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Publications of Nancy Kokalis-Burelle (36 listed):

Annual Review of Phytopathology (2020) 58, 277-311
Erin Rosskopf, Francesco Di Gioia, Jason C. Hong, Cristina Pisani and Nancy Kokalis-Burelle (2020)
Organic amendments for pathogen and nematode control

HortScience (2019) 54, 125-128
Cody L. Smith, Joshua H. Freeman, Nancy Kokalis-Burelle and William P. Wechter (2019)
Screening cucurbit rootstocks for resistance to Meloidogyne spp. and Rotylenchulus reniformis

Journal of Nematology (2017) 49, 457-461
Nancy Kokalis-Burelle, Janete A. Brito and Robert D. Hartman (2017)
Susceptibility of seven Caladium (Caladium × hortulanum) cultivars to Meloidogyne arenaria, M. enterolobii, M. floridensis, M. incognita, and M. javanica

Journal of Nematology (2016) 48, 183-192
Nancy Kokalis-Burelle, Erin N. Rosskopf, David M. Butler, Steven A. Fennimore and John Holzinger (2016)
Evaluation of steam and soil solarization for Meloidogyne arenaria control in Florida floriculture crops

Journal of Nematology (2016) 48, 231-240
Nancy Kokalis-Burelle, David M. Butler, Jason C. Hong, Michael G. Bausher, Greg McCollum and Erin N. Rosskopf (2016)
Grafting and Paladin Pic-21 for nematode and weed management in vegetable production

Journal of Nematology (2015) 47, 207-213
Nancy Kokalis-Burelle (2015)
Pasteuria penetrans for control of Meloidogyne incognita on tomato and cucumber, and M. arenaria on snapdragon

Plant Disease (2014) 98, p. 161 (Rosskopf et al.)
E.N. Rosskopf, J. Hong and N. Kokalis-Burelle (2014)
First report of Colletotrichum lupini on Lupinus hartwegii and L. mutabilis

Journal of Nematology (2013) 45, 272-278
Nancy Kokalis-Burelle, David M. Butler and Erin N. Rosskopf (2013)
Evaluation of cover crops with potential for use in anaerobic soil disinfestation (ASD) for susceptibility to three species of Meloidogyne

Nematropica (2013) 43, 164-170
Nancy Kokalis-Burelle and Erin N. Rosskopf (2013)
Susceptibility of several floriculture crops to three common species of Meloidogyne in Florida

Phytopathology (2013) 103, 792-801
Dan O. Chellemi, Erin N. Rosskopf and Nancy Kokalis-Burelle (2013)
The effect of transitional organic production practices on soilborne pests of tomato in a simulated microplot study

Journal of Nematology (2012) 44, 142-147
Nancy Kokalis-Burelle and Erin N. Rosskopf (2012)
Susceptibility of several common subtropical weeds to Meloidogyne arenaria, M. incognita, and M. javanica

Plant Disease (2012) 96, p. 296 (Kokalis-Burelle et al.)
N. Kokalis-Burelle, E.N. Rosskopf and J. Holzinger (2012)
First report of the root-knot nematode Meloidogyne arenaria on cheeseweed mallow (Malva parviflora) in the United States

Journal of Nematology (2011) 43, 166-171
Nancy Kokalis-Burelle and Erin N. Rosskopf (2011)
Microplot evaluation of rootstocks for control of Meloidogyne incognita on grafted tomato, muskmelon, and watermelon

Journal of Nematology (2010) 42, 17-21
Nancy Kokalis-Burelle, Erin N. Rosskopf, Joseph P. Albano and John Holzinger (2010)
Effects of Midas® on nematodes in commercial floriculture production in Florida

Nematropica (2010) 40, 177-189
N. Kokalis-Burelle, E.N. Rosskopf and R.D. Hartman (2010)
Evaluation of soil treatments for control of Meloidogyne arenaria in Caladium tubers (Caladium x hortulanum) and nematode susceptibility of selected cultivars

Nematropica (2009) 39, 255-271
J.D. Stanley, J.A. Brito, N. Kokalis-Burelle, J.H. Frank and D.W. Dickson (2009)
Biological evaluation and comparison of four Florida isolates of Meloidogyne floridensis

Nematropica (2009) 39, 121-132
N. Kokalis-Burelle, M.G. Bausher and E.N. Rosskopf (2009)
Greenhouse evaluation of Capsicum rootstocks for management of Meloidogyne incognita on grafted bell pepper

Nematropica (2008) 38, 37-46
J.E. Hamill, J.E. Thomas, L.-T. Ou, L.H. Allen Jr., N. Kokalis-Burelle and D.W. Dickson (2008)
Effects of reduced rates of Telone C35 and methyl bromide in conjunction with virtually impermeable film on weeds and root-knot nematodes

