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Aedes aegypti (note the marking on the thorax in the form of a lyre)
Author(s): James Gathany
Source: Wikimedia Commons
  Groups of veterinary and medical pests  
Arachnida (ticks, mites, spiders)
Ixodida (ticks) (155 species)
other groups (mites, spiders) (21 species)
Ceratopogonidae (29 species)
Culicidae (299 species)
Psychodidae (76 species)
Simuliidae (49 species)
other groups (80 species)
Other insect groups
Heteroptera (56 species)
Hymenoptera (veterin. pests/wasps) (11 species)
Phthiraptera (20 species)
Siphonaptera (12 species)
other insect orders (4 species)

Veterinary and medical pests

This section includes various groups of arthropod pests which affect humans or parasitize livestock. Important families included here are (for a complete list see below):
disease vectors:
mosquitoes (Culicidae)
hard ticks (Ixodidae)
biting midges (Ceratopogonidae)
tsetse flies (Glossinidae)
sand flies (Psychodidae)
black flies (Simuliidae)
kissing bugs (Reduviidae)
other medical & veterinary pests:
bed-bugs (Cimicidae)
lice (Pediculidae)
fleas (Pulicidae)
house and stable flies (Muscidae)
warble flies (Oestridae)
dust mites (Pyroglyphidae)

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Families of veterinary/medical pests: