Phytopathology (2008) 98, 1199-1204

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P. Serra, M. Eiras, S.M. Bani-Hashemian, N. Murcia, E.W. Kitajima, J.A. Daròs, R. Flores and N. Duran-Vila (2008)
Citrus viroid V: Occurrence, host range, diagnosis, and identification of new variants
Phytopathology 98 (11), 1199-1204
Abstract: The recently described Citrus viroid V (CVd-V) has been proposed as a new species of the genus Apscaviroid within the family Pospiviroidae. Analysis of 64 samples from different citrus-growing areas has shown that CVd-V is present in the United States, Spain, Nepal, and the Sultanate of Oman. CVd-V found in six sweet orange sources from the Sultanate of Oman was identical to the reference CVd-V variant, whereas three new variants with sequence identities of 98.6% (CVd-VCA), 97.3% (CVd-VST), and 94.9% (CVd-VNE) were identified in sources from California, Spain, and Nepal, respectively. These results suggest that this viroid has not emerged recently and that it is relatively widespread. Transmission assays to sweet orange, mandarin, and mandarin hybrids, clementine, satsuma, lemon, sour orange, Tahiti lime, Palestine sweet lime, calamondin, bergamot, and kumquat have shown that all these citrus species and citrus relatives are hosts for CVd-V. Several indexing approaches, including slot blot, northern blot hybridization, and reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction, have been evaluated for detecting CVd-V, either using Etrog citron as an amplification host or directly from commercial species and cultivars.
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