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Publications of Martin J. Donnelly (34 listed):

Parasites and Vectors (2019) 12 (94) - LLIN Evaluation in Uganda
Amy Lynd, Samuel Gonahasa, Sarah G. Staedke, Ambrose Oruni, Catherine Maiteki-Sebuguzi, Grant Dorsey, Jimmy Opigo, Adoke Yeka, Agaba Katureebe, Mary Kyohere, Janet Hemingway, Moses R. Kamya and Martin J. Donnelly (2019)
LLIN Evaluation in Uganda Project (LLINEUP): a cross-sectional survey of species diversity and insecticide resistance in 48 districts of Uganda

Parasites and Vectors (2019) 12 (539) - Open source 3D printable
Sean Tomlinson, Henrietta Carrington Yates, Ambrose Oruni, Harun Njoroge, David Weetman, Martin J. Donnelly and Arjen E. Van't Hof (2019)
Open source 3D printable replacement parts for the WHO insecticide susceptibility bioassay system

PLoS ONE (2019) 14 (2 - e0212024)
Stanislas Elysée Mandeng, Herman Parfait Awono-Ambene, Jude D. Bigoga, Wolfgang Eyisap Ekoko, Jérome Binyang, Michael Piameu, Lili Ranaise Mbakop, Betrand Nono Fesuh, Narcisse Mvondo, Raymond Tabue, Philippe Nwane, Rémy Mimpfoundi, Jean Claude Toto, Immo Kleinschmidt, Tessa Bellamy Knox, Abraham Peter Mnzava, Martin James Donnelly, Etienne Fondjo and Josiane Etang (2019)
Spatial and temporal development of deltamethrin resistance in malaria vectors of the Anopheles gambiae complex from North Cameroon

Parasites and Vectors (2018) 11 (253) - The bionomics of the malaria ...
Parfait H. Awono-Ambene, Josiane Etang, Christophe Antonio-Nkondjio, Cyrille Ndo, Wolfgang Ekoko Eyisap, Michael C. Piameu, Elysée S. Mandeng, Ranaise L. Mbakop, Jean Claude Toto, Salomon Patchoke, Abraham P. Mnzava, Tessa B. Knox, Martin Donnelly, Etienne Fondjo and Jude D. Bigoga (2018)
The bionomics of the malaria vector Anopheles rufipes Gough, 1910 and its susceptibility to deltamethrin insecticide in North Cameroon

BMC Malaria Journal (2018) 17 (414) - Characterization and ...
Madhavinadha Prasad Kona, Raghavendra Kamaraju, Martin James Donnelly, Rajendra Mohan Bhatt, Nutan Nanda, Mehul Kumar Chourasia, Dipak Kumar Swain, Shrity Suman, Sreehari Uragayala, Immo Kleinschmidt and Veena Pandey (2018)
Characterization and monitoring of deltamethrin-resistance in Anopheles culicifacies in the presence of a long-lasting insecticide-treated net intervention

BMC Malaria Journal (2018) 17 (205) - Emergence of knock-down ...
Anne L. Wilson, Margaret Pinder, John Bradley, Martin J. Donnelly, Majidah Hamid-Adiamoh, Lamin B.S. Jarju, Musa Jawara, David Jeffries, Ballah Kandeh, Emily J. Rippon, Kolawole Salami, Umberto D'Alessandro and Steven W. Lindsay (2018)
Emergence of knock-down resistance in the Anopheles gambiae complex in the Upper River Region, The Gambia, and its relationship with malaria infection in children

Parasites and Vectors (2018) 11 (122) - Temporal and spatial trends in ...
Bashir Adam Ismail, Hmooda Toto Kafy, Jihad Eltaher Sulieman, Krishanthi Subramaniam, Brent Thomas, Abraham Mnzava, Nur Faeza Abu Kassim, Abu Hassan Ahmad, Tessa B. Knox, Immo Kleinschmidt and Martin J. Donnelly (2018)
Temporal and spatial trends in insecticide resistance in Anopheles arabiensis in Sudan: outcomes from an evaluation of implications of insecticide resistance for malaria vector control

Parasites and Vectors (2018) 11 (533) - Host Decoy Trap (HDT) with ...
Bernard Abong'o, Xiaoyu Yu, Martin J. Donnelly, Martin Geier, Gabriella Gibson, John Gimnig, Feiko ter Kuile, Neil F. Lobo, Eric Ochomo, Stephen Munga, Maurice Ombok, Aaron Samuels, Stephen J. Torr and Frances M. Hawkes (2018)
Host Decoy Trap (HDT) with cattle odour is highly effective for collection of exophagic malaria vectors

BMC Malaria Journal (2018) 17 (412) - Insecticide resistance in ...
Amy Lynd, Ambrose Oruni, Arjen E. van't Hof, John C. Morgan, Leon Bwazumo Naego, Dimitra Pipini, Kevin A. O'Kines, Thierry L. Bobanga, Martin J. Donnelly and David Weetman (2018)
Insecticide resistance in Anopheles gambiae from the northern Democratic Republic of Congo, with extreme knockdown resistance (kdr) mutation frequencies revealed by a new diagnostic assay

