Stagonosporopsis (genus)

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Stagonosporopsis - A+B) disease symptoms caused by S. tanaceti, C-G) sexual form of S. inoxydabilis, H-T) asexual forms - scale bars: C = 35 μm, J = 150 μm, all others = 10 μm, D applies to D and E, L applies to L–N, O applies to O–Q (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): N. Vaghefi et al.
Source: Studies in Mycology (2019) 94, p. 94

Stagonosporopsis Died. 1912

This genus of plant pathogenic fungi contains around 20 species, including agriculturally important species like Stagonosporopsis cucurbitacearum which causes gummy stem blight in cucurbits.

The genus is characterized by the morphology of the conidiomata and the conidia often having 2 types. The first tpe of conidia is aseptate, hyaline, ellipsoidal to subglobose, thin-walled, and smooth with a size of 3.5–10 × 1.5–3 μm. Those of the 2nd type have up to 3 septa and measure up to 30 × 8 μm.

The genus is closely related to the genera:

For taxonomic reviews of this genus see Marin-Felix et al. (2019) and Aveskamp et al. (2010).

Type species: Stagonosporopsis boltshauseri

Currently, the following species have been entered into the system: