Sicariidae (veterinary/medical)

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Loxosceles reclusa male (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Matt Britt
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Sicariidae (veterinary/medical) - (six-eyed brown spiders)

The spider family of Sicariidae contains more than 100 species and is mainly found in America and Africa. Several species are important medical pests. They are often found in dry areas and are hunters, waiting for example among stones for their prey. Some construct an irregular network of threads which alerts them of approaching insects.

Sicariidae, like a few other spider families, have six eyes, arranged in three groups of two. The body can grow to a size of about 2 cm. The head is rather small and the legs are spread out with the 2nd pair of legs being the longest.

The following genera are currently entered under Sicariidae (veterinary/medical):