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Publications of Frank Forcella (51 listed):

Weed Research (2020) 60, 297-302
Valle Egea-Cobrero, Kevin Bradley, Isabel M. Calha, Adam S. Davis, Jose Dorado, Frank Forcella, John L. Lindquist, Christy L. Sprague and Jose L. Gonzalez-Andujar (2020)
Validation of predictive empirical weed emergence models of Abutilon theophrasti Medik based on intercontinental data

Canadian Journal of Plant Science (2018) 98, 963-966
Frank Forcella, Daniel Humburg, Samuel E. Wortman and Sharon A. Clay (2018)
Air-propelled abrasive grit can damage the perennial weed quackgrass

Agronomy Journal (2018) 110, 632-637
Mauricio Erazo-Barradas, Frank Forcella, Daniel Humburg and Sharon A. Clay (2018)
Propelled abrasive grit for weed control in organic silage corn

Agronomy for Sustainable Development (2018) 38 (18) - Agricultural residues are ...
Manuel Perez-Ruiz, Rocío Brenes, Jose M. Urbano, David C. Slaughter, Frank Forcella and Antonio Rodríguez-Lizana (2018)
Agricultural residues are efficient abrasive tools for weed control

Weed Technology (2017) 31, 769-772
Frank Forcella (2017)
Spent coffee grounds as air-propelled abrasive grit for weed control in organic production

Weed Research (2016) 56, 367-376
J.L. Gonzalez-Andujar, M. Francisco-Fernandez, R. Cao, M. Reyes, J.M. Urbano, F. Forcella and F. Bastida (2016)
A comparative study between nonlinear regression and nonparametric approaches for modelling Phalaris paradoxa seedling emergence

Weed Research (2016) 56, 415-423
J.L. Gonzalez-Andujar, G.R. Chantre, C. Morvillo, A.M. Blanco and F. Forcella (2016)
Predicting field weed emergence with empirical models and soft computing techniques

Weed Research (2015) 55, 387-395
A. Royo-Esnal, A.L. García, J. Torra, F. Forcella and J. Recasens (2015)
Describing Polygonum aviculare emergence in different tillage systems

Weed Research (2014) 54, 1-12
B.J. Schutte, B.J. Tomasek, A.S. Davis, L. Andersson, D.L. Benoit, A. Cirujeda, J. Dekker, F. Forcella, J.L. Gonzalez-Andujar, F. Graziani, A.J. Murdoch, P. Neve, I.A. Rasmussen, B. Sera, J. Salonen, F. Tei, K.S. Tørresen and J.M. Urbano (2014)
An investigation to enhance understanding of the stimulation of weed seedling emergence by soil disturbance

Journal of Agricultural Science (2014) 152, 254-262
G.R. Chantre, A.M. Blanco, F. Forcella, R.C. Van Acker, M.R. Sabbatini and J.L. Gonzalez-Andujar (2014)
A comparative study between non-linear regression and artificial neural network approaches for modelling wild oat (Avena fatua) field emergence

Weed Science (2014) 62, 63-70
Sharon A. Clay, Adam Davis, Anita Dille, John Lindquist, Analiza H.M. Ramirez, Christy Sprague, Graig Reicks and Frank Forcella (2014)
Common sunflower seedling emergence across the U.S. Midwest

Weed Science (2013) 61, 146-153
Addy L. García, Jordi Recasens, Frank Forcella, Joel Torra and Aritz Royo-Esnal (2013)
Hydrothermal emergence model for ripgut brome (Bromus diandrus)

Weed Technology (2013) 27, 631-635
Frank Forcella (2013)
Soybean seedlings tolerate abrasion from air-propelled grit

Weed Science (2013) 61, 415-421
Adam S. Davis, Sharon Clay, John Cardina, Anita Dille, Frank Forcella, John Lindquist and Christy Sprague (2013)
Seed burial physical environment explains departures from regional hydrothermal model of giant ragweed (Ambrosia trifida) seedling emergence in U.S. Midwest

Weed Technology (2011) 25, 511-513
F. Forcella, S.K. Papiernik and R.W. Gesch (2011)
Cuphea tolerates clopyralid

