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House mouse
Author: George Shuklin
Source: Wikimedia Commons
  Various other pest groups  
vertebrate pests
mammals (55 species)
birds (10 species)
other groups (2 species)
plant parasitic and storage mites
Astigmata (15 species)
Prostigmata - Eriophyidae (27 species)
Prostigmata - Tetranychidae (44 species)
Prostigmata - other groups (18 species)
other groups
diseases/pests of beneficial insects (40 species)
snails and slugs (21 species)
crustacean pests (4 species)
Myriapoda - millipedes (2 species)

Other pests

This group includes pests like plant parasitic mites, vertebrate pests, slugs or parasites and diseases of beneficial insects like honeybees and silkworms.

For other groups of pests, not included here see:

plant diseases/pathogens
insect plant and storage pests
plant parasitic nematodes
veterinary and medical pests

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Alphabetical list of other pest groups: