Heteroptera (plantsucking)

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Vernacular names
• Deutsch: Halbflügler
• English: plantsucking bugs
• Español: heterópteros
chinches verdaderas
• Français: hétéroptères
Hemiptera species
Author: Charles Lam
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Heteroptera (bugs, plantsucking)

The suborder contains insects with sucking mouthparts. The rostrum usually originates at the apical tip of the head rather from a ventral part like, for example, in the Sternorrhyncha. The forewings (hemelytra) are typically divided into a sclerotized, basal part (the corium) and a soft and thin apical part (the membrane). The wings are folded flat over the abdomen. The tarsi have 2-3 segments.

The group includes important plant pests. The injuries at the feeding site are localized, but often cause deformations. Attacked fruits may drop off. In addition the wound can become an entry point for plant diseases.

The group contains more than 50,000 species with various types of life styles and feeding habits. This page refers to plant pests only, for other groups of Heteroptera see:

The following families of Heteroptera (plant pests) are included in the system: