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Publications of Adam S. Davis (57 listed):

Weed Research (2020) 60, 297-302
Valle Egea-Cobrero, Kevin Bradley, Isabel M. Calha, Adam S. Davis, Jose Dorado, Frank Forcella, John L. Lindquist, Christy L. Sprague and Jose L. Gonzalez-Andujar (2020)
Validation of predictive empirical weed emergence models of Abutilon theophrasti Medik based on intercontinental data

Weed Technology (2019) 33, 400-410
Cody M. Evans, Seth A. Strom, Dean E. Riechers, Adam S. Davis, Patrick J. Tranel and Aaron G. Hager (2019)
Characterization of a waterhemp (Amaranthus tuberculatus) population from Illinois resistant to herbicides from five site-of-action groups

Biological Invasions (2019) 21, 847-859
Ranjan Muthukrishnan, Nicholas R. Jordan, Adam S. Davis and James D. Forester (2019)
Use of simulation-based statistical models to complement bioclimatic models in predicting continental scale invasion risks

Weed Science (2019) 67, 369-379
Seth A. Strom, Lisa C. Gonzini, Charlie Mitsdarfer, Adam S. Davis, Dean E. Riechers and Aaron G. Hager (2019)
Resistant waterhemp (Amaranthus tuberculatus) populations from Illinois to VLCFA-inhibiting herbicides

PLoS ONE (2018) 13 (5 - e0195892)
Ranjan Muthukrishnan, Adam S. Davis, Nicholas R. Jordan and James D. Forester (2018)
Invasion complexity at large spatial scales is an emergent property of interactions among landscape characteristics and invader traits

Pest Management Science (2018) 74, 2277-2286
Muthukumar V. Bagavathiannan and Adam S. Davis (2018)
An ecological perspective on managing weeds during the great selection for herbicide resistance

Pest Management Science (2018) 74, 293-301
Chenxi Wu, Adam S. Davis and Patrick J. Tranel (2018)
Limited fitness costs of herbicide-resistance traits in Amaranthus tuberculatus facilitate resistance evolution

Pest Management Science (2018) 74, 2424-2431
Jeffrey A. Evans, Alwyn Williams, Aaron G. Hager, Steven B. Mirsky, Patrick J. Tranel and Adam S. Davis (2018)
Confronting herbicide resistance with cooperative management

Journal of Applied Ecology (2018) 55, 1465-1475
Lindsey R. Milbrath, Adam S. Davis and Jeromy Biazzo (2018)
Identifying critical life stage transitions for biological control of long-lived perennial Vincetoxicum species

Weed Science (2018) 66, 586-594
Sarah R. O'Brien, Adam S. Davis and Dean E. Riechers (2018)
Quantifying resistance to isoxaflutole and mesotrione and investigating their interactions with metribuzin POST in waterhemp (Amaranthus tuberculatus)

Pest Management Science (2018) 74, 2235-2245
Michael J. Walsh, John C. Broster, Lauren M. Schwartz-Lazaro, Jason K. Norsworthy, Adam S. Davis, Breanne D. Tidemann, Hugh J. Beckie, Drew J. Lyon, Neeta Soni, Paul Neve and Muthukumar V. Bagavathiannan (2018)
Opportunities and challenges for harvest weed seed control in global cropping systems

Pest Management Science (2017) 73, 2209-2220
Adam S. Davis and George B. Frisvold (2017)
Are herbicides a once in a century method of weed control?

Weed Research (2016) 56, 345-358
N. Jordan, M. Schut, S. Graham, J.N. Barney, D.Z. Childs, S. Christensen, R.D. Cousens, A.S. Davis, H. Eizenberg, D.E. Ervin, C. Fernandez-Quintanilla, L.J. Harrison, M.A. Harsch, S. Heijting, M. Liebman, D. Loddo, S.B. Mirsky, M. Riemens, P. Neve, D.A. Peltzer, M. Renton, M. Williams, J. Recasens and M. Sønderskov (2016)
Transdisciplinary weed research: new leverage on challenging weed problems?

Weed Science (2016) 64, 261-275
Erin C. Hill, Karen A. Renner, Christy L. Sprague and Adam S. Davis (2016)
Cover crop impact on weed dynamics in an organic dry bean system

Weed Science (2016) 64, 361-377
Emilie E. Regnier, S. Kent Harrison, Mark M. Loux, Christopher Holloman, Ramarao Venkatesh, Florian Diekmann, Robin Taylor, Robert A. Ford, David E. Stoltenberg, Robert G. Hartzler, Adam S. Davis, Brian J. Schutte, John Cardina, Kris J. Mahoney and William G. Johnson (2016)
Certified crop advisors' perceptions of giant ragweed (Ambrosia trifida) distribution, herbicide resistance, and management in the corn belt

Pest Management Science (2016) 72, 74-80
Jeffrey A. Evans, Patrick J. Tranel, Aaron G. Hager, Brian Schutte, Chenxi Wu, Laura A. Chatham and Adam S. Davis (2016)
Managing the evolution of herbicide resistance

Weed Science (2015) 63, 658-668
Adam S. Davis, Brian J. Schutte, Aaron G. Hager and Bryan G. Young (2015)
Palmer amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri) damage niche in Illinois soybean is seed limited

Weed Science (2015) 63, 399-407
Jiaqi Guo, Chance W. Riggins, Nicholas E. Hausman, Aaron G. Hager, Dean E. Riechers, Adam S. Davis and Patrick J. Tranel (2015)
Nontarget-site resistance to ALS inhibitors in waterhemp (Amaranthus tuberculatus)

Biological Invasions (2015) 17, 3247-3261
Shannon E. Pittman, Ranjan Muthukrishnan, Natalie M. West, Adam S. Davis, Nicholas R. Jordan and James D. Forester (2015)
Mitigating the potential for invasive spread of the exotic biofuel crop, Miscanthus × giganteus

Biological Invasions (2014) 16, 1991-2001
Natalie M. West, David P. Matlaga and Adam S. Davis (2014)
Quantifying targets to manage invasion risk: Light gradients dominate the early regeneration niche of naturalized and pre-commercial Miscanthus populations

Invasive Plant Science and Management (2014) 7, 517-525
Natalie M. West, David P. Matlaga and Adam S. Davis (2014)
Managing spread from rhizome fragments is key to reducing invasiveness in Miscanthus × giganteus

Weed Science (2014) 62, 63-70
Sharon A. Clay, Adam Davis, Anita Dille, John Lindquist, Analiza H.M. Ramirez, Christy Sprague, Graig Reicks and Frank Forcella (2014)
Common sunflower seedling emergence across the U.S. Midwest

Weed Technology (2014) 28, 408-417
Brian J. Schutte and Adam S. Davis (2014)
Do common waterhemp (Amaranthus rudis) seedling emergence patterns meet criteria for herbicide resistance simulation modeling?

Weed Research (2014) 54, 1-12
B.J. Schutte, B.J. Tomasek, A.S. Davis, L. Andersson, D.L. Benoit, A. Cirujeda, J. Dekker, F. Forcella, J.L. Gonzalez-Andujar, F. Graziani, A.J. Murdoch, P. Neve, I.A. Rasmussen, B. Sera, J. Salonen, F. Tei, K.S. Tørresen and J.M. Urbano (2014)
An investigation to enhance understanding of the stimulation of weed seedling emergence by soil disturbance

Weed Research (2014) 54, 293-306
M. Liebman, Z.J. Miller, C.L. Williams, P.R. Westerman, P.M. Dixon, A. Heggenstaller, A.S. Davis, F.D. Menalled and D.N. Sundberg (2014)
Fates of Setaria faberi and Abutilon theophrasti seeds in three crop rotation systems

Weed Science (2013) 61, 296-302
Adam S. Davis, Erin C. Taylor, Erin R. Haramoto and Karen A. Renner (2013)
Annual postdispersal weed seed predation in contrasting field environments

Weed Science (2013) 61, 415-421
Adam S. Davis, Sharon Clay, John Cardina, Anita Dille, Frank Forcella, John Lindquist and Christy Sprague (2013)
Seed burial physical environment explains departures from regional hydrothermal model of giant ragweed (Ambrosia trifida) seedling emergence in U.S. Midwest

Weed Science (2012) 60, 260-266
Abram J. Bicksler, John B. Masiunas and Adam Davis (2012)
Canada thistle (Cirsium arvense) suppression by Sudangrass interference and defoliation

Weed Science (2012) 60, 440-450
Sam E. Wortman, Adam S. Davis, Brian J. Schutte, John L. Lindquist, John Cardina, Joel Felix, Christy L. Sprague, J. Anita Dille, Analiza H.M. Ramirez, Graig Reicks and Sharon A. Clay (2012)
Local conditions, not regional gradients, drive demographic variation of giant ragweed (Ambrosia trifida) and common sunflower (Helianthus annuus) across northern U.S. maize belt

Weed Science (2012) 60, 416-422
Jianyang Liu, Adam S. Davis and Patrick J. Tranel (2012)
Pollen biology and dispersal dynamics in waterhemp (Amaranthus tuberculatus)

Weed Research (2012) 52, 277-285
A.S. Davis and E.A. Ainsworth (2012)
Weed interference with field-grown soyabean decreases under elevated [CO2] in a FACE experiment

Invasive Plant Science and Management (2012) 5, 363-374
David P. Matlaga, Lauren D. Quinn, Adam S. Davis and J. Ryan Stewart (2012)
Light response of native and introduced Miscanthus sinensis seedlings

Invasive Plant Science and Management (2011) 4, 142-150
Lauren D. Quinn, David P. Matlaga, J. Ryan Stewart and Adam S. Davis (2011)
Empirical evidence of long-distance dispersal in Miscanthus sinensis and Miscanthus × giganteus

