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Publications of Valerio Mazzoni (31 listed):

Insects (2021) 12 (7 - 584)
Imane Akassou, Sabina Avosani, Valentina Caorsi, Vincenzo Verrastro, Marco Ciolli and Valerio Mazzoni (2021)
Intrasexual vibrational behavior of Philaenus spumarius in semi-field conditions

Insects (2021) 12 (1 - 66)
Gordana Durovic, Amani Alawamleh, Silvia Carlin, Giuseppe Maddalena, Raffaele Guzzon, Valerio Mazzoni, Daniel T. Dalton, Vaughn M. Walton, David M. Suckling, Ruth C. Butler, Sergio Angeli, Antonio De Cristofaro and Gianfranco Anfora (2021)
Liquid baits with Oenococcus oeni increase captures of Drosophila suzukii

Insects (2020) 11 (5 - 299)
Sabina Avosani, Thomas E. Sullivan, Marco Ciolli, Valerio Mazzoni and David Maxwell Suckling (2020)
Can vibrational playbacks disrupt mating or influence other relevant behaviours in Bactericera cockerelli (Triozidae: Hemiptera)?

Journal of Economic Entomology (2020) 113, 596-603
Tiziana Oppedisano, Jernej Polajnar, Rok Kostanjsek, Antonio De Cristofaro, Claudio Ioriatti, Meta Virant-Doberlet and Valerio Mazzoni (2020)
Substrate-borne vibrational communication in the vector of apple proliferation disease Cacopsylla picta (Hemiptera: Psyllidae)

Entomologia Generalis (2020) 40, 351-363
Sabina Avosani, Thomas E.S. Sullivan, Marco Ciolli, Valerio Mazzoni and David Maxwell Suckling (2020)
Vibrational communication and evidence for vibrational behavioural manipulation of the tomato potato psyllid, Bactericera cockerelli

Entomologia Generalis (2020) 40, 25-37
Gabriella Tait, Alessandro Cabianca, Alberto Grassi, Ferdinand Pfab, Tiziana Oppedisano, Simone Puppato, Valerio Mazzoni, Gianfranco Anfora and Vaughn M. Walton (2020)
Drosophila suzukii daily dispersal between distinctly different habitats

Pest Management Science (2019) 75, 1065-1073
Rachele Nieri and Valerio Mazzoni (2019)
Vibrational mating disruption of Empoasca vitis by natural or artificial disturbance noises

Insects (2019) 10 (11 - 376)
David Maxwell Suckling, Mary Claire Levy, Gerardo Roselli, Valerio Mazzoni, Claudio Ioriatti, Marco Deromedi, Massimo Cristofaro and Gianfranco Anfora (2019)
Live traps for adult brown marmorated stink bugs

Insects (2019) 10 (11 - 411)
David Maxwell Suckling, Massimo Cristofaro, Gerardo Roselli, Mary Claire Levy, Alessia Cemmi, Valerio Mazzoni, Lloyd Damien Stringer, Valeria Zeni, Claudio Ioriatti and Gianfranco Anfora (2019)
The competitive mating of irradiated brown marmorated stink bugs, Halyomorpha halys, for the sterile insect technique

Insects (2019) 10 (12 - 433)
David Maxwell Suckling, Valerio Mazzoni, Gerardo Roselli, Mary Claire Levy, Claudio Ioriatti, Lloyd Damien Stringer, Valeria Zeni, Marco Deromedi and Gianfranco Anfora (2019)
Trapping brown marmorated stink bugs: "The Nazgûl" lure and kill nets

Journal of Applied Entomology (2018) 142, 465-472
N. Baser, O. Broutou, V. Verrastro, F. Porcelli, C. Ioriatti, G. Anfora, V. Mazzoni and M.V. Rossi Stacconi (2018)
Susceptibility of table grape varieties grown in south-eastern Italy to Drosophila suzukii

Journal of Economic Entomology (2018) 111, 283-292
Claudio Ioriatti, Raffaele Guzzon, Gianfranco Anfora, Franca Ghidoni, Valerio Mazzoni, Tomas Roman Villegas, Daniel T. Dalton and Vaughn M. Walton (2018)
Drosophila suzukii (Diptera: Drosophilidae) contributes to the development of sour rot in grape

Insect Science (2018) 25, 869-882
Rachele Nieri and Valerio Mazzoni (2018)
The reproductive strategy and the vibrational duet of the leafhopper Empoasca vitis

Journal of Pest Science (2017) 90, 887-899
Rachele Nieri, Valerio Mazzoni, Shira D. Gordon and Rodrigo Krugner (2017)
Mating behavior and vibrational mimicry in the glassy-winged sharpshooter, Homalodisca vitripennis

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata (2017) 164, 27-34
Shira D. Gordon, Nestor Sandoval, Valerio Mazzoni and Rodrigo Krugner (2017)
Mating interference of glassy-winged sharpshooters, Homalodisca vitripennis

