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Publications of Michel A. Slotman (11 listed):

Parasites and Vectors (2020) 13 (212) - Species and sex-specific
Giridhar Athrey, Zachary Popkin-Hall, Luciano Veiga Cosme, Willem Takken and Michel Andre Slotman (2020)
Species and sex-specific chemosensory gene expression in Anopheles coluzzii and An. quadriannulatus antennae

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2018) 115, 4619-4624
John Vontas, Linda Grigoraki, John Morgan, Dimitra Tsakireli, Godwin Fuseini, Luis Segura, Julie Niemczura de Carvalho, Raul Nguema, David Weetman, Michel A. Slotman and Janet Hemingway (2018)
Rapid selection of a pyrethroid metabolic enzyme CYP9K1 by operational malaria control activities

BMC Malaria Journal (2016) 15 (239) - Increasing outdoor ...
Jacob I. Meyers, Sharmila Pathikonda, Zachary R. Popkin-Hall, Matthew C. Medeiros, Godwin Fuseini, Abrahan Matias, Guillermo Garcia, Hans J. Overgaard, Vani Kulkarni, Vamsi P. Reddy, Christopher Schwabe, Jo Lines, Immo Kleinschmidt and Michel A. Slotman (2016)
Increasing outdoor host-seeking in Anopheles gambiae over 6 years of vector control on Bioko Island

BMC Malaria Journal (2015) 14 (170) - Outdoor biting by Anopheles ...
John Bradley, Jo Lines, Godwin Fuseini, Christopher Schwabe, Feliciano Monti, Michel Slotman, Daniel Vargas, Guillermo Garcia, Dianna Hergott and Immo Kleinschmidt (2015)
Outdoor biting by Anopheles mosquitoes on Bioko Island does not currently impact on malaria control

Evolutionary Applications (2013) 6, 1171-1183
Theresa K. Hodges, Giridhar Athrey, Kevin C. Deitz, Hans J. Overgaard, Abrahan Matias, Adalgisa Caccone and Michel A. Slotman (2013)
Large fluctuations in the effective population size of the malaria mosquito Anopheles gambiae s.s. during vector control cycle

Molecular Ecology (2012) 21, 4498-4513
Kevin C. Deitz, Giri Athrey, Michael R. Reddy, Hans J. Overgaard, Abrahan Matias, Musa Jawara, Alessandra della Torre, Vincenzo Petrarca, João Pinto, Anthony E. Kiszewski, Pierre Kengne, Carlo Costantini, A. Caccone and M.A. Slotman (2012)
Genetic isolation within the malaria mosquito Anopheles melas

Parasites and Vectors (2012) 5 (253) - Malaria transmission after ...
Hans J. Overgaard, Vamsi P. Reddy, Simon Abaga, Abrahan Matias, Michael R. Reddy, Vani Kulkarni, Christopher Schwabe, Luis Segura, Immo Kleinschmidt and Michel A. Slotman (2012)
Malaria transmission after five years of vector control on Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea

Molecular Ecology Resources (2008) 8, 1506-1508
J.E. Brown, K.J. Komatsu, P.P. Abila, A.S. Robinson, L.M.A. Okedi, N. Dyer, M.J. Donnelly, M.A. Slotman and A. Caccone (2008)
Polymorphic microsatellite markers for the tsetse fly Glossina fuscipes fuscipes (Diptera: Glossinidae), a vector of human African trypanosomiasis

Parasites and Vectors (2008) 1 (44) - Clarification of anomalies in ...
Kija R. Ng'habi, Claudio R. Meneses, Anthony J. Cornel, Michel A. Slotman, Bart G.J. Knols, Heather M. Ferguson and Gregory C. Lanzaro (2008)
Clarification of anomalies in the application of a 2La molecular karyotyping method for the malaria vector Anopheles gambiae

Molecular Ecology Notes (2007) 7, 168-171
M.A. Slotman, N.B. Kelly, L.C. Harrington, S. Kitthawee, J.W. Jones, T.W. Scott, A. Caccone and J.R. Powell (2007)
Polymorphic microsatellite markers for studies of Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae), the vector of dengue and yellow fever

Molecular Ecology (2007) 16, 639-649
M.A. Slotman, F. Tripet, A.J. Cornel, C.R. Meneses, Y. Lee, L.J. Reimer, T.C. Thiemann, E. Fondjo, A. Fofana, S.F. Traoré and G.C. Lanzaro (2007)
Evidence for subdivision within the M molecular form of Anopheles gambiae