Weed Technology (2011) 25, 113-118
Juan J. Eyherabide, María G. Cendoya, Frank Forcella and Marisol Irazazábal (2011)
Number of solaria needed to predict weed seedlings in two summer crops

Weed Science (2010) 58, 10-15
Aritz Royo-Esnal, Joel Torra, Josep Antoni Conesa, Frank Forcella and Jordi Recasens (2010)
Modeling the emergence of three arable bedstraw (Galium) species

Weed Technology (2009) 23, 317-320
Frank Forcella (2009)
Potential of air-propelled abrasives for selective weed control

Weed Research (2009) 49, 341-345
F. Forcella (2009)
Potential use of abrasive air-propelled agricultural residues for weed control

Weed Science (2008) 56, 555-560
Brian J. Schutte, Emilie E. Regnier, S. Kent Harrison, Jerron T. Schmoll, Kurt Spokas and Frank Forcella (2008)
A hydrothermal seedling emergence model for giant ragweed (Ambrosia trifida)

Weed Science (2008) 56, 58-65
Milt McGiffen, Kurt Spokas, Frank Forcella, David Archer, Steven Poppe and Rodrigo Figueroa (2008)
Emergence prediction of common groundsel (Senecio vulgaris)

Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research (2007) 5, 199-203
L. González-Díaz, E. Leguizamón, F. Forcella and J.L. González-Andújar (2007)
Integration of emergence and population dynamic models for long term weed management using wild oat (Avena fatua L.) as an example

Agronomy Journal (2007) 99, 1265-1270
E. Uscanga-Mortera, S.A. Clay, F. Forcella and J. Gunsolus (2007)
Common waterhemp growth and fecundity as influenced by emergence date and competing crop

Weed Science (2007) 55, 455-464
John Cardina, Catherine P. Herms, Daniel A. Herms and Frank Forcella (2007)
Evaluating phenological indicators for predicting giant foxtail (Setaria faberi) emergence

Weed Science (2007) 55, 584-591
Krishona Martinson, Beverly Durgan, Frank Forcella, Jochum Wiersma, Kurt Spokas and David Archer (2007)
An emergence model for wild oat (Avena fatua)

Weed Science (2006) 54, 419-427
George O. Kegode and Frank Forcella (2006)
Tillage effect on reproductive output by foxtail cohorts in corn and soybean

Weed Science (2006) 54, 566-574
Paula R. Westerman, Matt Liebman, Andrew H. Heggenstaller and Frank Forcella (2006)
Integrating measurements of seed availability and removal to estimate weed seed losses due to predation

Weed Science (2006) 54, 713-719
Julio Scursoni, Frank Forcella, Jeffrey Gunsolus, Michael Owen, Richard Oliver, Reid Smeda and Roy Vidrine (2006)
Weed diversity and soybean yield with glyphosate management along a north-south transect in the United States

Weed Science (2006) 54, 380-390
Sharon A. Clay, Bruce Kreutner, David E. Clay, Cheryl Reese, Jonathan Kleinjan and Frank Forcella (2006)
Spatial distribution, temporal stability, and yield loss estimates for annual grasses and common ragweed (Ambrosia artimisiifolia) in a corn/soybean production field over nine years

Agronomy Journal (2005) 97, 294-302
S.A. Clay, J. Kleinjan, D.E. Clay, F. Forcella and W. Batchelor (2005)
Growth and fecundity of several weed species in corn and soybean

Weed Science (2005) 53, 55-61
Friday Ekeleme, Frank Forcella, Dave W. Archer, I. Okezie Akobundu and David Chikoye (2005)
Seedling emergence model for tropic ageratum (Ageratum conyzoides)

Weed Science (2005) 53, 860-868
Adam S. Davis, John Cardina, Frank Forcella, Gregg A. Johnson, George Kegode, John L. Lindquist, Edward C. Luschei, Karen A. Renner, Christy L. Sprague and Martin M. Williams II (2005)
Environmental factors affecting seed persistence of annual weeds across the U.S. corn belt

Weed Science (2005) 53, 193-201
Roberta Masin, Maria Clara Zuin, David W. Archer, Frank Forcella and Giuseppe Zanin (2005)
WeedTurf: a predictive model to aid control of annual summer weeds in turf

