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Publications of Luis A. Rodriguez-Del-Bosque (40 listed):

Southwestern Entomologist (2020) 45, 917-920
Luis A. Rodríguez-del-Bosque (2020)
Field evaluation of bioinsecticides against Melanaphis sacchari (Hemiptera: Aphididae) on sorghum

Southwestern Entomologist (2020) 45, 921-924
Edgardo Cortez-Mondaca, Luis A. Rodríguez-Del-Bosque, Jesús I. Valenzuela-Hernández, Catarino E. Meza-Ramrez and Jesús Pérez-Márquez (2020)
First records of Lysiphlebus fabarum and L. fritzmulleri in Mexico, and impact of insecticides on parasitism of Melanaphis sacchari on sorghum

Southwestern Entomologist (2020) 45, 357-364
Luis A. Rodríguez-del-Bosque, Mario M. Silva-Serna and Ulises Aranda-Lara (2020)
Effect of natural and simulated rainfall and wind on Melanaphis sacchari on sorghum

Southwestern Entomologist (2020) 45, 365-368
Luis A. Rodríguez-del-Bosque (2020)
Survival of Melanaphis sacchari (Hemiptera: Aphididae) after being dislodged from sorghum plants on different soil moisture conditions

Southwestern Entomologist (2018) 43, 611-616
G. Vejar-Cota and L.A. Rodríguez-del-Bosque (2018)
Fortuitous biological control of invasive Aleurocybotus occiduus on sugarcane in western Mexico

Florida Entomologist (2018) 101, 404-410
Christian Del-Angel, Rodrigo Lasa, Luis A. Rodríguez-del-Bosque, Gabriel Mercado, Inés Beperet, Primitivo Caballero and Trevor Williams (2018)
Anticarsia gemmatalis nucleopolyhedrovirus from soybean crops in Tamaulipas, Mexico: Diversity and insecticidal characteristics of individual variants and their co-occluded mixtures

Southwestern Entomologist (2017) 42, 121-129
Luis A. Rodríguez-del-Bosque (2017)
A thirty-year study on the emergence and abundance of Phyllophaga crinita in Mexico

Annual Review of Entomology (2013) 58, 119-140
Trevor Williams, Hugo C. Arredondo-Bernal and Luis A. Rodríguez-del-Bosque (2013)
Biological pest control in Mexico

Southwestern Entomologist (2013) 38, 75-78
L.A. Rodríguez-del-Bosque and C.A. Reyes-Méndez (2013)
Eoreuma loftini displaced Diatraea lineolata and D. saccharalis (Lepidoptera: Crambidae) as the main corn stalkborer in northern Tamaulipas, México

Southwestern Entomologist (2013) 38, 487-498
Luis A. Rodríguez-del-Bosque (2013)
Feeding and survival of Oncideres pustulata (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) adults on Acacia farnesiana and Leucaena leucocephala (Fabaceae)

Journal of Entomological Science (2012) 47, 177-185
L.A. Rodríguez-del-Bosque, M.A. Cantú-Almaguer and C.A. Reyes-Méndez (2012)
Corn hybrids and planting dates affect yield losses by Helicoverpa zea and Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) feeding on ears in Mexico

Florida Entomologist (2012) 95, 524-528
G. López-Guillén, A.P. Teran-Vargas, J. Gómez Ruiz, J. San-Juan Lara, G.H. Rosado-Neto, C.W. O'Brien, L. Cruz-López and L.A. Rodríguez-Del-Bosque (2012)
First record of Rhyssomatus nigerrimus (Curculionidae: Molytinae: Cleogonini) infestations in soybeans in Mexico

Southwestern Entomologist (2010) 35, 157-164
L.A. Rodríguez-del-Bosque, M.A. Cantú-Almaguer and C.A. Reyes-Méndez (2010)
Effect of planting date and hybrid selection on Helicoverpa zea and Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptere: Noctuidae) damage on maize ears in northeastern México

