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Publications of Brett P. Hurley (36 listed):

International Journal of Pest Management (2021) 67, 58-64
Jeremy D. Allison, Bernard Slippers, Marc Bouwer and Brett P. Hurley (2021)
Simulated leks increase the capture of female Sirex noctilio in the absence of host volatiles

Ecological Entomology (2020) 45, 456-465
Laurel J. Haavik, Bernard Slippers, Brett P. Hurley, Kevin J. Dodds, Taylor Scarr, Jean J. Turgeon and Jeremy D. Allison (2020)
Influence of the community of associates on Sirex noctilio brood production is contextual

Ecology and Evolution (2020) 10, 13752-13766
Jeff R. Garnas, Katie E. Vann and Brett P. Hurley (2020)
Biotic and abiotic effects on density, body size, sex ratio, and survival in immature stages of the European woodwasp, Sirex noctilio

Biological Invasions (2020) 22, 2205-2221
Mesfin Wondafrash, Bernard Slippers, Alphonsine Nambazimana, Isaac Kayumba, Samuel Nibouche, Simon van der Lingen, Birhane A. Asfaw, Herbert Jenya, Eston K. Mutitu, Idea A. Makowe, Donald Chungu, Peter Kiwuso, Emmanuel Kulimushi, Andrianantenaina Razafindrakotomamonjy, Paul P. Bosu, Preeaduth Sookar and Brett P. Hurley (2020)
Distribution and genetic diversity of five invasive pests of Eucalyptus in sub-Saharan Africa

Journal of Pest Science (2020) 93, 11-25
Michelle L. Schröder, Bernard Slippers, Michael J. Wingfield and Brett P. Hurley (2020)
Invasion history and management of Eucalyptus snout beetles in the Gonipterus scutellatus species complex

Biological Invasions (2020) 22, 2325-2338
Eston K. Mutitu, Thierry B. Hoareau, Brett P. Hurley, Jeff R. Garnas, Michael J. Wingfield and Bernard Slippers (2020)
Reconstructing early routes of invasion of the bronze bug Thaumastocoris peregrinus (Hemiptera: Thaumastocoridae): cities as bridgeheads for global pest invasions

Agricultural and Forest Entomology (2020) 22, 129-135
Brett P. Hurley, Katrin N.E. Fitza, Michael J. Wingfield and Bernard Slippers (2020)
Sequence data reflect the introduction pathways of the Sirex woodwasp parasitoid, Ibalia leucospoides (Ibaliidae, Hymenoptera)

African Entomology (2020) 28, 238-248
S.J. Bush, B. Slippers, G. Dittrich-Schröder and B.P. Hurley (2020)
Host specificity tests reveals new host of a global biological control agent Psyllaephagus bliteus (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae)

Biological Invasions (2020) 22, 1785-1799
Massimo Faccoli, Diego Gallego, Manuela Branco, Eckehard G. Brockerhoff, Juan Corley, David R. Coyle, Brett P. Hurley, Hervé Jactel, Ferenc Lakatos, Victoria Lantschner, Simon Lawson, Gonzalo Martínez, Demian F. Gómez and Dimitrios Avtzis (2020)
A first worldwide multispecies survey of invasive Mediterranean pine bark beetles (Coleoptera: Curculionidae, Scolytinae)

Agricultural and Forest Entomology (2020) 22, 285-297
Gudrun Dittrich-Schröder, Brett P. Hurley, Michael J. Wingfield, Helen F. Nahrung and Bernard Slippers (2020)
Invasive gall-forming wasps that threaten non-native plantation-grown Eucalyptus: diversity and invasion patterns

Ecology and Evolution (2019) 9, 7966-7973
Joséphine Queffelec, Amy L. Wooding, Jaco M. Greeff, Jeffrey R. Garnas, Brett P. Hurley, Michael J. Wingfield and Bernard Slippers (2019)
Mechanisms that influence sex ratio variation in the invasive hymenopteran Sirex noctilio in South Africa

Journal of Pest Science (2019) 92, 13-27
Nicolas Meurisse, Davide Rassati, Brett P. Hurley, Eckehard G. Brockerhoff and Robert A. Haack (2019)
Common pathways by which non-native forest insects move internationally and domestically

The Canadian Entomologist (2019) 151, 340-344
Laurel J. Haavik, Brett P. Hurley and Jeremy D. Allison (2019)
Effect of Sirex noctilio (Hymenoptera: Siricidae) attack density on Pinus sylvestris (Pinaceae) survival

Agricultural and Forest Entomology (2019) 21, 276-285
Mesfin Wondafrash, Bernard Slippers, Brett P. Hurley and Jeff Garnas (2019)
Local antagonism and resource partitioning between two invasive pine plantation pests

International Journal of Pest Management (2018) 64, 324-332
X. Osmond Mlonyeni, Brenda D. Wingfield, Jaco M. Greeff, Brett P. Hurley, Michael J. Wingfield and Bernard Slippers (2018)
Population variation in traits of Deladenus siricidicola that could influence the biocontrol of Sirex noctilio in South Africa

Agricultural and Forest Entomology (2018) 20, 208-216
Mesfin Wondafrash, Bernard Slippers, Jeff Garnas and Brett P. Hurley (2018)
Parasitoid assemblage associated with a North American pine weevil in South Africa

Nematology (2018) 20, 355-371
Birhan A. Abate, Bernard Slippers, Michael J. Wingfield, Antoinette P. Malan and Brett P. Hurley (2018)
Diversity of entomopathogenic nematodes and their symbiotic bacteria in south African plantations and indigenous forests