Pest Management Science (2017) 73, 2328-2333
Valerio Mazzoni, Shira D. Gordon, Rachele Nieri and Rodrigo Krugner (2017)
Design of a candidate vibrational signal for mating disruption against the glassy-winged sharpshooter, Homalodisca vitripennis

Journal of Pest Science (2017) 90, 1219-1229
Valerio Mazzoni, Jernej Polajnar, Marta Baldini, Marco Valerio Rossi Stacconi, Gianfranco Anfora, Roberto Guidetti and Lara Maistrello (2017)
Use of substrate-borne vibrational signals to attract the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, Halyomorpha halys

Journal of Pest Science (2016) 89, 909-921
Jernej Polajnar, Anna Eriksson, Meta Virant-Doberlet and Valerio Mazzoni (2016)
Mating disruption of a grapevine pest using mechanical vibrations: from laboratory to the field

Journal of Pest Science (2016) 89, 689-700
Marco Valerio RossiStacconi, Rupinder Kaur, Valerio Mazzoni, Lino Ometto, Alberto Grassi, Angela Gottardello, Omar RotaStabelli and Gianfranco Anfora (2016)
Multiple lines of evidence for reproductive winter diapause in the invasive pest Drosophila suzukii: useful clues for control strategies

Journal of Economic Entomology (2016) 109, 1512-1518
Issam Eddine Ben Moussa, Valerio Mazzoni, Franco Valentini, Thaer Yaseen, Donato Lorusso, Stefano Speranza, Michele Digiaro, Leonardo Varvaro, Rodrigo Krugner and Anna Maria D'Onghia (2016)
Seasonal fluctuations of sap-feeding insect species infected by Xylella fastidiosa in Apulian olive groves of southern Italy

Journal of Economic Entomology (2015) 108, 1148-1155
C. Ioriatti, V. Walton, D. Dalton, G. Anfora, A. Grassi, S. Maistri and V. Mazzoni (2015)
Drosophila suzukii (Diptera: Drosophilidae) and its potential impact to wine grapes during harvest in two cool climate wine grape production regions

Pest Management Science (2015) 71, 15-23
Jernej Polajnar, Anna Eriksson, Andrea Lucchi, Gianfranco Anfora, Meta Virant-Doberlet and Valerio Mazzoni (2015)
Manipulating behaviour with substrate-borne vibrations – potential for insect pest control

Phytopathologia Mediterranea (2014) 53, 328-332
Toufic Elbeaino, Thaer Yaseen, Franco Valentini, Issam Eddine Ben Moussa, Valerio Mazzoni and Anna Maria D'Onghia (2014)
Identification of three potential insect vectors of Xylella fastidiosa in southern Italy

Bulletin of Entomological Research (2013) 103, 303-309
A. Canale, G. Benelli, F. Lanzo, P. Giannotti, V. Mazzoni and A. Lucchi (2013)
The courtship song of fanning males in the fruit fly parasitoid Psyttalia concolor (Szépligeti) (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)

PLoS ONE (2012) 7 (3 - e32954)
Anna Eriksson, Gianfranco Anfora, Andrea Lucchi, Francesco Lanzo, Meta Virant-Doberlet and Valerio Mazzoni (2012)
Exploitation of insect vibrational signals reveals a new method of pest management

Journal of Economic Entomology (2012) 105, 322-328
Rosemarie Tedeschi, Mario Baldessari, Valerio Mazzoni, Federica Trona and Gino Angeli (2012)
Population dynamics of Cacopsylla melanoneura (Hemiptera: Psyllidae) in northeast Italy and its role in the apple proliferation epidemiology in apple orchards

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata (2009) 133, 174-185
Valerio Mazzoni, Andrea Lucchi, Andrej Cokl, Janez Presern and Meta Virant-Doberlet (2009)
Disruption of the reproductive behaviour of Scaphoideus titanus by playback of vibrational signals

Pest Management Science (2009) 65, 717-722
Claudio Ioriatti, Gianfranco Anfora, Gino Angeli, Valerio Mazzoni and Federica Trona (2009)
Effects of chlorantraniliprole on eggs and larvae of Lobesia botrana (Denis and Schiffermüller) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

Journal of Economic Entomology (2009) 102, 974-980
V. Mazzoni, C. Ioriatti, F. Trona, A. Lucchi, A. De Cristofaro and G. Anfora (2009)
Study on the role of olfaction in host plant detection of Scaphoideus titanus (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae) nymphs

Bulletin of Entomological Research (2009) 99, 401-413
Valerio Mazzoni, Janez Presern, Andrea Lucchi and Meta Virant-Doberlet (2009)
Reproductive strategy of the Nearctic leafhopper Scaphoideus titanus Ball (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae)

Annals of the Entomological Society of America (2008) 101, 1003-1009
V. Mazzoni, G. Anfora, C. Ioriatti and A. Lucchi (2008)
Role of winter host plants in vineyard colonization and phenology of Zygina rhamni (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Typhlocybinae)