Evolutionary Applications (2017) 10, 704-717
Tovi Lehmann, David Weetman, Diana L. Huestis, Alpha S. Yaro, Yaya Kassogue, Moussa Diallo, Martin J. Donnelly and Adama Dao (2017)
Tracing the origin of the early wet-season Anopheles coluzzii in the Sahel

Parasites and Vectors (2017) 10 (22) - Role of Anopheles ...
Raymond N. Tabue, Parfait Awono-Ambene, Josiane Etang, Jean Atangana, Antonio-Nkondjio, Jean C. Toto, Salomon Patchoke, Rose G.F. Leke, Etienne Fondjo, Abraham P. Mnzava, Tessa B. Knox, Alexis Tougordi, Martin J. Donnelly and Jude D. Bigoga (2017)
Role of Anopheles (Cellia) rufipes (Gough, 1910) and other local anophelines in human malaria transmission in the northern savannah of Cameroon: a cross-sectional survey

PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases (2017) 11 (10 - e0005917)
Walter Fabricio Silva Martins, Craig Stephen Wilding, Keith Steen, Henry Mawejje, Tiago Rodrigues Antão and Martin James Donnelly (2017)
Local selection in the presence of high levels of gene flow: Evidence of heterogeneous insecticide selection pressure across Ugandan Culex quinquefasciatus populations

Molecular Ecology (2015) 24, 2656-2672
David Weetman, Sara N. Mitchell, Craig S. Wilding, Daniel P. Birks, Alexander E. Yawson, John Essandoh, Henry D. Mawejje, Luc S. Djogbenou, Keith Steen, Emily J. Rippon, Christopher S. Clarkson, Stuart G. Field, Daniel J. Rigden and Martin J. Donnelly (2015)
Contemporary evolution of resistance at the major insecticide target site gene Ace-1 by mutation and copy number variation in the malaria mosquito Anopheles gambiae

Parasites and Vectors (2015) 8 (616) - Presence of the knockdown ...
Eric Ochomo, Krishanthi Subramaniam, Brigid Kemei, Emily Rippon, Nabie M. Bayoh, Luna Kamau, Francis Atieli, John M. Vulule, Collins Ouma, John Gimnig, Martin J. Donnelly and Charles Mbogo (2015)
Presence of the knockdown resistance mutation, Vgsc-1014F in Anopheles gambiae and An. arabiensis in western Kenya

BMC Malaria Journal (2015) 14 (507) - Estimation of allele-specific ...
Luc S. Djogbénou, Benoît Assogba, John Essandoh, Edi A.V. Constant, Michel Makoutodé, Martin Akogbéto, Martin J. Donnelly and David Weetman (2015)
Estimation of allele-specific Ace-1 duplication in insecticide-resistant Anopheles mosquitoes from West Africa

Parasites and Vectors (2014) 7 (345) - Contemporary gene flow between ...
David Weetman, Keith Steen, Emily J. Rippon, Henry D. Mawejje, Martin J. Donnelly and Craig S. Wilding (2014)
Contemporary gene flow between wild An. gambiae s.s. and An. arabiensis

PLoS ONE (2014) 9 (3 - e92662)
Sara N. Mitchell, Daniel J. Rigden, Andrew J. Dowd, Fang Lu, Craig S. Wilding, David Weetman, Samuel Dadzie, Adam M. Jenkins, Kimberly Regna, Pelagie Boko, Luc Djogbenou, Marc A.T. Muskavitch, Hilary Ranson, Mark J.I. Paine, Olga Mayans and Martin J. Donnelly (2014)
Metabolic and target-site mechanisms combine to confer strong DDT resistance in Anopheles gambiae

Medical and Veterinary Entomology (2013) 27, 276-283
H.D. Mawejje, C.S. Wilding, E.J. Rippon, A. Hughes, D. Weetman and M.J. Donnelly (2013)
Insecticide resistance monitoring of field-collected Anopheles gambiae s.l. populations from Jinja, eastern Uganda, identifies high levels of pyrethroid resistance

Parasites and Vectors (2013) 6 (93) - Feeding patterns of molestus ...
Bruno Gomes, Carla A. Sousa, José L. Vicente, Leonor Pinho, Isabel Calderón, Eliane Arez, António P.G. Almeida, Martin J. Donnelly and João Pinto (2013)
Feeding patterns of molestus and pipiens forms of Culex pipiens (Diptera: Culicidae) in a region of high hybridization

Evolutionary Applications (2013) 6, 910-924
J. Pinto, A. Egyir-Yawson, J.L. Vicente, B. Gomes, F. Santolamazza, M. Moreno, J.D. Charlwood, F. Simard, N. Elissa, D. Weetman, M.J. Donnelly, A. Caccone and A. della Torre (2013)
Geographic population structure of the African malaria vector Anopheles gambiae suggests a role for the forest-savannah biome transition as a barrier to gene flow

