IMA Fungus (2017) 8, 335-353

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Ryan M. Kepler, J. Jennifer Luangsa-ard, Nigel L. Hywel-Jones, C. Alisha Quandt, Gi-Ho Sung, Stephen A. Rehner, M. Catherine Aime, Terry W. Henkel, Tatiana Sanjuan, Rasoul Zare, Mingjun Chen, Zhengzhi Li, Amy Y. Rossman, Joseph W. Spatafora and Bhushan Shrestha (2017)
A phylogenetically-based nomenclature for Cordycipitaceae (Hypocreales)
IMA Fungus 8 (2), 335-353
Abstract: The ending of dual nomenclatural systems for pleomorphic fungi in 2011 requires the reconciliation of competing names, ideally linked through culture based or molecular methods. The phylogenetic systematics of Hypocreales and its many genera have received extensive study in the last two decades, however resolution of competing names in Cordycipitaceae has not yet been addressed. Here we present a molecular phylogenetic investigation of Cordycipitaceae that enables identification of competing names in this family, and provides the basis upon which these names can be maintained or suppressed. The taxonomy presented here seeks to harmonize competing names by principles of priority, recognition of monophyletic groups, and the practical usage of affected taxa. In total, we propose maintaining nine generic names, Akanthomyces, Ascopolyporus, Beauveria, Cordyceps, Engyodontium, Gibellula, Hyperdermium, Parengyodontium, and Simplicillium and the rejection of eight generic names, Evlachovaea, Granulomanus, Isaria, Lecanicillium, Microhilum, Phytocordyceps, Synsterigmatocystis, and Torrubiella. Two new generic names, Hevansia and Blackwellomyces, and a new species, Beauveria blattidicola, are described. New combinations are also proposed in the genera Akanthomyces, Beauveria, Blackwellomyces, and Hevansia.
(The abstract is excluded from the Creative Commons licence and has been copied with permission by the publisher.)
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Beauveria bassiana (entomopathogen)
Akanthomyces muscarius (entomopathogen)
Cordyceps farinosa (entomopathogen)
Akanthomyces muscarius (antagonist)
Cordyceps cateniannulata (entomopathogen)
Akanthomyces dipterigenus (entomopathogen)
Akanthomyces attenuatus (antagonist)
Akanthomyces attenuatus (entomopathogen)
Akanthomyces lecanii (antagonist)
Cordyceps amoene-rosea (entomopathogen)
Akanthomyces lecanii (entomopathogen)