Nematology (2008) 10, 231-242
Koon-Hui Wang, Robert McSorley, Raymond N. Gallaher and Nancy Kokalis-Burelle (2008)
Cover crops and organic mulches for nematode, weed and plant health management

Journal of Nematology (2007) 39, 69-70
N. Kokalis-Burelle and E.N. Rosskopf (2007)
Efficacy of Midas for control of nematodes, pathogens and weeds in ornamental cockscomb (Celosia argentea) production in Florida
Abstract - Society of Nematologists 46th Annual Meeting San Diego, California July 28-August 1, 2007

Nematropica (2007) 37, 51-63
S.K. Saha, K.-H. Wang, R. McSorley, R.J. McGovern and N. Kokalis-Burelle (2007)
Effect of solarization and cowpea cover crop on plant-parasitic nematodes, pepper yields, and weeds

Nematropica (2007) 37, 307-316
N. Kokalis-Burelle (2007)
Effects of furfural on nematode populations and galling on tomato and pepper

Journal of Nematology (2006) 38, p. 277 (Kokalis-Burelle)
N. Kokalis-Burelle (2006)
Effects of MultiguardTM protect on root-knot nematode populations and disease of tomato and pepper
Abstracts of Society of Nematologists 45th Annual Meeting, Lihue, Hawaii, 18-21 June 2006

Nematropica (2006) 36, 197-214
R. McSorley, K.-H. Wang, N. Kokalis-Burelle and G. Church (2006)
Effects of soil type and steam on nematode biological control potential of the rhizosphere community

Journal of Nematology (2005) 37, p. 376 (Kokalis-Burelle et al.)
N. Kokalis-Burelle, D.O. Chellemi and E.N. Rosskopf (2005)
Current status and future directions of methyl bromide alternatives for pepper
44th Annual Meeting, Society of Nematologists, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 9-13 July, 2005

Journal of Nematology (2005) 37, 467-472
N. Kokalis-Burelle, D.O. Chellemi and X. Périès (2005)
Effect of soils from six management systems on root-knot nematodes and plant growth in greenhouse assays

Journal of Nematology (2004) 36, p. 328 (Kokalis-Burelle et al.)
N. Kokalis-Burelle and A.P. Nyczepir (2004)
Host- range studies for Meloidogyne floridensis
paper presented at the Society of Nematologists 43rd Annual Meeting, Estes Park, Colorado 7-11 August 2004

Journal of Nematology (2004) 36, 327-328
N. Kokalis-Burelle and E.E. Lewis (2004)
Effects of pre- and post-plant applications of Steinernema riobrave on root-knot nematode populations and galling of tomato
paper presented at the Society of Nematologists 43rd Annual Meeting, Estes Park, Colorado 7-11 August 2004

HortTechnology (2003) 13, 476-482
Nancy Kokalis-Burelle, C.S. Vavrina, M.S. Reddy and J.W. Kloepper (2003)
Amendment of muskmelon and watermelon transplant media with plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria: Effects on seedling quality, disease, and nematode resistance

HortTechnology (2003) 13, 77-80
Pamela D. Adams, Nancy Kokalis-Burelle and William H. Basinger (2003)
Efficacy of Plantpro 45 as a seed and soil treatment for managing Fusarium wilt of basil

Nematropica (2003) 33, 171-178
N. Kokalis-Burelle and D.W. Dickson (2003)
Evaluation of Plantpro 45 and Plantpro 20EC as alternatives to Methyl Bromide soil fumigation for tomato production in Florida

Journal of Nematology (2002) 34, 362-369
N. Kokalis-Burelle, N. Martinez-Ochoa, R. Rodriguez-Kabana and J.W. Kloepper (2002)
Development of multi-component transplant mixes for suppression of Meloidogyne incognita on tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum)

Journal of Nematology (2002) 34, 98-105
N. Kokalis-Burelle, W.F. Mahaffee, R. Rodriguez-Kabana, J.W. Kloepper and K.L. Bowen (2002)
Effects of switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) rotations with peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) on nematode populations and soil microflora

Plant Disease (2001) 85, 879-884
Shouan Zhang, M.S. Reddy, Nancy Kokalis-Burelle, Larry W. Wells, Stevan P. Nightengale and Joseph W. Kloepper (2001)
Lack of induced systemic resistance in peanut to late leaf spot disease by plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria and chemical elicitors

Journal of Nematology (1997) 29, 523-530
J. Qiu, J. Hallmann, N. Kokalis-Burelle, D.B. Weaver, R. Rodriguez-Kabana and S. Tuzan (1997)
Activity and differential induction of chitinase isozymes in soybean cultivars resistant or susceptible to root-knot nematodes

Journal of Nematology (1994) 26, 665-668
R. Rodríguez-Kábana, N. Kokalis-Burelle, D.G. Robertson, P.S. King and L.W. Wells (1994)
Rotations with coastal bermudagrass, cotton, and bahiagrass for management of Meloidogyne arenaria and southern blight in peanut