ning Zhang, Mohd Zainudin NurAinIzzati, Keren Scher, Bradford J. Condon, Benjamin A. Horwitz and B. Gillian Turgeon (2013)
Iron, oxidative stress, and virulence: Roles of iron-sensitive transcription factor Sre1 and the redox sensor ChAp1 in the maize pathogen Cochliobolus heterostrophus

Mycologia (2012) 104, 1250-1259
Shuang Zhao, Bruce B. Clarke, Qirong Shen, Lisa Zhang and Ning Zhang (2012)
Development and application of a TaqMan real-time PCR assay for rapid detection of Magnaporthe poae

European Journal of Plant Pathology (2011) 130, 551-558
Ning Zhang, Andrea Tantardini, Stephen Miller, Amanda Eng and Nicole Salvatore (2011)
TaqMan real-time PCR method for detection of Discula destructiva that causes dogwood anthracnose in Europe and North America

European Journal of Plant Pathology (2011) 131, 631-642
Nimmi Rajmohan, Thomas J. Gianfagna, Giuseppe Meca, Antonio Moretti and Ning Zhang (2011)
Molecular identification and mycotoxin production of Lilium longiflorum-associated fusaria isolated from two geographic locations in the United States

Mycologia (2011) 103, 1267-1276
Ning Zhang, Shuang Zhao and Qirong Shen (2011)
A six-gene phylogeny reveals the evolution of mode of infection in the rice blast fungus and allied species

Plant Disease (2008) 92, 953-960
Ning Zhang, Meaghan L. McCarthy and Christine D. Smart (2008)
A macroarray system for the detection of fungal and oomycete pathogens of solanaceous crops

Journal of Nematology (2007) 39, 221-230
Ramesh R. Pokharel, George S. Abawi, Ning Zhang, John M. Duxbury and Christine D. Smart (2007)
Characterization of isolates of Meloidogyne from rice-wheat production fields in Nepal

Plant Disease (2007) 91, 1612-1620
Ning Zhang, David M. Geiser and Christine D. Smart (2007)
Macroarray detection of solanaceous plant pathogens in the Fusarium solani species complex

European Journal of Plant Pathology (2004) 110, 473-479
David M. Geiser, María del Mar Jiménez-Gasco, Seogchan Kang, Izabela Makalowska, Narayanan Veeraraghavan, Todd J. Ward, Ning Zhang, Gretchen A. Kuldau and Kerry O'donnell (2004)
FUSARIUM-ID v. 1.0: A DNA sequence database for identifying Fusarium

Phytopathology (2002) 92, 1276-1283
Ning Zhang and Meredith Blackwell (2002)
Population structure of dogwood anthracnose fungus

Mycologia (2001) 93, 355-365
Ning Zhang and Meredith Blackwell (2001)
Molecular phylogeny of dogwood anthracnose fungus (Discula destructiva) and the Diaporthales