Weed Science (2011) 59, 22-27
Kate A. Thinglum, Chance W. Riggins, Adam S. Davis, Kevin W. Bradley, Kassim Al-Khatib and Patrick J. Tranel (2011)
Wide distribution of the waterhemp (Amaranthus tuberculatus) Delta-G210 PPX2 mutation, which confers resistance to PPO-inhibiting herbicides

Weed Science (2011) 59, 162-170
Sam E. Wortman, Adam S. Davis, Brian J. Schutte and John L. Lindquist (2011)
Integrating management of soil nitrogen and weeds

Weed Research (2010) 50, 402-412
A.S. Davis and S. Raghu (2010)
Weighing abiotic and biotic influences on weed seed predation

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2009) 106, 15362-15367
Richard A. Lankau, Victoria Nuzzo, Greg Spyreas and Adam S. Davis (2009)
Evolutionary limits ameliorate the negative impact of an invasive plant

Weed Science (2009) 57, 296-303
Yim F. So, Martin M. Williams II, Jerald K. Pataky and Adam S. Davis (2009)
Principal canopy factors of sweet corn and relationships to competitive ability with wild-proso millet (Panicum miliaceum)

Weed Science (2009) 57, 163-168
Adam S. Davis and Edward C. Luschei (2009)
Living boundaries: Tracking weed seed movement with nondormant seed

Weed Science (2008) 56, 714-721
Amy E. Sweeney, Karen A. Renner, Carrie Laboski and Adam Davis (2008)
Effect of fertilizer nitrogen on weed emergence and growth

Weed Science (2008) 56, 503-508
Adam S. Davis (2008)
Weed seed pools concurrent with corn and soybean harvest in Illinois

Weed Research (2008) 48, 58-67
M.M. Williams II, R.A. Boydston and A.S. Davis (2008)
Crop competitive ability contributes to herbicide performance in sweet corn

Weed Science (2008) 56, 676-684
Adam S. Davis, Brian J. Schutte, James Iannuzzi and Karen A. Renner (2008)
Chemical and physical defense of weed seeds in relation to soil seedbank persistence

Weed Science (2008) 56, 91-96
Martin M. Williams II, Rick A. Boydston and Adam S. Davis (2008)
Differential tolerance in sweet corn to wild-proso millet (Panicum miliaceum) interference

Weed Science (2008) 56, 834-840
Brian J. Schutte, Adam S. Davis, Karen A. Renner and John Cardina (2008)
Maternal and burial environment effects on seed mortality of velvetleaf (Abutilon theophrasti) and giant foxtail (Setaria faberi)

Weed Science (2007) 55, 502-507
Adam S. Davis and Martin M. Williams II (2007)
Variation in wild proso millet (Panicum miliaceum) fecundity in sweet corn has residual effects in snap bean

Weed Science (2007) 55, 30-35
Adam S. Davis and Karen A. Renner (2007)
Influence of seed depth and pathogens on fatal germination of velvetleaf (Abutilon theophrasti) and giant foxtail (Setaria faberi)

Weed Science (2007) 55, 245-251
Martin M. Williams II, Rick A. Boydston and Adam S. Davis (2007)
Wild proso millet (Panicum miliaceum) suppressive ability among three sweet corn hybrids

Weed Science (2007) 55, 123-128
Adam S. Davis (2007)
Nitrogen fertilizer and crop residue effects on seed mortality and germination of eight annual weed species

Weed Science (2006) 54, 291-297
Adam S. Davis, Kathleen I. Anderson, Steven G. Hallett and Karen A. Renner (2006)
Weed seed mortality in soils with contrasting agricultural management histories

Weed Science (2006) 54, 558-565
Adam S. Davis (2006)
When does it make sense to target the weed seed bank?

Weed Science (2006) 54, 575-587
Joanne C. Chee-Sanford, Martin M. Williams II, Adam S. Davis and Gerald K. Sims (2006)
Do microorganisms influence seed-bank dynamics?

Weed Science (2005) 53, 860-868
Adam S. Davis, John Cardina, Frank Forcella, Gregg A. Johnson, George Kegode, John L. Lindquist, Edward C. Luschei, Karen A. Renner, Christy L. Sprague and Martin M. Williams II (2005)
Environmental factors affecting seed persistence of annual weeds across the U.S. corn belt

Weed Science (2005) 53, 296-306
Adam S. Davis, Karen A. Renner and Katherine L. Gross (2005)
Weed seedbank and community shifts in a long-term cropping systems experiment

Weed Science (2003) 51, 919-929
Adam S. Davis and Matt Liebman (2003)
Cropping system effects on giant foxtail (Setaria faberi) demography: I. Green manure and tillage timing

Weed Science (2003) 51, 930-939
Adam S. Davis, Philip M. Dixon and Matt Liebman (2003)
Cropping system effects on giant foxtail (Setaria faberi) demography: II. Retrospective perturbation analysis

Weed Science (2001) 49, 558-566
Adam S. Davis and Matt Liebman (2001)
Nitrogen source influences wild mustard growth and competitive effect on sweet corn