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Publications of José-Antonio Daròs (36 listed):

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2019) 32, 142-156
Alberto Carbonell, Carmelo López and José-Antonio Daròs (2019)
Fast-forward identification of highly effective artificial small RNAs against different Tomato spotted wilt virus isolates

Molecular Breeding (2019) 39 (93) - Fine mapping of
Ana Pérez-de-Castro, Cristina Esteras, Ana Alfaro-Fernández, José-Antonio Daròs, Antonio José Monforte, Belén Picó and María Luisa Gómez-Guillamón (2019)
Fine mapping of wmv1551, a resistance gene to Watermelon mosaic virus in melon

European Journal of Plant Pathology (2019) 153, 1317-1323
Verónica Aragonés, Ana Pérez-de-Castro, Teresa Cordero, Jaime Cebolla-Cornejo, Carmelo López, Belén Picó and José-Antonio Daròs (2019)
A Watermelon mosaic virus clone tagged with the yellow visual maker phytoene synthase facilitates scoring infectivity in melon breeding programs

Plant Biotechnology Journal (2019) 17, 1010-1026
Fabio Pasin, Wulf Menzel and José-Antonio Daròs (2019)
Harnessed viruses in the age of metagenomics and synthetic biology: an update on infectious clone assembly and biotechnologies of plant viruses

Plant Biotechnology Journal (2019) 17, 1069-1080
Xiaoqing Shi, Teresa Cordero, Sandra Garrigues, Jose F. Marcos, José-Antonio Daròs and María Coca (2019)
Efficient production of antifungal proteins in plants using a new transient expression vector derived from Tobacco mosaic virus

Viruses (2019) 11 (4 - 355)
Danielle Gobatto, Lucas Araújo de Oliveira, Daniel Andrade de Siqueira Franco, Nubia Velásquez, José-Antonio Daròs and Marcelo Eiras (2019)
Surveys in the chrysanthemum production areas of Brazil and Colombia reveal that weeds are potential reservoirs of Chrysanthemum stunt viroid

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2017) 30, 63-71
Teresa Cordero, Lidia Cerdán, Alberto Carbonell, Konstantina Katsarou, Kriton Kalantidis and José-Antonio Daròs (2017)
Dicer-like 4 is involved in restricting the systemic movement of Zucchini yellow mosaic virus in Nicotiana benthamiana

European Journal of Plant Pathology (2017) 148, 207-211
Silvia López-González, Verónica Aragonés, José-Antonio Daròs, Flora Sánchez and Fernando Ponz (2017)
An infectious cDNA clone of a radish-infecting Turnip mosaic virus strain

Molecular Plant Pathology (2017) 18, 746-753
Alberto Carbonell and José-Antonio Daròs (2017)
Artificial microRNAs and synthetic trans-acting small interfering RNAs interfere with viroid infection

Molecular Plant Pathology (2016) 17, 1170-1177
José-Antonio Daròs (2016)
Eggplant latent viroid: a friendly experimental system in the family Avsunviroidae

Archives of Virology (2015) 160, 2117-2123
Diana E. Debreczeni, Carmelo López, José Aramburu, José Antonio Darós, Salvador Soler, Luis Galipienso, Bryce W. Falk and Luis Rubio (2015)
Complete sequence of three different biotypes of Tomato spotted wilt virus (wild type, tomato Sw-5 resistance-breaking and pepper Tsw resistance-breaking) from Spain

Journal of Virology (2014) 88, 4586-4590
Eszter Majer, Zaira Salvador, Mark P. Zwart, Anouk Willemsen, Santiago F. Elena and José-Antonio Daròs (2014)
Relocation of the NIb gene in the Tobacco etch potyvirus genome

Journal of Plant Pathology (2014) 96, 111-119
D. Gobatto, A.L.R. Chaves, R. Harakava, J.M. Marque, J.A. Daròs and M. Eiras (2014)
Chrysanthemum stunt viroid in Brazil: survey, identification, biological and molecular characterization and detection methods

Phytopathology (2013) 103, 870-876
Fernando Martínez, Santiago F. Elena and José-Antonio Daròs (2013)
Fate of artificial microRNA-mediated resistance to plant viruses in mixed infections

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2013) 26, 461-470
Carlos A. Contreras-Paredes, Laura Silva-Rosales, José-Antonio Daròs, Naholi D. Alejandri-Ramírez and Tzvetanka D. Dinkova (2013)
The absence of eukaryotic initiation factor eIF(iso)4E affects the systemic spread of a Tobacco etch virus isolate in Arabidopsis thaliana

Journal of Virology (2013) 87, 8254-8256
Guillaume Lafforgue, Fernando Martínez, Qi-Wen Niu, Nam-Hai Chua, José-Antonio Daròs and Santiago F. Elena (2013)
Improving the effectiveness of artificial microRNA (amiR)-mediated resistance against Turnip mosaic virus by combining two amiRs or by targeting highly conserved viral genomic regions

Viruses (2013) 5, 2153-2168
Eszter Majer, José-Antonio Daròs and Mark P. Zwart (2013)
Stability and fitness impact of the visually discernible Rosea1 marker in the Tobacco etch virus genome

