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Publications of Brendan Rodoni (38 listed):

Australasian Plant Disease Notes (2020) 15 (8) - Tomato mottle mosaic virus
D.A. Lovelock, W.M. Kinoti, C. Bottcher, O. Wildman, D. Dall, B.C. Rodoni and F.E. Constable (2020)
Tomato mottle mosaic virus intercepted by Australian biosecurity in Capsicum annuum seed

Plant Disease (2020) 104, 1969-1978
Joanne Mackie, Ellena Higgins, Grant A. Chambers, Len Tesoriero, Ramez Aldaoud, Geoff Kelly, Wycliff M. Kinoti, Brendan C. Rodoni and Fiona E. Constable (2020)
Genome analysis of Melon necrotic spot virus incursions and seed interceptions in Australia

Viruses (2020) 12 (2 - 246)
Wycliff M. Kinoti, Narelle Nancarrow, Alison Dann, Brendan C. Rodoni and Fiona E. Constable (2020)
Updating the quarantine status of Prunus infecting viruses in Australia

Viruses (2019) 11 (2 - 98)
Fiona Constable, Grant Chambers, Lindsay Penrose, Andrew Daly, Joanne Mackie, Kevin Davis, Brendan Rodoni and Mark Gibbs (2019)
Viroid-infected tomato and Capsicum seed shipments to Australia

Plant Disease (2019) 103, p. 1799 (Nancarrow et al.)
N. Nancarrow, M. Aftab, L. Zheng, S. Maina, A. Freeman, B. Rodoni, M. Spackman and P. Trebicki (2019)
First report of Barley virus G in Australia

Plant Disease (2019) 103, 3009-3017
Alison E. Mackie, Martin J. Barbetti, Brendan Rodoni, Simon J. McKirdy and Roger A.C. Jones (2019)
Effects of a Potato spindle tuber viroid tomato strain on the symptoms, biomass, and yields of classical indicator and currently grown potato and tomato cultivars

Australasian Plant Disease Notes (2018) 13 (2) - Natural infection of ...
Mohammad Aftab, Narelle Nancarrow, Angela Freeman, Jenny Davidson, Brendan Rodoni and Piotr Trebicki (2018)
Natural infection of Cucumber mosaic virus, Pea seed-borne mosaic virus and Turnip yellows virus in a fenugreek crop (Trigonella foenum-graecum)

Plant Disease (2018) 102, 2465-2472
Narelle Nancarrow, Mohammad Aftab, Angela Freeman, Brendan Rodoni, Grant Hollaway and Piotr Trebicki (2018)
Incidence, population density, and spatial heterogeneity of plant-parasitic nematodes in corn fields in Ohio

EPPO Bulletin (2018) 48, 219-224
A. Olmos, N. Boonham, T. Candresse, P. Gentit, B. Giovani, D. Kutnjak, L. Liefting, H.J. Maree, A. Minafra, A. Moreira, M.K. Nakhla, F. Petter, M. Ravnikar, B. Rodoni, J.W. Roenhorst, M. Rott, A.B. Ruiz-García, J. Santala, G. Stancanelli, R. van der Vlugt, C. Varveri, M. Westenberg, T. Wetzel, H. Ziebell and S. Massart (2018)
High-throughput sequencing technologies for plant pest diagnosis: challenges and opportunities

Viruses (2018) 10 (3 - 136)
Wycliff M. Kinoti, Fiona E. Constable, Narelle Nancarrow, Kim M. Plummer and Brendan Rodoni (2018)
The incidence and genetic diversity of Apple mosaic virus (ApMV) and Prune dwarf virus (PDV) in Prunus species in Australia

Plant Disease (2017) 101, p. 1337 (Kinoti et al.)
W.M. Kinoti, F.E. Constable, N. Nancarrow, A. Dann, K.M. Plummer and B. Rodoni (2017)
First report of Apricot vein clearing-associated virus (AVCaV) in Australia and in a new host, Prunus cerasifera

