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Publications of Nathalie Colbach (26 listed):

Weed Research (2019) 59, 407-418
O. Pointurier, S. Gibot-Leclerc, V. Le Corre, C. Reibel, F. Strbik and N. Colbach (2019)
Intraspecific seasonal variation of dormancy and mortality of Phelipanche ramosa seeds

Weed Research (2017) 57, 123-147
S. Gaba, R. Perronne, G. Fried, A. Gardarin, F. Bretagnolle, L. Biju-Duval, N. Colbach, S. Cordeau, M. Fernández-Aparicio, C. Gauvrit, S. Gibot-Leclerc, J-P. Guillemin, D. Moreau, N. Munier-Jolain, F. Strbik and X. Reboud (2017)
Response and effect traits of arable weeds in agro-ecosystems: a review of current knowledge

Pest Management Science (2017) 73, 1994-1999
Henri Darmency, Nathalie Colbach and Valérie Le Corre (2017)
Relationship between weed dormancy and herbicide rotations: implications in resistance evolution

Pest Management Science (2016) 72, 1910-1925
Nathalie Colbach, Bruno Chauvel, Henri Darmency, Christophe Délye and Valérie Le Corre (2016)
Choosing the best cropping systems to target pleiotropic effects when managing single-gene herbicide resistance in grass weeds. A blackgrass simulation study

Weed Research (2015) 55, 14-25
A. Gardarin and N. Colbach (2015)
How much of seed dormancy in weeds can be related to seed traits?

Weed Research (2015) 55, 206-218
J. Storkey, N. Holst, O.Q. Bøjer, F. Bigongiali, G. Bocci, N. Colbach, Z. Dorner, M.M. Riemens, I. Sartorato, M. Sønderskov and A. Verschwele (2015)
Combining a weed traits database with a population dynamics model predicts shifts in weed communities

Weed Research (2014) 54, 593-602
D. Doisy, N. Colbach, J. Roger-Estrade and S. Médiène (2014)
Weed seed rain interception by grass cover depends on seed traits

Weed Research (2014) 54, 541-555
N. Colbach, L. Biju-Duval, A. Gardarin, S . Granger, S.H.M. Guyot, D. Mézière, N.M. Munier-Jolain and S. Petit (2014)
The role of models for multicriteria evaluation and multiobjective design of cropping systems for managing weeds

Weed Research (2013) 53, 76-87
J.-P. Guillemin, A. Gardarin, S. Granger, C. Reibel, N. Munier-Jolain and N. Colbach (2013)
Assessing potential germination period of weeds with base temperatures and base water potentials

Journal of Agricultural Science (2013) 151, 247-267
N. Colbach, S. Granger and D. Mézière (2013)
Using a sensitivity analysis of a weed dynamics model to develop sustainable cropping systems. II. Long-term effect of past crops and management techniques on weed infestation

Agronomy for Sustainable Development (2013) 33, 205-217
Sandrine Petit, Audrey Alignier, Nathalie Colbach, Alexandre Joannon, Didier Le Cœur and Claudine Thenail (2013)
Weed dispersal by farming at various spatial scales. A review

Agronomy for Sustainable Development (2013) 33, 787-793
Stéphanie Gibot-Leclerc, Nadia Abdennebi-Abdemessed, Carole Reibel and Nathalie Colbach (2013)
Non-host facilitators, a new category that unexpectedly favours parasitic weeds

Journal of Agricultural Science (2013) 151, 229-245
N. Colbach and D. Mézière (2013)
Using a sensitivity analysis of a weed dynamics model to develop sustainable cropping systems. I. Annual interactions between crop management techniques and biophysical field state variables

Weed Research (2012) 52, 317-326
Y.M. Zhu, Y.D. Li, N. Colbach, K.P. Ma, W. Wei and X.C. Mi (2012)
Seed losses at harvest and seed persistence of oilseed rape (Brassica napus) in different cultural conditions in Chinese farming systems

Weed Research (2010) 50, 91-101
A. Gardarin, C. Dürr and N. Colbach (2010)
Effects of seed depth and soil aggregates on the emergence of weeds with contrasting seed traits

Weed Research (2005) 45, 2-17
N. Colbach, C. Dürr, J. Roger-Estrade and J. Caneill (2005)
How to model the effects of farming practices on weed emergence

Weed Science (2003) 51, 708-717
Nathalie Colbach and Carolyne Dürr (2003)
Effects of seed production and storage conditions on blackgrass (Alopecurus myosuroides) germination and shoot elongation

Weed Research (2002) 42, 222-230
N. Colbach, C. Dürr, B. Chauvel and G. Richard (2002)
Effect of environmental conditions on Alopecurus myosuroides germination. II. Effect of moisture conditions and storage length

Weed Research (2002) 42, 210-221
N. Colbach, B. Chauvel, C. Dürr and G. Richard (2002)
Effect of environmental conditions on Alopecurus myosuroides germination. I. Effect of temperature and light

Weed Science (2000) 48, 366-377
Nathalie Colbach, Frank Forcella and Gregg A. Johnson (2000)
Spatial and temporal stability of weed populations over five years

Weed Science (2000) 48, 436-444
Frank Forcella, Nathalie Colbach and George O. Kegode (2000)
Estimating seed production of three Setaria species in row crops

Weed Research (2000) 40, 411-430
N. Colbach, F. Dessaint and F. Forcella (2000)
Evaluating field-scale sampling methods for the estimation of mean plant densities of weeds

Weed Science (1998) 46, 717-728
Nathalie Colbach and Philippe Debaeke (1998)
Integrating crop management and crop rotation effects into models of weed population dynamics: a review

European Journal of Plant Pathology (1998) 104, 37-48
N. Colbach and L. Saur (1998)
Influence of crop management on eyespot development and infection cycles of winter wheat

Phytopathology (1997) 87, 26-32
N. Colbach, P. Lucas and J.M. Meynard (1997)
Influence of crop management on take-all development and disease cycles on winter wheat

European Journal of Plant Pathology (1995) 101, 601-611
Nathalie Colbach and Jean-Marc Meynard (1995)
Soil tillage and eyespot: influence of crop residue distribution on disease development and infection cycles