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2012) 109, 6147-6152
Sara N. Mitchell, Bradley J. Stevenson, Pie Müller, Craig S. Wilding, Alexander Egyir-Yawson, Stuart G. Field, Janet Hemingway, Mark J.I. Paine, Hilary Ranson and Martin James Donnelly (2012)
Identification and validation of a gene causing cross-resistance between insecticide classes in Anopheles gambiae from Ghana

Ecology and Evolution (2012) 2, 1889-1902
Bruno Gomes, Joana Alves, Carla A. Sousa, Marta Santa-Ana, Inês Vieira, Teresa L. Silva, António P.G. Almeida, Martin J. Donnelly and João Pinto (2012)
Hybridization and population structure of the Culex pipiens complex in the islands of Macaronesia

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2012) 109, 6614-6619
Christopher M. Jones, Milindu Liyanapathirana, Fiacre R. Agossa, David Weetman, Hilary Ranson, Martin James Donnelly and Craig S. Wilding (2012)
Footprints of positive selection associated with a mutation (N1575Y) in the voltage-gated sodium channel of Anopheles gambiae

Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association (2012) 28, S75-S80
Bruno Gomes, Ricardo Parreira, Carla A. Sousa, Maria T. Novo, António P.G. Almeida, Martin J. Donnelly and João Pinto (2012)
The Culex pipiens complex in continental Portugal: Distribution and genetic structure

Molecular Ecology (2009) 18, 3268-3282
N.A. Dyer, A. Furtado, J. Cano, F. Ferreira, M. Odete Afonso, N. Ndong-Mabale, P. Ndong-Asumu, S. Centeno-Lima, A. Benito, D. Weetman, M.J. Donnelly and J. Pinto (2009)
Evidence for a discrete evolutionary lineage within Equatorial Guinea suggests that the tsetse fly Glossina palpalis palpalis exists as a species complex

Insect Science (2009) 16, 361-363
Craig S. Wilding, D. Weetman, K. Steen and M.J. Donnelly (2009)
Accurate determination of DNA yield from individual mosquitoes for population genomic applications

Medical and Veterinary Entomology (2008) 22, 258-263
T. Mzilahowa, A.J. Ball, C. Bass, J.C. Morgan, B. Nyoni, K. Steen, M.J. Donnelly and C.S. Wilding (2008)
Reduced susceptibility to DDT in field populations of Anopheles quadriannulatus and Anopheles arabiensis in Malawi: evidence for larval selection

Molecular Ecology Resources (2008) 8, 1506-1508
J.E. Brown, K.J. Komatsu, P.P. Abila, A.S. Robinson, L.M.A. Okedi, N. Dyer, M.J. Donnelly, M.A. Slotman and A. Caccone (2008)
Polymorphic microsatellite markers for the tsetse fly Glossina fuscipes fuscipes (Diptera: Glossinidae), a vector of human African trypanosomiasis

Molecular Ecology (2008) 17, 1145-1155
Pie Müller, Mouhamadou Chouaïbou, Patricia Pignatelli, Josiane Etang, Edward D. Walker, Martin J. Donnelly, Frédéric Simard and Hilary Ranson (2008)
Pyrethroid tolerance is associated with elevated expression of antioxidants and agricultural practice in Anopheles arabiensis sampled from an area of cotton fields in Northern Cameroon

Evolutionary Applications (2008) 1, 631-644
Jonathon C. Marshall, João Pinto, Jacques Derek Charlwood, Gabriele Gentile, Federica Santolamazza, Frèdèric Simard, Alessandra della Torre, Martin J. Donnelly and Adalgisa Caccone (2008)
Exploring the origin and degree of genetic isolation of Anopheles gambiae from the islands of São Tomé and Príncipe, potential sites for testing transgenic-based vector control

Medical and Veterinary Entomology (2007) 21, 265-269
N. Ali, J.C.C. Hume, S.K. Dadzie and M.J. Donnelly (2007)
Molecular genetic studies of Anopheles stephensi in Pakistan

Medical and Veterinary Entomology (2006) 20, 27-32
J. Pinto, A. Lynd, N. Elissa, M.J. Donnelly, C. Costa, G. Gentile, A. Caccone and V.E. Do Rosário (2006)
Co-occurrence of East and West African kdr mutations suggests high levels of resistance to pyrethroid insecticides in Anopheles gambiae from Libreville, Gabon

Medical and Veterinary Entomology (2004) 18, 372-377
A.E. Yawson, P.J. McCall, M.D. Wilson and M.J. Donnelly (2004)
Species abundance and insecticide resistance of Anopheles gambiae in selected areas of Ghana and Burkina Faso

Molecular Ecology Notes (2002) 2, 488-490
A. Verardi, M.J. Donnelly, M. Rowland and H. Townson (2002)
Isolation and characterization of microsatellite loci in the mosquito Anopheles stephensi Liston (Diptera: Culicidae)