Plant Disease (2016) 100, p. 1511 (Kinoti et al.)
W.M. Kinoti, F. Constable, N. Nancarrow, B. Rodoni and K.M. Plummer (2016)
First report of Cherry virus A (CVA) in Australia and the first report of CVA infecting Prunus cerasifera

European Journal of Plant Pathology (2016) 145, 433-446
A.E. Mackie, B.C. Rodoni, M.J. Barbetti, S.J. McKirdy and R.A.C. Jones (2016)
Potato spindle tuber viroid: alternative host reservoirs and strain found in a remote subtropical irrigation area

Plant Disease (2015) 99, 770-775
A.E. Mackie, B.A. Coutts, M.J. Barbetti, B.C. Rodoni, S.J. McKirdy and R.A.C. Jones (2015)
Potato spindle tuber viroid: Stability on common surfaces and inactivation with disinfectants

Australasian Plant Pathology (2013) 42, 675-683
Angela Joan Freeman, Merrin Elizabeth Spackman, Mohammad Aftab, Virginia McQueen, Shane King, Joseph A.G. van Leur, Mai Hlaing Loh and Brendan Rodoni (2013)
Comparison of tissue blot immunoassay and reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction assay for virus-testing pulse crops from a South-Eastern Australia survey

Plant Disease (2013) 97, p. 1387 (Chambers et al.)
G.A. Chambers, A.M. Seyb, J. Mackie, F.E. Constable, B.C. Rodoni, D. Letham, K. Davis and M.J. Gibbs (2013)
First report of Pepper chat fruit viroid in traded tomato seed, an interception by Australian Biosecurity

Australasian Plant Disease Notes (2012) 7, 91-97
R.I. Davis, P. Kokoa, L.M. Jones, J. Mackie, F.E. Constable, B.C. Rodoni, T.G. Gunua and J.B. Rossel (2012)
A new wilt disease of banana plants associated with phytoplasmas in Papua New Guinea (PNG)

Arthropod-Plant Interactions (2012) 6, 405-415
Piotr Trebicki, W. Fred Tjallingii, Rob M. Harding, Brendan C. Rodoni and Kevin S. Powell (2012)
EPG monitoring of the probing behaviour of the common brown leafhopper Orosius orientalis on artificial diet and selected host plants

Molecular Plant Pathology (2012) 13, 975-984
Fabio Rezzonico, Andrea Braun-Kiewnick, Rachel A. Mann, Brendan Rodoni, Alexander Goesmann, Brion Duffy and Theo H.M. Smits (2012)
Lipopolysaccharide biosynthesis genes discriminate between Rubus- and Spiraeoideae-infective genotypes of Erwinia amylovora

Australasian Plant Pathology (2011) 40, 87-97
Rachel Powney, Steven V. Beer, Kim Plummer, Jo Luck and Brendan Rodoni (2011)
The specificity of PCR-based protocols for detection of Erwinia amylovora

Australian Journal of Entomology (2010) 49, 213-220
Piotr Trebicki, Rob M. Harding, Brendan Rodoni, Gary Baxter and Kevin S. Powell (2010)
Diversity of Cicadellidae in agricultural production areas in the Ovens Valley, north-east Victoria, Australia

Journal of Phytopathology (2010) 158, 35-39
Safaa G. Kumari, Brendan Rodoni, Heinrich-Josef Vetten, Mai Hlaing Loh, Angela Freeman, Joop van Leur, Shiying Bao and Xiaoming Wang (2010)
Detection and partial characterization of Milk vetch dwarf virus isolates from faba bean (Vicia faba L.) in Yunnan Province, China

Annals of Applied Biology (2010) 157, 13-24
P. Trebicki, R.M. Harding, B. Rodoni, G. Baxter and K.S. Powell (2010)
Vectors and alternative hosts of Tobacco yellow dwarf virus in southeastern Australia

