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Vernacular names
• Deutsch: Gallmilben
• English: gall mites
• Español: ácaros de las agallas
• Français: ériophyidés
Abacarus hystrix
Source: CSIRO (Australian Insect Common Names) - Wikimedia Commons

Eriophyidae (gall mites)

The Eriophyidae is a large family of mites with more than 400 genera and more than 4000 species. However, because of their small size (typically 0.1-0.3 mm) and often specialized habitats many species remain undescribed. The gall mites are often elongated and worm-like. The adults have only 2 pairs of legs and move by crawling. Longer distance dispersal is achieved by transport through the air. Many form leaf galls in which they live while others damage the surface of leaves and fruits through their feeding activity (e.g. the citrus rust mite). Some are virus vectors.

For beneficial species see Eriophyidae (weed bioagents).

The following genera are currently entered under Eriophyidae: