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Publications of Seogchan Kang (25 listed):

Journal of Plant Pathology (2020) 102, p. 571 (Rafique et al.)
Khola Rafique, Chaudhary Abdul Rauf and Seogchan Kang (2020)
First report of Fusarium equiseti causing wilt on lentils (Lens culinaris Medik.) in Pakistan

Plant Disease (2020) 104, p. 2524 (Rafique et al.)
K. Rafique, S. Kang, Aziz-ud-Din, T. Mahmood, Imran, I. Ullah and H. Mahmood (2020)
First report of vascular wilt on lentil (Lens culinaris) caused by Fusarium redolens in Pakistan

Mycology (2018) 9, 166-175
Ningxiao Li and Seogchan Kang (2018)
Do volatile compounds produced by Fusarium oxysporum and Verticillium dahliae affect stress tolerance in plants?

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2018) 31, 1021-1031
Ningxiao Li, Wenzhao Wang, Vasileios Bitas, Krishna Subbarao, Xingzhong Liu and Seogchan Kang (2018)
Volatile compounds emitted by diverse Verticillium species enhance plant growth by manipulating auxin signaling

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2013) 26, 835-843
Vasileios Bitas, Hye-Seon Kim, Joan W. Bennett and Seogchan Kang (2013)
Sniffing on microbes: Diverse roles of microbial volatile organic compounds in plant health

Phytopathology (2011) 101, 523-534
S.M.C. Njoroge, G.E. Vallad, S.-Y. Park, S. Kang, S.T. Koike, M. Bolda, P. Burman, W. Polonik and K.V. Subbarao (2011)
Phenological and phytochemical changes correlate with differential interactions of Verticillium dahliae with broccoli and cauliflower

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2011) 24, 129-142
Aliki K. Tzima, Epaminondas J. Paplomatas, Payungsak Rauyaree, Manuel D. Ospina-Giraldo and Seogchan Kang (2011)
VdSNF1, the sucrose nonfermenting protein kinase gene of Verticillium dahliae, is required for virulence and expression of genes involved in cell-wall degradation

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2011) 24, 719-732
Hye-Seon Kim, Sook-Young Park, Sangwoo Lee, Elizabeth L. Adams, Kirk Czymmek and Seogchan Kang (2011)
Loss of cAMP-dependent protein kinase A affects multiple traits important for root pathogenesis by Fusarium oxysporum

European Journal of Plant Pathology (2010) 126, 1-11
Sang-Woo Lee, Il-Pyung Ahn, Sang-Yeon Sim, Sue-Yeon Lee, Myeon-Whoon Seo, Soonok Kim, Sook-Young Park, Yong-Hwan Lee and Seogchan Kang (2010)
Pseudomonas sp. LSW25R, antagonistic to plant pathogens, promoted plant growth, and reduced blossom-end rot of tomato fruits in a hydroponic system

Mycologia (2010) 102, 803-812
Virgilio Balmas, Quirico Migheli, Barbara Scherm, Paola Garau, Kerry O'Donnell, Giulia Ceccherelli, Seogchan Kang and David M. Geiser (2010)
Multilocus phylogenetics show high levels of endemic fusaria inhabiting Sardinian soils (Tyrrhenian Islands)

Plant Disease (2010) 94, p. 638 (Kim et al.)
S.H. Kim, T.N. Olson, N.D. Peffer, E.V. Nikolaeva, S. Park and S. Kang (2010)
First report of bacterial spot of tomato caused by Xanthomonas gardneri in Pennsylvania

Phytopathology (2010) 100, 732-737
Seogchan Kang, Michele A. Mansfield, Bongsoo Park, David M. Geiser, Kelly L. Ivors, Michael D. Coffey, Niklaus J. Grünwald, Frank N. Martin, C. André Lévesque and Jaime E. Blair (2010)
The promise and pitfalls of sequence-based identification of plant-pathogenic fungi and oomycetes

Plant Disease (2009) 93, 499-506
Ekaterina V. Nikolaeva, Sook-Young Park, Seogchan Kang, Tracey N. Olson and Seong H. Kim (2009)
Ratios of cells with and without virulence genes in Rhodococcus fascians populations correlate with degrees of symptom development

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2008) 21, 658-670
Chang Hyun Khang, Sook-Young Park, Yong-Hwan Lee, Barbara Valent and Seogchan Kang (2008)
Genome organization and evolution of the AVR-Pita avirulence gene family in the Magnaporthe grisea species complex

Phytopathology (2008) 98, 436-442
S.-Y. Park, M.G. Milgroom, S.S. Han, S. Kang and Y.-H. Lee (2008)
Genetic differentiation of Magnaporthe oryzae populations from scouting plots and commercial rice fields in Korea

Plant Disease (2007) 91, 517-524
Y. Tosa, W. Uddin, G. Viji, S. Kang and S. Mayama (2007)
Comparative genetic analysis of Magnaporthe oryzae isolates causing gray leaf spot of perennial ryegrass turf in the United States and Japan

Plant Disease (2007) 91, p. 1051 (Irish et al.)
B.M. Irish, R. Goenaga, S. Park and S. Kang (2007)
First report of Phytophthora palmivora, causal agent of black pod, on cacao in Puerto Rico

Molecular Microbiology (2007) 66, 371-382
Jaehyuk Choi, Jongsun Park, Junhyun Jeon, Myoung-Hwan Chi, Jaeduk Goh, Sung-Yong Yoo, Jaejin Park, Kyongyong Jung, Hyojeong Kim, Sook-Young Park, Hee-Sool Rho, Soonok Kim, Byeong Ryun Kim, Seong-Sook Han, Seogchan Kang and Yong-Hwan Lee (2007)
Genome-wide analysis of T-DNA integration into the chromosomes of Magnaporthe oryzae

Phytopathology (2005) 95, 1248-1255
Il-Pyung Ahn, Soonok Kim, Seogchan Kang, Seok-Cheol Suh and Yong-Hwan Lee (2005)
Rice defense mechanisms against Cochliobolus miyabeanus and Magnaporthe grisea are distinct

European Journal of Plant Pathology (2004) 110, 473-479
David M. Geiser, María del Mar Jiménez-Gasco, Seogchan Kang, Izabela Makalowska, Narayanan Veeraraghavan, Todd J. Ward, Ning Zhang, Gretchen A. Kuldau and Kerry O'donnell (2004)
FUSARIUM-ID v. 1.0: A DNA sequence database for identifying Fusarium

Phytopathology (2003) 93, 1378-1385
Sook-Young Park, Michael G. Milgroom, Seong-Sook Han, Seogchan Kang and Yong-Hwan Lee (2003)
Diversity of pathotypes and DNA fingerprint haplotypes in populations of Magnaporthe grisea in Korea over two decades

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 1227-1231
G.W. Moorman, S. Kang, D.M. Geiser and S.H. Kim (2002)
Identification and characterization of Pythium species associated with greenhouse floral crops in Pennsylvania

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2001) 14, 671-674
Seogchan Kang, Marc Henri Lebrun, Leonard Farrall and Barbara Valent (2001)
Gain of virulence caused by insertion of a Pot3 transposon in a Magnaporthe grisea avirulence gene

Plant Disease (2001) 85, 817-826
G. Viji, B. Wu, S. Kang, W. Uddin and D.R. Huff (2001)
Pyricularia grisea causing gray leaf spot of perennial ryegrass turf: Population structure and host specificity

Phytopathology (2001) 91, 173-180
E.D. Mullins, X. Chen, P. Romaine, R. Raina, D.M. Geiser and S. Kang (2001)
Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of Fusarium oxysporum: An efficient tool for insertional mutagenesis and gene transfer