Anthonomus eugenii

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Anthonomus eugenii on pepper bud (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Alton N. Sparks Jr., University of Georgia
Source: IPM Images

Anthonomus eugenii Cano , 1894 - (pepper weevil)

The weevil is found in Central and South America as well as in southern parts of North America (established since 1935) and in some Pacific islands. There have been also several reports from Europe (e.g from Italy in 2013) and from other regions.

It attacks flowers and fruits of sweet and hot pepper. The female makes a cavity with her mouthparts beneath the bud or fruit surface and deposits a single egg into it before sealing the wound. The larvae live inside the developing fruits. One generation last 20-30 days and there are 3-5 generations per year.

Vernacular names
• Deutsch: Paprikarüssler
• English: pepper weevil
• Español: picudo del chile
broca del picudo del chile

Feeding of the larvae causes fruit drop and internal fruit damage, making the fruits unmarketable. Crop losses can exceed 50%.