Southwestern Entomologist (2009) 34, 213-217
G. Vejar-Cota, L.A. Rodriguez-del-Bosque and A. Caro (2009)
Impact of sugarcane burning on the stalkborer Diatraea considerata (Lepidoptera: Crambidae) and its parasitoid Macrocentrus prolificus (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) in western Mexico

Southwestern Entomologist (2008) 33, 209-217
L.A. Rodríguez-del-Bosque and R.D. Garza-Cedillo (2008)
Survival, emergence, and damage by Oncideres pustulata (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) on huisache and leucaena (Fabaceae) in Mexico

Southwestern Entomologist (2007) 32, 105-109
H. Aguilar-Pérez, Luis A. Rodríguez-del-Bosque, C.H. Aguilar-Pérez and N. Durán de la Peña (2007)
Seasonal abundance of Xyleborus ferrugineus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) on pecan trees in northern Coahuila, Mexico

Southwestern Entomologist (2006) 31, p. 129 (Rodriguez-del-Bosque)
Luis A. Rodríguez-del-Bosque (2006)
Lethal low temperature for Melanis pike (Lepidoptera: Riodinidae), and the relationship to its northern range in southern Texas

Environmental Entomology (2005) 34, 1122-1128
G. Vejar-Cota, N.E. Echeverría and L.A. Rodríguez-del-Bosque (2005)
Parasitism and development of Conura acuta (Hymenoptera: Chalcididae) on sugarcane stalkborers (Lepidoptera: Crambidae) in Mexico

Journal of Entomological Science (2005) 40, 231-233
G. Vejar-Cota, A. Caro, L.A. Rodríguez-del-Bosque and D. Sahagún (2005)
Inundative releases of hymenopterous parasitoids against Diatraea considerata (Lepidoptera: Crambidae) on sugarcane in northwestern Mexico

Journal of Economic Entomology (2005) 98, 2203-2209
A.P. Terán-Vargas, J.C. Rodríguez, C.A. Blanco, J.L. Martínez-Carrillo, J. Cibrián-Tovar, H. Sánchez-Arroyo, L.A. Rodríguez-del-Bosque and D. Stanley (2005)
Bollgard cotton and resistance of tobacco budworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) to conventional insecticides in southern Tamaulipas, Mexico

Journal of Entomological Science (2005) 40, 222-230
J. Avila and L.A. Rodríguez-del-Bosque (2005)
Impact of a Brazilian nucleopolyhedrovirus release on Anticarsia gemmatalis (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), secondary insect pests, and predators on soybean in Mexico

Southwestern Entomologist (2005) 30, p. 175 (Vejar-Cota et al.)
G. Vejar-Cota, A. Caro, L.A. Rodríguez-del-Bosque, J.W. Smith Jr., C. Hernández, D. Sahagún and R.N. Wiedenmann (2005)
Release and establishment of Macrocentrus prolificus (Hymenoptera: Braconidae), a parasitoid of sugarcane stalkborers (Lepidoptera: Crambidae), in northwestern Mexico

Journal of Entomological Science (2005) 40, 67-73
L.A. Rodríguez-del-Bosque, F. Silvestre, V.M. Hernández, H. Quiroz and J.E. Throne (2005)
Pathogenicity of Metarhizium anisopliae and Beauveria bassiana against Phyllophaga crinita and Anomala flavipennis (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae)

Southwestern Entomologist (2004) 29, p. 309 (Rodriguez-Del-Bosque)
Luis A. Rodríguez-Del-Bosque (2004)
An outbreak of Oncideres pustulata (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) in northern Tamaulipas, Mexico: Damage, distribution, and host plants

Southwestern Entomologist (2004) 29, p. 69 (Cortez-Mondaca et al.)
E. Cortez-Mondaca, L.A. Rodríguez-del-Bosque, J. Vargas-Camplis, R.J. Coleman and J.L. Leyva-Vázquez (2004)
Evaluation of Catolaccus grandis (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae) for boll weevil control in northeastern Mexico

