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Publications of Sven Bacher (25 listed):

Pest Management Science (2019) 75, 556-563
Deborah Kaiser, Sven Bacher, Laurent Mène-Saffrané and Giselher Grabenweger (2019)
Efficiency of natural substances to protect Beauveria bassiana conidia from UV radiation

Biological Invasions (2018) 20, 1611-1621
Wolfgang Nentwig, Sven Bacher, Sabrina Kumschick, Petr Pysek and Montserrat Vilà (2018)
More than "100 worst" alien species in Europe

Journal of Applied Ecology (2018) 55, 526-538
Helen E. Roy, Wolfgang Rabitsch, Riccardo Scalera, Alan Stewart, Belinda Gallardo, Piero Genovesi, Franz Essl, Tim Adriaens, Sven Bacher, Olaf Booy, Etienne Branquart, Sarah Brunel, Gordon Howard Copp, Hannah Dean, Bram D'hondt, Melanie Josefsson, Marc Kenis, Marianne Kettunen, Merike Linnamagi, Frances Lucy, Angeliki Martinou, Niall Moore, Wolfgang Nentwig, Ana Nieto, Jan Pergl, Jodey Peyton, Alain Roques, Stefan Schindler, Karsten Schönrogge, Wojciech Solarz, Paul D. Stebbing, Teodora Trichkova, Sonia Vanderhoeven, Johan van Valkenburg and Argyro Zenetos (2018)
Developing a framework of minimum standards for the risk assessment of alien species

Journal of Applied Entomology (2018) 142, 578-588
Y. Fragnière, B. Forster, D. Hölling, B. Wermelinger and S. Bacher (2018)
A local risk map using field observations of the Asian longhorned beetle to optimize monitoring activities

BioControl (2017) 62, 613-623
Sina Alexandra Rogge, Johanna Mayerhofer, Jürg Enkerli, Sven Bacher and Giselher Grabenweger (2017)
Preventive application of an entomopathogenic fungus in cover crops for wireworm control

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata (2017) 163, 315-327
Sonja Eckard, Sven Bacher, Jürg Enkerli and Giselher Grabenweger (2017)
A simple in vitro method to study interactions between soil insects, entomopathogenic fungi, and plant extracts

Journal of Applied Ecology (2015) 52, 552-561
Sabrina Kumschick, Sven Bacher, Thomas Evans, Zuzana Marková, Jan Pergl, Petr Pysek, Sibylle Vaes-Petignat, Gabriel van der Veer, Montserrat Vilà and Wolfgang Nentwig (2015)
Comparing impacts of alien plants and animals in Europe using a standard scoring system

Theoretical and Applied Genetics (2013) 126, 647-661
Isabelle Zaugg, Chiara Magni, Dario Panzeri, Maria Gloria Daminati, Roberto Bollini, Betty Benrey, Sven Bacher and Francesca Sparvoli (2013)
QUES, a new Phaseolus vulgaris genotype resistant to common bean weevils, contains the Arcelin-8 allele coding for new lectin-related variants

EPPO Bulletin (2012) 42, 21-27
M. Kenis, S. Bacher, R.H.A. Baker, E. Branquart, S. Brunel, J. Holt, P.E. Hulme, A. MacLeod, J. Pergl, F. Petter, P. Pysek, G. Schrader, A. Sissons, U. Starfinger and U. Schaffner (2012)
New protocols to assess the environmental impact of pests in the EPPO decision-support scheme for pest risk analysis

Biological Invasions (2012) 14, 1365-1378
Therese Pluess, Ray Cannon, Vojtech Jarosík, Jan Pergl, Petr Pysek and Sven Bacher (2012)
When are eradication campaigns successful? A test of common assumptions

PLoS ONE (2012) 7 (10 - e47689)
Steven James Bacon, Sven Bacher and Alexandre Aebi (2012)
Gaps in border controls are related to quarantine alien insect invasions in Europe

Ecology Letters (2012) 15, 1475-1493
Brian Leung, Nuria Roura-Pascual, Sven Bacher, Jaakko Heikkilä, Lluis Brotons, Mark A. Burgman, Katharina Dehnen-Schmutz, Franz Essl, Philip E. Hulme, David M. Richardson, Daniel Sol and Montserrat Vilà (2012)
TEASIng apart alien species risk assessments: a framework for best practices

Environmental Entomology (2012) 41, 1086-1096
Esther Gerber, Hariet L. Hinz, Bernd Blossey and Sven Bacher (2012)
Two shoot-miners, Ceutorhynchus alliariae and Ceutorhynchus roberti, sharing the same fundamental niche on garlic mustard

Biological Invasions (2010) 12, 2797-2813
Giselher Grabenweger, Patrik Kehrli, Irene Zweimüller, Sylvie Augustin, Nikolaos Avtzis, Sven Bacher, Jona Freise, Sandrine Girardoz, Sylvain Guichard, Werner Heitland, Christa Lethmayer, Michaela Stolz, Rumen Tomov, L. Volter and M. Kenis (2010)
Temporal and spatial variations in the parasitoid complex of the horse chestnut leafminer during its invasion of Europe

Biocontrol Science and Technology (2008) 18, 209-214
Heiri Wandeler, Wolfgang Nentwig and Sven Bacher (2008)
Establishing systemic rust infections in Cirsium arvense in the field

Phytopathology (2006) 96, 813-818
H. Wandeler and S. Bacher (2006)
Insect-transmitted urediniospores of the rust Puccinia punctiformis cause systemic infections in established Cirsium arvense plants

Journal of Applied Entomology (2005) 129, 353-362
G. Grabenweger, P. Kehrli, B. Schlick-Steiner, F. Steiner, M. Stolz and S. Bacher (2005)
Predator complex of the horse chestnut leafminer Cameraria ohridella: identification and impact assessment

Journal of Applied Entomology (2004) 128, 273-278
D. Schenk and S. Bacher (2004)
Detection of shield beetle remains in predators using a monoclonal antibody

Journal of Applied Entomology (2004) 128, 707-709
P. Kehrli and S. Bacher (2004)
How to safely compost Cameraria ohridella-infested horse chestnut leaf litter on private compost heaps

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata (2003) 107, 159-162
P. Kehrli and S. Bacher (2003)
Date of leaf litter removal to prevent emergence of Cameraria ohridella in the following spring

Nachrichtenblatt des Deutschen Pflanzenschutzdienstes (2003) 55, p. 212 (Kehrli et al.)
Patrik Kehrli and Sven Bacher (2003)
Einheimische Gegenspieler der Rosskastanien-Miniermotte und derer Förderungsmöglichkeiten
[Native antagonists of the horse chestnut leafminer and possibilities of their augmentation]

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata (2003) 107, 25-37
M. Gilbert, A. Svatos, M. Lehmann and S. Bacher (2003)
Spatial patterns and infestation processes in the horse chestnut leafminer Cameraria ohridella: a tale of two cities

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata (2002) 103, 191-195
Sven Bacher, Jürg Friedli and Ingrid Schär (2002)
Developing in diseased host plants increases survival and fecundity in a stem-boring weevil

Oecologia (2001) 129, 571-576
Jürg Friedli and Sven Bacher (2001)
Mutualistic interaction between a weevil and a rust fungus, two parasites of the weed Cirsium arvense

Biocontrol Science and Technology (2000) 10, 343-352
S. Bacher and F. Schwab (2000)
Effect of herbivore density, timing of attack and plant community on performance of creeping thistle Cirsium arvense (L.) Scop. (Asteraceae)