Journal of Virology (2012) 86, 9737-9747
Mark P. Zwart, José-Antonio Daròs and Santiago F. Elena (2012)
Effects of potyvirus effective population size in inoculated leaves on viral accumulation and the onset of symptoms

Journal of Virology (2012) 86, 8269-8276
María-Ángeles Nohales, Diego Molina-Serrano, Ricardo Flores and José-Antonio Daròs (2012)
Involvement of the chloroplastic isoform of tRNA ligase in the replication of viroids belonging to the family Avsunviroidae

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2012) 109, 13805-13810
María-Ángeles Nohales, Ricardo Flores and José-Antonio Daròs (2012)
Viroid RNA redirects host DNA ligase 1 to act as an RNA ligase

Journal of Virology (2012) 86, 3386-3388
Francisca de la Iglesia, Fernando Martínez, Julia Hillung, José M. Cuevas, Philip J. Gerrish, José-Antonio Daròs and Santiago F. Elena (2012)
Luria-Delbrück estimation of Turnip mosaic virus mutation rate in vivo

Archives of Virology (2011) 156, 529-533
Marcelo Eiras, María Angeles Nohales, Elliot W. Kitajima, Ricardo Flores and José Antonio Daròs (2011)
Ribosomal protein L5 and transcription factor IIIA from Arabidopsis thaliana bind in vitro specifically Potato spindle tuber viroid RNA

Tropical Plant Pathology (2010) 35, 303-309
Marcelo Eiras, Simone R. Silva, Eduardo S. Stuchi, Ricardo Flores and José-Antonio Daròs (2010)
Viroid species associated with the bark-cracking phenotype of 'Tahiti' acid lime in the State of São Paulo, Brazil

Journal of General Virology (2009) 90, 3057-3065
Fernando Martínez, Jorge Marqués, María L. Salvador and José-Antonio Daròs (2009)
Mutational analysis of Eggplant latent viroid RNA processing in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii chloroplast

Journal of Virology (2008) 82, 10321-10325
María-Eugenia Gas, Diego Molina-Serrano, Carmen Hernández, Ricardo Flores and José-Antonio Daròs (2008)
Monomeric linear RNA of Citrus exocortis viroid resulting from processing in vivo has 5'-phosphomonoester and 3'-hydroxyl termini: implications for the RNase and RNA ligase involved in replication

Phytopathology (2008) 98, 1199-1204
P. Serra, M. Eiras, S.M. Bani-Hashemian, N. Murcia, E.W. Kitajima, J.A. Daròs, R. Flores and N. Duran-Vila (2008)
Citrus viroid V: Occurrence, host range, diagnosis, and identification of new variants

Phytopathology (2008) 98, 337-344
J. Marqués, Z.G.N. Fadda, N. Duran-Vila, R. Flores, J.M. Bové and J.A. Daròs (2008)
A set of novel RNAs transcribed from the chloroplast genome accumulates in date palm leaflets affected by brittle leaf disease

Archives of Virology (2007) 152, 1389-1393
M. Eiras, E.W. Kitajima, R. Flores and J.A. Daròs (2007)
Existence in vivo of the loop E motif in Potato spindle tuber viroid RNA

Journal of Virology (2007) 81, 4363-4366
Diego Molina-Serrano, Loreto Suay, María L. Salvador, Ricardo Flores and José-Antonio Daròs (2007)
Processing of RNAs of the family Avsunviroidae in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii chloroplasts

Journal of Virology (2006) 80, 9336-9340
Carmen Hernández, Francesco Di Serio, Silvia Ambrós, José-Antonio Daròs and Ricardo Flores (2006)
An element of the tertiary structure of Peach latent mosaic viroid RNA revealed by UV irradiation

Archives of Virology (2006) 151, 1539-1549
F. Di Serio, J.A. Daròs, A. Ragozzino and R. Flores (2006)
Close structural relationship between two hammerhead viroid-like RNAs associated with Cherry chlorotic rusty spot disease

Annual Review of Phytopathology (2005) 43, 117-139
Ricardo Flores, Carmen Hernández, A. Emilio Martínez de Alba, José-Antonio Daròs and Francesco Di Serio (2005)
Viroids and viroid-host interactions

Journal of Virology (2003) 77, 6528-6532
Z. Fadda, J.A. Daròs, C. Fagoaga, R. Flores and N. Duran-Vila (2003)
Eggplant latent viroid, the candidate type species for a new genus within the family Avsunviroidae (Hammerhead Viroids)

Journal of Virology (1999) 73, 8732-8740
José-Antonio Daròs, Mary C. Schaad and James C. Carrington (1999)
Functional analysis of the interaction between VPg-proteinase (NIa) and RNA polymerase (NIb) of tobacco etch potyvirus, using conditional and suppressor mutants

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 4072-4079
Ruth Haldeman-Cahill, José-Antonio Daròs and James C. Carrington (1998)
Secondary structures in the capsid protein coding sequence and 3' nontranslated region involved in amplification of the Tobacco etch virus genome

Phytoparasitica (1997) 25, p. 85 (Vera et al.)
A. Vera, J.A. Daròs and R. Flores (1997)
The DNA of a plant retroviroid-like element integrates at different sites in the genome of a caulimovirus and shows multiple forms with sequence deletions
The Xth International Congress of Virology, August 11-16, 1996, Jerusalem, Israel, poster