Weed Science (2004) 52, 961-967
Friday Ekeleme, Frank Forcella, David W. Archer, David Chikoye and I. Okezie Akobundu (2004)
Simulation of shoot emergence pattern of cogongrass (Imperata cylindrica) in the humid tropics

Weed Technology (2004) 18, 183-185
Frank Forcella and Gary B. Amundson (2004)
Methods in weed ecology: glue retains seeds in shatter-prone seedheads

Weed Research (2003) 43, 163-176
A.C. Grundy, N.C.B. Peters, I.A. Rasmussen, K.M. Hartmann, M. Sattin, L. Andersson, A. Mead, A.J. Murdoch and F. Forcella (2003)
Emergence of Chenopodium album and Stellaria media of different origins under different climatic conditions

Weed Technology (2003) 17, 166-172
Juan J. Eyherabide, Pablo A. Calviño, Frank Forcella, Gabriela Cendoya and Kazem Eradat Oskoui (2003)
Solaria help predict in-crop weed densities

Weed Technology (2003) 17, 764-769
George O. Kegode, Frank Forcella and Beverly R. Durgan (2003)
Effects of common wheat (Triticum aestivum) management alternatives on weed seed production

Weed Research (2003) 43, 116-129
W. Deen, R. Cousens, J. Warringa, L. Bastiaans, P. Carberry, K. Rebel, S. Riha, C. Murphy, L.R. Benjamin, C. Cloughley, J. Cussans, F. Forcella, T. Hunt, P. Jamieson, J. Lindquist and E. Wang (2003)
An evaluation of four crop : weed competition models using a common data set

Weed Technology (2002) 16, 464-466
Julie Retrum and Frank Forcella (2002)
Giant foxtail (Setaria faberi) seedling assay for resistance to sethoxydim

Weed Technology (2000) 14, 298-303
Frank Forcella (2000)
Rotary hoeing substitutes for two-thirds rate of soil-applied herbicide

Weed Research (2000) 40, 411-430
N. Colbach, F. Dessaint and F. Forcella (2000)
Evaluating field-scale sampling methods for the estimation of mean plant densities of weeds

Weed Science (2000) 48, 366-377
Nathalie Colbach, Frank Forcella and Gregg A. Johnson (2000)
Spatial and temporal stability of weed populations over five years

Weed Science (2000) 48, 436-444
Frank Forcella, Nathalie Colbach and George O. Kegode (2000)
Estimating seed production of three Setaria species in row crops

Weed Science (1999) 47, 175-183
George O. Kegode, Frank Forcella and Sharon Clay (1999)
Influence of crop rotation, tillage, and management inputs on weed seed production

Weed Technology (1999) 13, 43-47
George O. Kegode, Frank Forcella and Beverly R. Durgan (1999)
Limiting green and yellow foxtail (Setaria viridis and S. glauca) seed production following spring wheat (Triticum aestivum) harvest

Weed Science (1999) 47, 195-200
John L. Lindquist, David A. Mortensen, Philip Westra, W.J. Lambert, Thomas T. Bauman, Jason C. Fausey, James J. Kells, Steven J. Langton, R. Gordon Harvey, Brett H. Bussler, Kevin Banken, Sharon Clay and Frank Forcella (1999)
Stability of corn (Zea mays)-foxtail (Setaria spp.) interference relationships

Weed Science (1999) 47, 674-681
S.A. Clay, G.J. Lems, D.E. Clay, F. Forcella, M.M. Ellsbury and C.G. Carlson (1999)
Sampling weed spatial variability on a fieldwide scale

Weed Science (1999) 47, 156-160
Eric Spandl, Beverly R. Durgan and Frank Forcella (1999)
Foxtail (Setaria spp.) seedling dynamics in spring wheat (Triticum aestivum) are influenced by seeding date and tillage regime

Weed Technology (1998) 12, 223-229
Eric Spandl, Beverly R. Durgan and Frank Forcella (1998)
Tillage and planting date influence foxtail (Setaria spp.) emergence in continuous spring Wheat (Triticum aestivum)

Weed Research (1992) 32, 29-38
F. Forcella (1992)
Prediction of weed seedling densities from buried seed reserves