Plant Disease (2011) 95 (1)

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Articles of Plant Disease entered for 2011 and volume (issue): 95 (1)

Plant Disease (2011) 95, 4-12
M. Mirik, D.C. Jones, J.A. Price, F. Workneh, R.J. Ansley and C.M. Rush (2011)
Satellite remote sensing of wheat infected by Wheat streak mosaic virus

Plant Disease (2011) 95, 13-18
E.J. Fichtner, D.M. Rizzo, S.A. Kirk and J.F. Webber (2011)
Root infections may challenge management of invasive Phytophthora spp. in U.K. woodlands

Plant Disease (2011) 95, 19-23
Patrick D. O'Boyle, Wynse S. Brooks, Brian J. Steffenson, Erik L. Stromberg and Carl A. Griffey (2011)
Genetic characterization of barley net blotch resistance genes

Plant Disease (2011) 95, 24-30
Tugba Adiyaman, David A. Schisler, Patricia J. Slininger, Jennifer M. Sloan, Mark A. Jackson and Alejandro P. Rooney (2011)
Selection of biocontrol agents of pink rot based on efficacy and growth kinetics index rankings

Plant Disease (2011) 95, 31-37
Peter Horevaj, Liane R. Gale and Eugene A. Milus (2011)
Resistance in winter wheat lines to initial infection and spread within spikes by deoxynivalenol and nivalenol chemotypes of Fusarium graminearum

Plant Disease (2011) 95, 38-42
Miroslav Glasa, Kaveh Bananej, Lukás Predajna and Aisan Vahdat (2011)
Genetic diversity of Watermelon mosaic virus in Slovakia and Iran shows distinct pattern

Plant Disease (2011) 95, 43-50
M. Twizeyimana, P.S. Ojiambo, G.L. Hartman and R. Bandyopadhyay (2011)
Dynamics of soybean rust epidemics in sequential plantings of soybean cultivars in Nigeria

Plant Disease (2011) 95, 51-56
Chang-Ho Ok, James T. Popko Jr., Katie Campbell-Nelson and Geunhwa Jung (2011)
In vitro assessment of Sclerotinia homoeocarpa resistance to fungicides and plant growth regulators

Plant Disease (2011) 95, 57-62
A.P. James, R.J. Geijskes, J.L. Dale and R.M. Harding (2011)
Development of a novel rolling-circle amplification technique to detect Banana streak virus that also discriminates between integrated and episomal virus sequences

Plant Disease (2011) 95, 63-69
Xue-Qun Shi, Bo-Qiang Li, Guo-Zheng Qin and Shi-Ping Tian (2011)
Antifungal activity and possible mode of action of borate against Colletotrichum gloeosporioides on mango

Plant Disease (2011) 95, p. 70 (Dreo et al.)
T. Dreo, M. Pirc, J. Erjavec, M. Ravnikar and I. Miklic-Lautar (2011)
First report of Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. poinsettiicola causing bacterial leaf spot of Euphorbia pulcherrima in Slovenia

Plant Disease (2011) 95, p. 70 (Fullerton et al.)
R.A. Fullerton, L. Taufa, J.L. Vanneste, J. Yu, D.A. Cornish and D. Park (2011)
First record of bacterial crown rot of papaya (Carica papaya) caused by an Erwinia papayae-like bacterium in the Kingdom of Tonga

Plant Disease (2011) 95, p. 70 (Marie-Jeanne et al.)
V. Marie-Jeanne, D. Hariri, R. Doucet and P.A. Signoret (2011)
First report of Sugarcane mosaic virus on maize in the Centre Region of France

Plant Disease (2011) 95, p. 71 (Rideout et al.)
S.L. Rideout, M.A. Hansen, N.F. Gregory and T.A. Evans (2011)
First report of downy mildew of lima bean caused by Phytophthora phaseoli in Virginia

Plant Disease (2011) 95, p. 71 (Mauzey et al.)
S.J. Mauzey, S.T. Koike and C.T. Bull (2011)
First report of bacterial blight of cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. capitata) caused by Pseudomonas cannabina pv. alisalensis in California

Plant Disease (2011) 95, p. 72 (Wonni et al.)
I. Wonni, L. Ouedraogo and V. Verdier (2011)
First report of bacterial leaf streak caused by Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzicola on rice in Burkina Faso

Plant Disease (2011) 95, p. 72 (Xiao et al.)
C.L. Xiao, Y.K. Kim and R.J. Boal (2011)
First report of occurrence of pyrimethanil resistance in Penicillium expansum from stored apples in Washington State

Plant Disease (2011) 95, p. 72 (Camele et al.)
I. Camele, S.M. Mang and G.L. Rana (2011)
First report of Albugo candida causing white rust on Lunaria annua in Italy

