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Publications of Pie Müller (17 listed):

Parasites and Vectors (2019) 12 (554) - Evaluation of honey-baited FTA
Nadja C. Wipf, Valeria Guidi, Mauro Tonolla, Michela Ruinelli, Pie Müller and Olivier Engler (2019)
Evaluation of honey-baited FTA cards in combination with different mosquito traps in an area of low arbovirus prevalence

Parasites and Vectors (2019) 12 (583) - Active dispersal of Aedes
Laura Vavassori, Adam Saddler and Pie Müller (2019)
Active dispersal of Aedes albopictus: a mark-release-recapture study using self-marking units

Parasites and Vectors (2019) 12 (9) - Rapid multiplex gene ...
Konstantinos Mavridis, Nadja Wipf, Sandrine Medves, Ignacio Erquiaga, Pie Müller and John Vontas (2019)
Rapid multiplex gene expression assays for monitoring metabolic resistance in the major malaria vector Anopheles gambiae

PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases (2018) 12 (12 - e0006845)
David Roiz, Anne L. Wilson, Thomas W. Scott, Dina M. Fonseca, Frédéric Jourdain, Pie Müller, Raman Velayudhan and Vincent Corbel (2018)
Integrated Aedes management for the control of Aedes-borne diseases

Medical and Veterinary Entomology (2018) 32, 407-416
K.H. Toe, P. Müller, A. Badolo, A. Traore, N. Sagnon, R.K. Dabiré and H. Ranson (2018)
Do bednets including piperonyl butoxide offer additional protection against populations of Anopheles gambiae s.l. that are highly resistant to pyrethroids? An experimental hut evaluation in Burkina Faso

Pest Management Science (2018) 74, 1504-1512
Simon Blaser, Hanspeter Diem, Andreas von Felten, Morgan Gueuning, Michael Andreou, Neil Boonham, Jennifer Tomlinson, Pie Müller, Jürg Utzinger, Jürg E. Frey and Andreas Bühlmann (2018)
From laboratory to point of entry: development and implementation of a loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP)-based genetic identification system to prevent introduction of quarantine insect species

PLoS ONE (2017) 12 (12 - e0189082)
Julien B.Z. Zahouli, Benjamin G. Koudou, Pie Müller, David Malone, Yao Tano and Jürg Utzinger (2017)
Effect of land-use changes on the abundance, distribution, and host-seeking behavior of Aedes arbovirus vectors in oil palm-dominated landscapes, southeastern Côte d'Ivoire

PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases (2017) 11 (7 - e0005751)
Julien B.Z. Zahouli, Benjamin G. Koudou, Pie Müller, David Malone, Yao Tano and Jürg Utzinger (2017)
Urbanization is a main driver for the larval ecology of Aedes mosquitoes in arbovirus-endemic settings in south-eastern Côte d'Ivoire

Parasites and Vectors (2017) 10 (431) - Insecticide susceptibility of ...
Tobias Suter, Mônica Maria Crespo, Mariana Francelino de Oliveira, Thaynan Sama Alves de Oliveira, Maria Alice Varjal de Melo-Santos, Cláudia Maria Fontes de Oliveira, Constância Flávia Junqueira Ayres, Rosângela Maria Rodrigues Barbosa, Ana Paula Araújo, Lêda Narcisa Regis, Eleonora Flacio, Lukas Engeler, Pie Müller and Maria Helena Neves Lobo Silva-Filha (2017)
Insecticide susceptibility of Aedes albopictus and Ae. aegypti from Brazil and the Swiss-Italian border region

Parasites and Vectors (2016) 9 (523) - Oviposition ecology and ...
Julien B.Z. Zahouli, Jürg Utzinger, Maurice A. Adja, Pie Müller, David Malone, Yao Tano and Benjamin G. Koudou (2016)
Oviposition ecology and species composition of Aedes spp. and Aedes aegypti dynamics in variously urbanized settings in arbovirus foci in southeastern Côte d'Ivoire

PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases (2016) 10 (1 - e0004315)
Tobias T. Suter, Eleonora Flacio, Begoña Feijoó Fariña, Lukas Engeler, Mauro Tonolla, Lêda N. Regis, Maria A.V. de Melo Santos and Pie Müller (2016)
Surveillance and control of Aedes albopictus in the Swiss-Italian border region: Differences in egg densities between intervention and non-intervention areas

Parasites and Vectors (2016) 9 (304) - Spread and establishment of ...
Eleonora Flacio, Lukas Engeler, Mauro Tonolla and Pie Müller (2016)
Spread and establishment of Aedes albopictus in southern Switzerland between 2003 and 2014: an analysis of oviposition data and weather conditions

Parasites and Vectors (2015) 8 (357) - Comparability between ...
Henry F. Owusu, Danica Jancáryová, David Malone and Pie Müller (2015)
Comparability between insecticide resistance bioassays for mosquito vectors: time to review current methodology?

Parasites and Vectors (2015) 8 (402) - First report of the invasive ...
Tobias Suter, Eleonora Flacio, Begoña Feijoó Fariña, Lukas Engeler, Mauro Tonolla and Pie Müller (2015)
First report of the invasive mosquito species Aedes koreicus in the Swiss-Italian border region

Parasites and Vectors (2014) 7 (500) - Long-term trends in ...
Constant A.V. Edi, Benjamin G. Koudou, Louise Bellai, Akre M. Adja, Mouhamadou Chouaibou, Bassirou Bonfoh, Sarah J.E. Barry, Paul C.D. Johnson, Pie Müller, Stefan Dongus, Eliezer K. N'Goran, Hilary Ranson and David Weetman (2014)
Long-term trends in Anopheles gambiae insecticide resistance in Côte d'Ivoire

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2012) 109, 6147-6152
Sara N. Mitchell, Bradley J. Stevenson, Pie Müller, Craig S. Wilding, Alexander Egyir-Yawson, Stuart G. Field, Janet Hemingway, Mark J.I. Paine, Hilary Ranson and Martin James Donnelly (2012)
Identification and validation of a gene causing cross-resistance between insecticide classes in Anopheles gambiae from Ghana

Molecular Ecology (2008) 17, 1145-1155
Pie Müller, Mouhamadou Chouaïbou, Patricia Pignatelli, Josiane Etang, Edward D. Walker, Martin J. Donnelly, Frédéric Simard and Hilary Ranson (2008)
Pyrethroid tolerance is associated with elevated expression of antioxidants and agricultural practice in Anopheles arabiensis sampled from an area of cotton fields in Northern Cameroon