Plant Disease (2016) 100 (12)

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Articles of Plant Disease entered for 2016 and volume (issue): 100 (12)

Plant Disease (2016) 100, 2349-2356
J. Beckerman and W. Schneider (2016)
Mining the gap: Assessing leadership needs to improve 21st century plant pathology

Plant Disease (2016) 100, 2357-2362
Meixin Yan, Enping Cai, Jianuan Zhou, Changqing Chang, Pinggen Xi, Wankuan Shen, Lingyu Li, Zide Jiang, Yi Zhen Deng and Lian-Hui Zhang (2016)
A dual-color imaging system for sugarcane smut fungus Sporisorium scitamineum

Plant Disease (2016) 100, 2363-2369
Azin Moslemi, Peter K. Ades, Tim Groom, Pedro W. Crous, Marc E. Nicolas and Paul W.J. Taylor (2016)
Paraphoma crown rot of pyrethrum (Tanacetum cinerariifolium)

Plant Disease (2016) 100, 2370-2376
Esam Eldin Saeed, Arjun Sham, Khaled El-Tarabily, Firas Abu Elsamen, Rabah Iratni and Synan F. AbuQamar (2016)
Chemical control of black scorch disease on date palm caused by the fungal pathogen Thielaviopsis punctulata in United Arab Emirates

Plant Disease (2016) 100, 2377-2382
Qiong Liu, Abbasali Ravanlou and Mohammad Babadoost (2016)
Occurrence of bacterial spot on pumpkin and squash fruit in the north central region of the United States and bacteria associated with the spots

Plant Disease (2016) 100, 2383-2393
P. Moyo, L. Mostert, M. Bester and F. Halleen (2016)
Trunk disease fungi associated with Diospyros kaki in South Africa

Plant Disease (2016) 100, 2394-2401
Chong Chen, Bao-Hua Li, Xiang-Li Dong, Cai-Xia Wang, Sen Lian and Wen-Xing Liang (2016)
Effects of temperature, humidity, and wound age on Valsa mali infection of apple shoot pruning wounds

Plant Disease (2016) 100, 2402-2413
Joey S. Mayorquin, Danny H. Wang, Mathias Twizeyimana and Akif Eskalen (2016)
Identification, distribution, and pathogenicity of Diatrypaceae and Botryosphaeriaceae associated with citrus branch canker in the southern California desert

Plant Disease (2016) 100, 2414-2421
F. Fan, N. Li, G.Q. Li and C.X. Luo (2016)
Occurrence of fungicide resistance in Botrytis cinerea from greenhouse tomato in Hubei Province, China

Plant Disease (2016) 100, 2422-2426
Rachel A. Kreis, Helene R. Dillard and Christine D. Smart (2016)
Population diversity and sensitivity to Azoxystrobin of Alternaria brassicicola in New York State

Plant Disease (2016) 100, 2427-2433
Sahar Arabiat and Mohamed F.R. Khan (2016)
Sensitivity of Rhizoctonia solani AG-2-2 from sugar beet to fungicides

Plant Disease (2016) 100, 2434-2441
S.N. Chen, C.X. Luo, M.J. Hu and G. Schnabel (2016)
Sensitivity of Colletotrichum species, including C. fioriniae and C. nymphaeae, from peach to demethylation inhibitor fungicides

Plant Disease (2016) 100, 2442-2447
J.H. Graham, E.G. Johnson, M.E. Myers, M. Young, P. Rajasekaran, S. Das and S. Santra (2016)
Potential of nano-formulated zinc oxide for control of citrus canker on grapefruit trees

Plant Disease (2016) 100, 2448-2454
C.Y. Yang, C.A. Powell, Y.P. Duan and M.Q. Zhang (2016)
Characterization and antibacterial activity of oil-in-water nano-emulsion formulation against Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus

Plant Disease (2016) 100, 2455-2464
J.R. Úrbez-Torres, F. Castro-Medina, S.R. Mohali and W.D. Gubler (2016)
Botryosphaeriaceae species associated with cankers and dieback symptoms of Acacia mangium and Pinus caribaea var. hondurensis in Venezuela

Plant Disease (2016) 100, 2465-2474
C. Guinet, C. Fourrier-Jeandel, I. Cerf-Wendling and R. Ioos (2016)
One-step detection of Monilinia fructicola, M. fructigena, and M. laxa on Prunus and Malus by a Multiplex Real-Time PCR assay

Plant Disease (2016) 100, 2475-2482
B.S. Congdon, B.A. Coutts, M. Renton, M. Banovic and R.A.C. Jones (2016)
Pea seed-borne mosaic virus in field pea: Widespread infection, genetic diversity, and resistance gene effectiveness

Plant Disease (2016) 100, 2483-2491
Diego Olmo, Josep Armengol, Maela León and David Gramaje (2016)
Characterization and pathogenicity of Botryosphaeriaceae species isolated from almond trees on the Island of Mallorca (Spain)

Plant Disease (2016) 100, 2492-2498
Anthony J. Young, Asuka Kawamata, Mark A. Ensbey, Eleanore Lambley and Catherine J. Nock (2016)
Efficient diagnosis of ratoon stunting disease of sugarcane by quantitative PCR on pooled leaf sheath biopsies

Plant Disease (2016) 100, 2499-2506
Xiaoqiu Zhang, Minghui Chen, Yongjian Liang, Yongxiu Xing, Litao Yang, Minghui Chen, Jack C. Comstock, Yangrui Li and Litao Yang (2016)
Morphological and physiological responses of sugarcane to Leifsonia xyli subsp. xyli infection

Plant Disease (2016) 100, 2507-2512
W.H. Elmer (2016)
Effect of leaf mold mulch, biochar, and earthworms on mycorrhizal colonization and yield of asparagus affected by Fusarium crown and root rot

Plant Disease (2016) 100, 2513-2519
Katherine L. Demeuse, Ari S. Grode and Zsofia Szendrei (2016)
Comparing qPCR and nested PCR diagnostic methods for aster yellows phytoplasma in aster leafhoppers