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Publications of Georg Goergen (23 listed):

Pest Management Science (2021) 77, 1361-1370
Elizabeth A. Finch, Tim Beale, Mani Chellappan, Georg Goergen, Basana Gowda Gadratagi, Mohammed Abul Monjur Khan, Abdul Rehman, Ivan Rwomushana, Arup Kumar Sarma, Kris AG Wyckhuys and Darren J. Kriticos (2021)
The potential global distribution of the papaya mealybug, Paracoccus marginatus, a polyphagous pest

Insects (2020) 11 (2 - 68)
Lakpo Koku Agboyi, Georg Goergen, Patrick Beseh, Samuel Adjei Mensah, Victor Attuquaye Clottey, Raymond Glikpo, Alan Buddie, Giovanni Cafà, Lisa Offord, Roger Day, Ivan Rwomushana and Marc Kenis (2020)
Parasitoid complex of fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda, in Ghana and Benin

Journal of Economic Entomology (2020) 113, 860-871
Rachid Hanna, Désiré Gnanvossou, Georg Goergen, Aimé H. Bokonon-Ganta, Samira A. Mohamed, Sunday Ekesi, Komi K.M. Fiaboe and Abiola I. Agnontchémè (2020)
Efficiency of food-based attractants for monitoring tephritid fruit flies diversity and abundance in mango systems across three West African agro-ecological zones

Insects (2019) 10 (4 - 92)
Marc Kenis, Hannalene du Plessis, Johnnie Van den Berg, Malick Niango Ba, Georg Goergen, Koffi Eric Kwadjo, Ibrahim Baoua, Tadele Tefera, Alan Buddie, Giovanni Cafà, Lisa Offord, Ivan Rwomushana and Andrew Polaszek (2019)
Telenomus remus, a candidate parasitoid for the biological control of Spodoptera frugiperda in Africa, is already present on the continent

Bulletin of Entomological Research (2019) 109, 733-740
A.G. Dassou, S.D. Vodouhè, A. Bokonon-Ganta, G. Goergen, A. Chailleux, A. Dansi, D. Carval and P. Tixier (2019)
Associated cultivated plants in tomato cropping systems structure arthropod communities and increase the Helicoverpa armigera regulation

International Journal of Tropical Insect Science (2018) 38, 132-144
Cyriaque Agboton, Alexis Onzo, Hermine A. Akohou, Georg Goergen, Stefan Vidal and Manuele Tamò (2018)
Population dynamics of the cashew leafminer, Eteoryctis gemoniella (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae), and inventory of its parasitoids in cashew orchards of Northern Benin, West Africa

Journal of Applied Entomology (2017) 141, 798-809
D. Gnanvossou, R. Hanna, G. Goergen, D. Salifu, C.M. Tanga, S.A. Mohamed and S. Ekesi (2017)
Diversity and seasonal abundance of tephritid fruit flies in three agro-ecosystems in Benin, West Africa

PLoS ONE (2016) 11 (10 - e0165632)
Georg Goergen, P. Lava Kumar, Sagnia B. Sankung, Abou Togola and Manuele Tamò (2016)
First report of outbreaks of the fall armyworm Spodoptera frugiperda (J E Smith) (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae), a new alien invasive pest in West and Central Africa

Biocontrol Science and Technology (2015) 25, 1359-1387
Jean-François Vayssières, Issa Ouagoussounon, Appolinaire Adandonon, Antonio Sinzogan, Sam Korie, Raymond Todjihoundé, Seidou Alassane, Rosine Wargui, Florence Anato and Georg Goergen (2015)
Seasonal pattern in food gathering of the weaver ant Oecophylla longinoda (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in mango orchards in Benin

Journal of Economic Entomology (2015) 108, 2213-2230
J.-F. Vayssières, M. De Meyer, I. Ouagoussounon, A. Sinzogan, A. Adandonon, S. Korie, R. Wargui, F. Anato, H. Houngbo, C. Didier, H. De Bon and G. Goergen (2015)
Seasonal abundance of mango fruit flies (Diptera: Tephritidae) and ecological implications for their management in mango and cashew orchards in Benin (Centre and North)

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata (2012) 145, 143-152
Michel Sezonlin, Rose Ndemah, Georg Goergen, Bruno Le Rü, Stéphane Dupas and Jean-François Silvain (2012)
Genetic structure and origin of Busseola fusca populations in Cameroon

International Journal of Tropical Insect Science (2012) 32, 94-100
Momar Talla Gueye, Papa Seyni Cissokho, Georg Goergen, Saliou Ndiaye, Dogo Seck, Goulé Gueye, J.-P. Wathelet and Georges Lognay (2012)
Efficacy of powdered maize cobs against the maize weevil Sitophilus zeamais (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in stored maize in Senegal

Environmental Entomology (2011) 40, 844-854
Georg Goergen, Jean-François Vayssières, Désiré Gnanvossou and Maurice Tindo (2011)
Bactrocera invadens (Diptera: Tephritidae), a new invasive fruit fly pest for the afrotropical region: Host plant range and distribution in West and Central Africa

International Journal of Pest Management (2009) 55, 339-345
Maurice Tindo, Rachid Hanna, Georg Goergen, Louis Zapfack, Kasongo Tata-Hangy and Alphonse Attey (2009)
Host plants of Stictococcus vayssierei Richard (Stictococcidae) in non-crop vegetation in the Congo Basin and implications for developing scale management options

African Entomology (2008) 16, 309-311
M.T. Gueye, G. Goergen, D. Badiane, K. Hell and L. Lamboni (2008)
First report on occurrence of the larger grain borer Prostephanus truncatus (Horn) (Coleoptera : Bostrichidae) in Senegal

International Journal of Tropical Insect Science (2006) 26, 126-133
M. Tindo, A. Doumtsop, G. Goergen and R. Hanna (2006)
Morphological description and illustration of female developmental stages of Stictococcus vayssierei (Homoptera: Stictococcidae)

Bulletin of Entomological Research (2002) 92, 343-349
M. Sétamou, F. Schulthess, G. Goergen, H.-M. Poehling and C. Borgemeister (2002)
Natural enemies of the maize cob borer, Mussidia nigrivenella (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) in Benin, West Africa

Biocontrol Science and Technology (2001) 11, 745-757
F. Schulthess, A. Chabi-Olaye and G. Goergen (2001)
Seasonal fluctuations of noctuid stemborer egg parasitism in southern Benin with special reference to Sesamia calamistis Hampson (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) and Telenomus spp. (Hymenoptera: Scelionidae) on maize

Bulletin of Entomological Research (2001) 91, 205-212
R. Ndemah, F. Schulthess, M. Poehling, C. Borgemeister and G. Goergen (2001)
Natural enemies of lepidopterous borers on maize and elephant grass in the forest zone of Cameroon

Annals of the Entomological Society of America (1999) 92, 766-771
Christian Borgemeister, K. Schafer, G. Goergen, S. Awande, M. Setamou, H.M. Poehling and D. Scholtz (1999)
Host-finding behavior of Dinoderus bifoveolatus (Coleoptera : Bostrichidae), an important pest of stored cassava: the role of plant volatiles and odors of conspecifics

Annals of the Entomological Society of America (1998) 91, 741-747
C. Borgemeister, G. Goergen, A. Tchabi, S. Awande, R.H. Markham and D. Scholz (1998)
Exploitation of a woody host plant and cerambycid-associated volatiles as host-finding cues by the larger grain borer (Coleoptera : Bostrichidae)

Insect Science and its Application (1997) 17, 97-108
F. Schulthess, N.A. Bosque-Perez, A. Chabi-Olaye, S. Gounou, R. Ndemah and G. Goergen (1997)
Exchange of natural enemies of lepidopteran cereal stemborers between African regions

Zeitschrift für Pflanzenkrankheiten und Pflanzenschutz - Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection (1992) 99, 182-190
G. Goergen and P. Neuenschwander (1992)
A cage experiment with four trophic levels: cassava plant growth as influenced by cassava mealybug, Phaenacoccus manihoti, its parasitoid Epidinocarsis lopezi, and the hyperparasitoids Prochiloneurus insolitus and Chartocerus hyalipennis