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Publications of Conrad L. Schoch (13 listed):

IMA Fungus (2020) 11 (14) - Unambiguous identification of
Robert Lücking, M. Catherine Aime, Barbara Robbertse, Andrew N. Miller, Hiran A. Ariyawansa, Takayuki Aoki, Gianluigi Cardinali, Pedro W. Crous, Irina S. Druzhinina, David M. Geiser, David L. Hawksworth, Kevin D. Hyde, Laszlo Irinyi, Rajesh Jeewon, Peter R. Johnston, Paul M. Kirk, Elaine Malosso, Tom W. May, Wieland Meyer, Maarja Öpik, Vincent Robert, Marc Stadler, Marco Thines, Duong Vu, Andrey M. Yurkov, Ning Zhang and Conrad L. Schoch (2020)
Unambiguous identification of fungi: where do we stand and how accurate and precise is fungal DNA barcoding?

APS Features (2013) 2013 (6) - Impacts of the International ...
N. Zhang, A.Y. Rossman, K. Seifert, J.W. Bennett, G. Cai, L. Cai, B. Hillman, K.D. Hyde, J. Luo, D. Manamgoda, W. Meyer, T. Molnar, C. Schoch, M. Tadych and J.F. Jr. White (2013)
Impacts of the International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi and plants (Melbourne Code) on the scientific names of plant pathogenic fungi

Fungal Diversity (2012) 53, 1-221
Ying Zhang, Pedro W. Crous, Conrad L. Schoch and Kevin D. Hyde (2012)

Mycoscience (2010) 51, 300-309
Amy Y. Rossman, Conrad L. Schoch, David F. Farr, Kate Nishijima, Lisa Keith and Ricardo Goenaga (2010)
Dolabra nepheliae on rambutan and lychee represents a novel lineage of phytopathogenic Eurotiomycetes

Studies in Mycology (2009) 64, 1-15
C.L. Schoch, P.W. Crous, J.Z. Groenewald, E.W.A. Boehm, T.I. Burgess, J. de Gruyter, G.S. de Hoog, L.J. Dixon, M. Grube, C. Gueidan, Y. Harada, S. Hatakeyama, K. Hirayama, T. Hosoya, S.M. Huhndorf, K.D. Hyde, E.B.G. Jones, J. Kohlmeyer, Å. Kruys, Y.M. Li, R. Lücking, H.T. Lumbsch, L. Marvanová, J.S. Mbatchou, A.H. McVay, A.N. Miller, G.K. Mugambi, L. Muggia, M.P. Nelsen, P. Nelson, C A. Owensby, A.J.L. Phillips, S. Phongpaichit, S.B. Pointing, V. Pujade-Renaud, H.A. Raja, E. Rivas Plata, B. Robbertse, C. Ruibal, J. Sakayaroj, T. Sano, L. Selbmann, C.A. Shearer, T. Shirouzu, B. Slippers, S. Suetrong, K. Tanaka, B. Volkmann-Kohlmeyer, M.J. Wingfield, A.R. Wood, J.H.C. Woudenberg, H. Yonezawa, Y. Zhang and J.W. Spatafora (2009)
A class-wide phylogenetic assessment of Dothideomycetes

Studies in Mycology (2009) 64, 17-47
P.W. Crous, C.L. Schoch, K.D. Hyde, A.R. Wood, C. Gueidan, G.S. de Hoog and J.Z. Groenewald (2009)
Phylogenetic lineages in the Capnodiales

Studies in Mycology (2009) 64, 85-102
Y. Zhang, C.L. Schoch, J. Fournier, P.W. Crous, J. de Gruyter, J.H.C. Woudenberg, K. Hirayama, K. Tanaka, S.B. Pointing, J.W. Spatafora and K.D. Hyde (2009)
Multi-locus phylogeny of Pleosporales: a taxonomic, ecological and evolutionary re-evaluation

Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology (2004) 26, 371-378
J.M. Krupinsky, J.D. Berdahl, C.L. Schoch and A.Y. Rossman (2004)
Leaf spot on switch grass (Panicum virgatum), symptoms of a new disease caused by Bipolaris oryzae

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2003) 16, 1013-1021
Barbara Robbertse, O.C. Yoder, Anita Nguyen, Conrad L. Schoch and B. Gillian Turgeon (2003)
Deletion of all Cochliobolus heterostrophus monofunctional catalase-encoding genes reveals a role for one in sensitivity to oxidative stress but none with a role in virulence

Plant Disease (2001) 85, 941-946
Conrad L. Schoch, Pedro W. Crous, Giancarlo Polizzi and Steven T. Koike (2001)
Female fertility and single nucleotide polymorphism comparisons in Cylindrocladium pauciramosum

Plant Disease (1999) 83, p. 589 (Koike et al.)
S.T. Koike, D.M. Henderson, P.W. Crous, C.L. Schoch and S.A. Tjosvold (1999)
A new root and crown rot disease of heath in California caused by Cylindrocladium pauciramosum

Canadian Journal of Botany - Revue Canadienne de Botanique (1999) 77, 1813-1820
Pedro W. Crous, Ji-Chuan Kang, Conrad L. Schoch and Godwin R.A. McHau (1999)
Phylogenetic relationships of Cylindrocladium pseudogracile and Cylindrocladium rumohrae with morphologically similar taxa, based on morphology and DNA sequences of internal transcribed spacers and beta-tubulin

International Congress of Plant Pathology (1998) Schoch et al. - The Cylindrocladium ...
C.L. Schoch, P.W. Crous, B.D. Wingfield and M.J. Wingfield (1998)
The Cylindrocladium candelabrum species complex includes four distinct mating populations
Edinburgh, U.K. (9 - 16 Aug. 1998), Poster presented in section: Population genetics, structure and dynamics