Bradysia difformis

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Bradysia difformis - A) female, B) male, C-H) details on male, antenna, palpus, genitalia
Authors: Evert Villanueva-Sánchez et al.
Source: Acta zoológica mexicana (2013), 29 (2), p. 369

Bradysia difformis Frey, 1948

This species of fungus gnat is widely distributed. It is mainly a pest of cultivated mushrooms, but also breeds in the growing media of nurseries. The larvae can then damage seedlings, e.g. seedlings of eucalypts, ornamentals, or vegetables. Mushroom cultures are especially vulnerable and may be completely lost due to heavy infestations. The use of biological control agents, like entomopathogenic nematodes, is being explored (e.g. see San Blas et al., 2017).

B. difformis adults are brown to black and around 2 mm long. They live only 2-3 days and females lay eggs into the soil or the growing substrate. Development of the larvae lasts around 3 weeks.