Staphylinidae (pests)

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Paederus littoralis (click on image to enlarge it)
Source: entomart Wikimedia Commons

Staphylinidae (pests)

The family of rove beetles is very large with almost 50,000 species. It contains mainly insect predators (see the page on predacious Staphylinidae). Some are also parasitoids or feed on fungi or plants. This page deals with species considered to be pests. Apart from plant feeding forms, this includes mainly nuisance pests that can cause skin irritations when accidentally crushed on the skin, e.g. those of the genus Paederus.

The family is characterized by the very short elytra. Most species are small (2-8 mm long) with an elongated body. The hindwings are normally developed and are folded in a complex manner under the forewings. They can be quickly unfolded and many species are good fliers.

The following species are currently entered in the system: