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Publications of Erin N. Rosskopf (41 listed):

Annual Review of Phytopathology (2020) 58, 277-311
Erin Rosskopf, Francesco Di Gioia, Jason C. Hong, Cristina Pisani and Nancy Kokalis-Burelle (2020)
Organic amendments for pathogen and nematode control

Plant Disease (2019) 103, p. 760 (Rosskopf et al.)
E.N. Rosskopf, M. Abbasi and M.C. Aime (2019)
First report of Guineagrass smut caused by Conidiosporomyces ayresii in North America

Plant Disease (2019) 103, p. 2968 (Pisani et al.)
C. Pisani, P.C. Patel, E.N. Rosskopf, M. Abbasi and M.C. Aime (2019)
First report of downy mildew caused by Plasmopara halstedii on Ageratum houstonianum in the United States

Weed Research (2018) 58, 379-388
U. Shrestha, E.N. Rosskopf and D.M. Butler (2018)
Effect of anaerobic soil disinfestation amendment type and C:N ratio on Cyperus esculentus tuber sprouting, growth and reproduction

Plant Disease (2016) 100, p. 1233 (Rosskopf et al.)
E. Rosskopf and J. Hong (2016)
First report of bacterial stem rot of "Heirloom" tomatoes caused by Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. brasiliensis in Florida

Journal of Nematology (2016) 48, 183-192
Nancy Kokalis-Burelle, Erin N. Rosskopf, David M. Butler, Steven A. Fennimore and John Holzinger (2016)
Evaluation of steam and soil solarization for Meloidogyne arenaria control in Florida floriculture crops

Journal of Nematology (2016) 48, 231-240
Nancy Kokalis-Burelle, David M. Butler, Jason C. Hong, Michael G. Bausher, Greg McCollum and Erin N. Rosskopf (2016)
Grafting and Paladin Pic-21 for nematode and weed management in vegetable production

Plant Disease (2014) 98, p. 161 (Rosskopf et al.)
E.N. Rosskopf, J. Hong and N. Kokalis-Burelle (2014)
First report of Colletotrichum lupini on Lupinus hartwegii and L. mutabilis

Nematropica (2013) 43, 164-170
Nancy Kokalis-Burelle and Erin N. Rosskopf (2013)
Susceptibility of several floriculture crops to three common species of Meloidogyne in Florida

Phytopathology (2013) 103, 792-801
Dan O. Chellemi, Erin N. Rosskopf and Nancy Kokalis-Burelle (2013)
The effect of transitional organic production practices on soilborne pests of tomato in a simulated microplot study

Journal of Nematology (2013) 45, 272-278
Nancy Kokalis-Burelle, David M. Butler and Erin N. Rosskopf (2013)
Evaluation of cover crops with potential for use in anaerobic soil disinfestation (ASD) for susceptibility to three species of Meloidogyne

Plant Disease (2012) 96, p. 296 (Kokalis-Burelle et al.)
N. Kokalis-Burelle, E.N. Rosskopf and J. Holzinger (2012)
First report of the root-knot nematode Meloidogyne arenaria on cheeseweed mallow (Malva parviflora) in the United States

Journal of Nematology (2012) 44, 142-147
Nancy Kokalis-Burelle and Erin N. Rosskopf (2012)
Susceptibility of several common subtropical weeds to Meloidogyne arenaria, M. incognita, and M. javanica

Journal of Nematology (2011) 43, 166-171
Nancy Kokalis-Burelle and Erin N. Rosskopf (2011)
Microplot evaluation of rootstocks for control of Meloidogyne incognita on grafted tomato, muskmelon, and watermelon

Environmental Entomology (2011) 40, 1437-1447
Rodrigo Diaz, Carlos Aguirre, Gregory S. Wheeler, Stephen L. Lapointe, Erin Rosskopf and William A. Overholt (2011)
Differential performance of tropical soda apple and its biological control agent Gratiana boliviana (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) in open and shaded habitats

Plant Disease (2011) 95, p. 360 (Webster et al.)
C.G. Webster, C.S. Kousik, P.D. Roberts, E.N. Rosskopf, W.W. Turechek and S. Adkins (2011)
Cucurbit yellow stunting disorder virus detected in pigweed in Florida

Nematropica (2010) 40, 177-189
N. Kokalis-Burelle, E.N. Rosskopf and R.D. Hartman (2010)
Evaluation of soil treatments for control of Meloidogyne arenaria in Caladium tubers (Caladium x hortulanum) and nematode susceptibility of selected cultivars

Plant Disease (2010) 94, 201-206
Youjian Lin, Zhenli He, Erin N. Rosskopf, Kenneth L. Conn, Charles A. Powell and George Lazarovits (2010)
A nylon membrane bag assay for determination of the effect of chemicals on soilborne plant pathogens in soil

Journal of Nematology (2010) 42, 17-21
Nancy Kokalis-Burelle, Erin N. Rosskopf, Joseph P. Albano and John Holzinger (2010)
Effects of Midas® on nematodes in commercial floriculture production in Florida

Nematropica (2009) 39, 121-132
N. Kokalis-Burelle, M.G. Bausher and E.N. Rosskopf (2009)
Greenhouse evaluation of Capsicum rootstocks for management of Meloidogyne incognita on grafted bell pepper

Weed Technology (2009) 23, 550-555
Jennifer C. Cook, Raghavan Charudattan, Thomas W. Zimmerman, Erin N. Rosskopf, William M. Stall and Gregory E. MacDonald (2009)
Effects of Alternaria destruens, glyphosate, and ammonium sulfate individually and integrated for control of dodder (Cuscuta pentagona)