Plant Disease (2011) 95, p. 73 (Gu et al.)
Q.S. Gu, Y.H. Liu, Y.H. Wang, W.G. Huangfu, H.F. Gu, L. Xu, F.M. Song and J.K. Brown (2011)
First report of Cucurbit chlorotic yellows virus in cucumber, melon, and watermelon in China

Plant Disease (2011) 95, p. 73 (Korus et al.)
K.A. Korus, A.D. Timmerman, R.D. French-Monar and T.A. Jackson (2011)
First report of Goss's bacterial wilt and leaf blight (Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. nebraskensis) of corn in Texas

Plant Disease (2011) 95, p. 74 (Cating et al.)
R.A. Cating and A.J. Palmateer (2011)
Bacterial soft rot of Oncidium orchids caused by a Dickeya sp. (Pectobacterium chrysanthemi) in Florida

Plant Disease (2011) 95, p. 74 (Marchi et al.)
G. Marchi, T. Cinelli and G. Surico (2011)
Bacterial leaf spot caused by the quarantine pathogen Xanthomonas arboricola pv. pruni on cherry laurel in central Italy

Plant Disease (2011) 95, p. 74 (Agudelo et al.)
P. Agudelo and D. Harshman (2011)
First report of the spiral nematode Scutellonema brachyurum on lilyturf in the United States

Plant Disease (2011) 95, p. 75 (Sharma et al.)
P. Sharma, P.K. Rai, S.A. Siddiqui and J.S. Chauhan (2011)
First report of Fusarium wilt in the broomrape parasite growing on Brassica spp. in India

Plant Disease (2011) 95, p. 75 (Alfaro-Fernandez et al.)
A. Alfaro-Fernández, C. Córdoba-Sellés, T. Tornos, M.C. Cebrián and M.I. Font (2011)
First report of Eggplant mottled dwarf virus in Pittosporum tobira in Spain

Plant Disease (2011) 95, p. 76 (Erper et al.)
I. Erper, B. Tunali, C. Agustí-Brisach and J. Armengol (2011)
First report of Cylindrocarpon liriodendri on kiwifruit in Turkey

Plant Disease (2011) 95, p. 76 (Ekzayez et al.)
A.M. Ekzayez, S.G. Kumari and I. Ismail (2011)
First report of Wheat dwarf virus and its vector (Psammotettix provincialis) affecting wheat and barley crops in Syria

Plant Disease (2011) 95, p. 76 (Spadaro et al.)
D. Spadaro, A. Lorè, M.T. Amatulli, A. Garibaldi and M.L. Gullino (2011)
First report of Penicillium griseofulvum causing blue mold on stored apples in Italy (Piedmont)

Plant Disease (2011) 95, p. 77 (Lee et al.)
H.B. Lee, C.J. Kim, H.Y. Mun and K.-H. Lee (2011)
First report of Erysiphe quercicola causing powdery mildew on ubame oak in Korea

Plant Disease (2011) 95, p. 77 (Ko et al.)
Y. Ko, C.W. Liu, S.S. Chen, K.Y. Chiu, Y.W. Sun and S. Maruthasalam (2011)
First report of gummosis disease of Japanese apricot caused by Botryosphaeria dothidea in Taiwan

Plant Disease (2011) 95, p. 78 (Efthimiou et al.)
K.E. Efthimiou, A.P. Gatsios, K.C. Aretakis, L.C. Papayiannis and N.I. Katis (2011)
First report of Pepino mosaic virus infecting greenhouse cherry tomatoes in Greece

Plant Disease (2011) 95, p. 78 (Njambere et al.)
E.N. Njambere, B.B. Clarke, S.A. Bonos, J.A. Murphy, R. Buckley, S. Tirpak and N. Zhang (2011)
First report of brown ring patch caused by Waitea circinata var. circinata on Poa annua and Agrostis stolonifera in New Jersey

Plant Disease (2011) 95, p. 78 (Polizzi et al.)
G. Polizzi, D. Aiello, A. Vitale, V. Guarnaccia, A. Panebianco and G. Cirvilleri (2011)
First report of damping-off caused by Rhizoctonia solani AG-4 on pink ipê (Tabebuia impetiginosa) in Italy

Plant Disease (2011) 95, p. 79 (Thomidis et al.)
T. Thomidis and E. Exadaktylou (2011)
First report of Pilidiella granati on pomegranate with symptoms of crown Rot in the Prefecture of Xanthi, Greece

Plant Disease (2011) 95, p. 79 (Vichova et al.)
J. Víchová, K. Vejrazka, T. Cholastová, R. Pokorný and E. Hrudová (2011)
Colletotrichum simmondsii causing anthracnose on safflower in the Czech Republic