Journal of Entomological Science (2004) 39, 545-550
Luis A. Rodríguez-del-Bosque (2004)
Seasonal polymorphism in elytral coloration pattern of Anomala flavipennis Burmeister (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) in Mexico

BioControl (2003) 48, 659-669
Robert N. Wiedenmann, J.W. Smith Jr. and Luis A. Rodriguez-del-Bosque (2003)
Host suitability of the New World stalkborer Diatraea considerata for three Old World Cotesia parasitoids

Southwestern Entomologist (2003) 28, p. 155 (Rodriguez-del-Bosque et al.)
Luis A. Rodriguez-del-Bosque, Joel Avila-Valdez and Enrique Garza-Urbina (2003)
Phyllophaga crinita (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae): a new pest in the Huastecas area of Mexico

Southwestern Entomologist (2003) 28, p. 293 (Rodriguez-del-Bosque et al.)
Luis A. Rodriguez-del-Bosque and Marco A. Reyes-Rosas (2003)
Damage, survival, and parasitism of Anthonomus eugenii (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) on piquin pepper in northern Mexico

Southwestern Entomologist (2000) 25, 21-30
Jesusa Crisostomo Legaspi, B.C. Jr. Legaspi, I. Lauzière, J.W. Jr. Smith, L.A. Rodriguez-del-Bosque, W.A. Jones and R.R. Saldana (2000)
Incidence of Mexican rice borer (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) and Jalisco fly parasite (Diptera: Tachinidae) in Mexico

Journal of Economic Entomology (1998) 91, 796-801
L.A. Rodriguez-Del-Bosque, J. Leos-Martinez and P.F. Dowd (1998)
Effect of ear wounding and cultural practices on abundance of Carpophilus freemani (Coleoptera : Nitidulidae) and other microleopterans in maize in northeastern Mexico

Environmental Entomology (1998) 27, 242-252
Luis A. Rodriguez-Del-Bosque (1998)
A sixteen-year study on the bivoltinism of Anomala flavipennis (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) in Mexico

Insect Science and its Application (1997) 17, 305-314
L.A. Rodriguez-del-Bosque and J.W. Smith Jr. (1997)
Biological control of maize and sugarcane stemborers in Mexico: a review

Florida Entomologist (1996) 79, 188-193
L.A. Rodriguez-Del-Bosque, J. Palomo-Salas and A. Mendez-Rodriguez (1996)
Susceptibility of bermudagrass cultivars to Eoreuma loftini (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) in subtropical Mexico

Annals of the Entomological Society of America (1996) 89, 88-95
L.A. Rodriguez-del-Bosque and J.W. Smith Jr. (1996)
Rearing and biology of Lydella jalisco (Diptera: Tachinidae), a parasite of Eoreuma loftini (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) from Mexico

Journal of Entomological Science (1996) 31, 301-305
L.A. Rodriguez-del-Bosque (1996)
Seasonal feeding by Phyllophaga crinita and Anomala spp. (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) larvae in northeastern Mexico

Journal of Economic Entomology (1995) 88, 628-634
L.A. Rodriguez-del-Bosque, J.W. Smith Jr. and A.J. Martinez (1995)
Winter mortality and spring emergence of corn stalkborers (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) in subtropical Mexico

Environmental Entomology (1994) 23, 1400-1415
L.A. Rodriguez-Del-Bosque and A. Magallanes-Estala (1994)
Seasonal abundance of Diabrotica balteata and other Diabroticina beetles (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) in northeastern Mexico

Environmental Entomology (1990) 19, 345-356
L.A. Rodríguez-del-Bosque, J.W. Smith Jr. and H.W. Browning (1990)
Seasonality of cornstalk borers (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) in northeastern Mexico

Environmental Entomology (1990) 19, 393-402
L.A. Rodríguez-del-Bosque, H.W. Browning and J.W. Smith Jr. (1990)
Seasonal parasitism of cornstalk borers (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) by indigenous and introduced parasites in northeastern Mexico