Plant Disease (2008) 92, p. 975 (Baker et al.)
C.A. Baker, E.N. Rosskopf, M.S. Irey, L. Jones and S. Adkins (2008)
Bidens mottle virus and Apium virus Y identified in Ammi majus in Florida

Plant Disease (2007) 91, 287-293
Scott Adkins, Ivanka Kamenova, Erin N. Rosskopf and Dennis J. Lewandowski (2007)
Identification and characterization of a novel tobamovirus from tropical soda apple in Florida

Plant Disease (2007) 91, 1477-1483
C.B. Yandoc, E.N. Rosskopf, D.A. Shah and J.P. Albano (2007)
Effect of fertilization and biopesticides on the infection of Catharanthus roseus by Phytophthora nicotianae

Journal of Nematology (2007) 39, 103-104
J.A. Thies, D.W. Dickson, E. Rosskopf and M. Mendes (2007)
Management of root-knot nematode and Pythium root rot in pepper
Abstract - Society of Nematologists 46th Annual Meeting San Diego, California July 28-August 1, 2007

Plant Disease (2007) 91, 1651-1656
Camilla B. Yandoc-Ables, Erin N. Rosskopf and Elizabeth M. Lamb (2007)
Management of Phytophthora crown rot in pumpkin and zucchini seedlings with phosphonates

Journal of Nematology (2007) 39, 69-70
N. Kokalis-Burelle and E.N. Rosskopf (2007)
Efficacy of Midas for control of nematodes, pathogens and weeds in ornamental cockscomb (Celosia argentea) production in Florida
Abstract - Society of Nematologists 46th Annual Meeting San Diego, California July 28-August 1, 2007

Plant Disease (2007) 91, p. 1204 (Adkins et al.)
S. Adkins, G. McAvoy and E.N. Rosskopf (2007)
Tropical soda apple mosaic virus identified in Solanum capsicoides in Florida

Biocontrol Science and Technology (2006) 16, 27-35
E.N. Rosskopf, C.B. Yandoc and R. Charudattan (2006)
Genus-specific host range of Phomopsis amaranthicola (Sphaeropsidales), a bioherbicide agent for Amaranthus spp.

Weed Technology (2006) 20, 255-260
Camilla B. Yandoc, E.N. Rosskopf, R.L.C.M. Pitelli and R. Charudattan (2006)
Effect of selected pesticides on conidial germination and mycelial growth of Dactylaria higginsii, a potential bioherbicide for purple nutsedge (Cyperus rotundus)

Journal of Nematology (2005) 37, p. 376 (Kokalis-Burelle et al.)
N. Kokalis-Burelle, D.O. Chellemi and E.N. Rosskopf (2005)
Current status and future directions of methyl bromide alternatives for pepper
44th Annual Meeting, Society of Nematologists, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 9-13 July, 2005

Plant Disease (2005) 89, p. 340 (Rosskopf et al.)
E.N. Rosskopf, C.B. Yandoc, B. Stange, E.M. Lamb and D.J. Mitchell (2005)
First report of Pythium root rot of rau ram (Polygonum odoratum)

Plant Disease (2005) 89, p. 527 (Church et al.)
G.T. Church and E.N. Rosskopf (2005)
First report of the root-knot nematode Meloidogyne arenaria on tropical soda apple (Solanum viarum) in Florida

Plant Disease (2005) 89, 1295-1300
E.N. Rosskopf, C.B. Yandoc, R. Charudattan and J.T. DeValerio (2005)
Influence of epidemiological factors on the bioherbicidal efficacy of Phomopsis amaranthicola on Amaranthus hybridus

Journal of Nematology (2004) 36, p. 312 (Church et al.)
G.T. Church, D. Chellemi and E. Rosskopf (2004)
Meloidogyne species within alternative tomato production systems
paper presented at the Society of Nematologists 43rd Annual Meeting, Estes Park, Colorado 7-11 August 2004

Weed Research (2004) 44, 469-482
G.S. Wyss, R. Charudattan, E.N. Rosskopf and R.C. Littell (2004)
Effects of selected pesticides and adjuvants on germination and vegetative growth of Phomopsis amaranthicola, a biocontrol agent for Amaranthus spp.

Plant Disease (2002) 86, 1310-1314
Scott Adkins and Erin N. Rosskopf (2002)
Key west nightshade, a new experimental host for plant viruses

Mycologia (2001) 93, 323-334
Dauri J. Tessmann, Raghavan Charudattan, H. Corby Kistler and Erin N. Rosskopf (2001)
A molecular characterization of Cercospora species pathogenic to water hyacinth and emendation of C. piaropi

Plant Disease (2001) 85, p. 446 (Lamb et al.)
E. Lamb, E. Rosskopf and R.M. Sonoda (2001)
First report of Nectria haematococca stem girdling of greenhouse peppers in Florida

Plant Disease (2000) 84, 1225-1230
E.N. Rosskopf, R. Charudattan, J.T. DeValerio and W.M. Stall (2000)
Field evaluation of Phomopsis amaranthicola, a biological control agent of Amaranthus spp.

Plant Disease (2000) 84, 1271-1274
D.O. Chellemi, D.J. Mitchell, M.E. Kannwischer-Mitchell, P.A. Rayside and E.N. Rosskopf (2000)
Pythium spp. associated with bell pepper production in Florida