Plant Pathology (2010) 59, 211-220
L. Zheng, B.C. Rodoni, M.J. Gibbs and A.J. Gibbs (2010)
A novel pair of universal primers for the detection of potyviruses

Journal of Applied Entomology (2010) 134, 91-97
P. Trebicki, R.M. Harding, B. Rodoni, G. Baxter and K.S. Powell (2010)
Seasonal activity and abundance of Orosius orientalis (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae) at agricultural sites in Southeastern Australia

Annals of Applied Biology (2009) 155, 371-379
M. Schiffer, P. Umina, M. Carew, A. Hoffmann, B. Rodoni and A. Miller (2009)
The distribution of wheat curl mite (Aceria tosichella) lineages in Australia and their potential to transmit Wheat streak mosaic virus

Australasian Plant Pathology (2007) 36, 165-172
F.E. Constable, P.A. Joyce and B.C. Rodoni (2007)
A survey of key Australian pome fruit growing districts for exotic and endemic pathogens

EPPO Bulletin (2006) 36, 293-295
B. Rodoni, P. Merriman, J. Moran and M. Whattam (2006)
Control and monitoring: phytosanitary situation of Plum pox virus in Australia

Australasian Plant Pathology (2006) 35, 465-471
P.A. Joyce, F.E. Constable, J. Crosslin, K. Eastwell, W.E. Howell and B.C. Rodoni (2006)
Characterisation of Pear blister canker viroid isolates from Australian pome fruit orchards

Phytopathology (2005) 95, 420-426
D. Liberti, A. Marais, L. Svanella-Dumas, M.J. Dulucq, D. Alioto, A. Ragozzino, B. Rodoni and T. Candresse (2005)
Characterization of Apricot pseudo-chlorotic leaf spot virus, a novel trichovirus isolated from stone fruit trees

Australasian Plant Pathology (2004) 33, 367-370
B. van Rijswijk, B.C. Rodoni, P.A. Revill, J.E. Thomas, J.R. Moran and R.M. Harding (2004)
Analysis of variability in partial sequences of genomes of Tobacco yellow dwarf virus isolates

Australasian Plant Pathology (2003) 32, 555-557
B.A. Coutts, L.A. McMichael, L. Tesoriero, B.C. Rodoni, C.R. Wilson, A.J. Wilson, D.M. Persley and R.A.C. Jones (2003)
Iris yellow spot virus found infecting onions in three Australian states

Australasian Plant Pathology (2002) 31, 311-312
A.E. Mackie, S.J. McKirdy, B. Rodoni and S. Kumar (2002)
Potato spindle tuber viroid eradicated in Western Australia

Australasian Plant Pathology (2002) 31, 313-314
K. Davis, B. Rodoni, C. Knox, R. Sarec and J. Moran (2002)
Detection of Plum pox potyvirus in illegally imported plums intercepted at Sydney International Airport

Australasian Plant Pathology (1999) 28, p. 92 (Traicevski et al.)
V. Traicevski, T. Schreurs, B. Rodoni, P. Ridland and J. Moran (1999)
Celery mosaic potyvirus occurring naturally in cultivated Apiaceae in Victoria, Australia

Archives of Virology (1999) 144, 1725-1737
B.C. Rodoni, J.L. Dale and R.M. Harding (1999)
Characterization and expression of the coat protein-coding region of banana bract mosaic potyvirus, development of diagnostic assays and detection of the virus in banana plants from five countries in southeast Asia

Phytoparasitica (1997) 25, p. 221 (Rodoni et al.)
B.C. Rodoni, R.M. Harding, M.F. Bateson and J.L. Dale (1997)
Banana bract mosaic potyvirus (BBMV): A new and widespread virus of bananas
The Xth International Congress of Virology, August 11-16, 1996, Binyanei haOoma, Jerusalem, Israel, poster

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 669-672
B.C. Rodoni, Y.S. Ahlawat, A. Varma, J.L. Dale and R.M. Harding (1997)
Identification and characterization of Banana bract mosaic virus in India