Biological Invasions (2018) 20, 2395-2420
G. Dittrich-Schröder, T.B. Hoareau, B.P. Hurley, M.J. Wingfield, S. Lawson, H.F. Nahrung and B. Slippers (2018)
Population genetic analyses of complex global insect invasions in managed landscapes: a Leptocybe invasa (Hymenoptera) case study

Biological Invasions (2017) 19, 3273-3285
Brett P. Hurley, Bernard Slippers, Shiroma Sathyapala and Michael J. Wingfield (2017)
Challenges to planted forest health in developing economies

Biological Invasions (2017) 19, 3401-3417
Marc Kenis, Brett P. Hurley, Ann E. Hajek and Matthew J.W. Cock (2017)
Classical biological control of insect pests of trees: facts and figures

Biocontrol Science and Technology (2017) 27, 149-168
Birhan A. Abate, Michael J. Wingfield, Bernard Slippers and Brett P. Hurley (2017)
Commercialisation of entomopathogenic nematodes: should import regulations be revised?

Bulletin of Entomological Research (2017) 107, 106-117
S. Olivier-Espejel, B.P. Hurley and J. Garnas (2017)
Assessment of beetle diversity, community composition and potential threats to forestry using kairomone-baited traps

Biological Invasions (2016) 18, 953-969
Ann E. Hajek, Brett P. Hurley, Marc Kenis, Jeffrey R. Garnas, Samantha J. Bush, Michael J. Wingfield, Joop C. van Lenteren and Matthew J.W. Cock (2016)
Exotic biological control agents: A solution or contribution to arthropod invasions?

Biological Invasions (2016) 18, 2283-2297
Mesfin Wondafrash, Bernard Slippers, Jeff Garnas, Géraldine Roux, Jiri Foit, David W. Langor and Brett P. Hurley (2016)
Identification and genetic diversity of two invasive Pissodes spp. Germar (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in their introduced range in the southern hemisphere

Biological Invasions (2016) 18, 1045-1056
Michael J. Wingfield, Jeff R. Garnas, Ann Hajek, Brett P. Hurley, Z. Wilhelm de Beer and Stephen J. Taerum (2016)
Novel and co-evolved associations between insects and microorganisms as drivers of forest pestilence

Biological Invasions (2016) 18, 921-933
Brett P. Hurley, Jeff Garnas, Michael J. Wingfield, Manuela Branco, David M. Richardson and Bernard Slippers (2016)
Increasing numbers and intercontinental spread of invasive insects on eucalypts

Agricultural and Forest Entomology (2015) 17, 64-70
Brett P. Hurley, Jeff Garnas and Miriam F. Cooperband (2015)
Assessing trap and lure effectiveness for the monitoring of Sirex noctilio

Annual Review of Entomology (2015) 60, 601-619
Bernard Slippers, Brett P. Hurley and Michael J. Wingfield (2015)
Sirex woodwasp: A model for evolving management paradigms of invasive forest pests

Journal of Economic Entomology (2013) 106, 1979-1985
Eston K. Mutitu, Jeffrey R. Garnas, Brett P. Hurley, Michael J. Wingfield, Marlene Harney, Samantha J. Bush and Bernard Slippers (2013)
Biology and rearing of Cleruchoides noackae (Hymenoptera: Mymaridae), an egg parasitoid for the biological control of Thaumastocoris peregrinus (Hemiptera: Thaumastocoridae)

Ecological Entomology (2013) 38, 112-116
Dawit T. Degefu, Brett P. Hurley, Jeff Garnas, Michael J. Wingfield, Rodrigo Ahumada and Bernard Slippers (2013)
Parallel host range expansion in two unrelated cossid moths infesting Eucalyptus nitens on two continents

Agricultural and Forest Entomology (2012) 14, 306-316
Brett P. Hurley, Jana Slippers, Michael J. Wingfield, Colin Dyer and Bernard Slippers (2012)
Perception and knowledge of the Sirex woodwasp and other forest pests in South Africa

Molecular Ecology (2012) 21, 5728-5744
E. Boissin, B. Hurley, M.J. Wingfield, R. Vasaitis, J. Stenlid, C. Davis, P. de Groot, R. Ahumada, A. Carnegie, A. Goldarazena, P. Klasmer, B. Wermelinger and B. Slippers (2012)
Retracing the routes of introduction of invasive species: the case of the Sirex noctilio woodwasp

International Journal of Pest Management (2012) 58, 211-223
Jeffrey R. Garnas, Brett P. Hurley, Bernard Slippers and Michael J. Wingfield (2012)
Biological control of forest plantation pests in an interconnected world requires greater international focus

Agricultural and Forest Entomology (2012) 14, 419-427
Gudrun Dittrich-Schröder, Michael J. Wingfield, Brett P. Hurley and Bernard Slippers (2012)
Diversity in Eucalyptus susceptibility to the gall-forming wasp Leptocybe invasa

Biological Invasions (2010) 12, 729-733
B.P. Hurley, B. Slippers, B.D. Wingfield, P. Govender, J.E. Smith and M.J. Wingfield (2010)
Genetic diversity of Bradysia difformis (Sciaridae: Diptera) populations reflects movement of an invasive insect between forestry nurseries

Agricultural and Forest Entomology (2007) 9, 159-171
Brett P. Hurley, Bernard Slippers and Michael J. Wingfield (2007)
A comparison of control results for the alien invasive woodwasp, Sirex noctilio, in the southern hemisphere