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Publications of Petr Pysek (36 listed):

Biological Invasions (2020) 22, 2633-2645
Peter A. Robertson, Aileen Mill, Ana Novoa, Jonathan M. Jeschke, Franz Essl, Belinda Gallardo, Juergen Geist, Ivan Jaric, Xavier Lambin, Camille Musseau, Jan Pergl, Petr Pysek, Wolfgang Rabitsch, Menja von Schmalensee, Mark Shirley, David L. Strayer, Robert A. Stefansson, Kevin Smith and Olaf Booy (2020)
A proposed unified framework to describe the management of biological invasions

Ecology and Evolution (2020) 10, 3944-3953
Pavel Pipek, Tim M. Blackburn, Steven Delean, Phillip Cassey, Çagan H. Sekercioglu and Petr Pysek (2020)
Lasting the distance: The survival of alien birds shipped to New Zealand in the 19th century

FEMS Microbiology Ecology (2020) 96 (7 - fiaa106)
Ana Novoa, Jan-Hendrik Keet, Yaiza Lechuga-Lago, Petr Pysek and Johannes J. Le Roux (2020)
Urbanization and Carpobrotus edulis invasion alter the diversity and composition of soil bacterial communities in coastal areas

Ecology and Evolution (2020) 10, 1106-1118
Petr Pysek, Jan Cuda, Petr Smilauer, Hana Skálová, Zuzana Chumová, Carla Lambertini, Magdalena Lucanová, Hana Rysavá, Pavel Trávnícek, Kristyna Semberová and Laura A. Meyerson (2020)
Competition among native and invasive Phragmites australis populations: An experimental test of the effects of invasion status, genome size, and ploidy level

Weed Research (2020) 60, 8-15
J. Cuda, H. Skálová and P. Pysek (2020)
Spread of Impatiens glandulifera from riparian habitats to forests and its associated impacts: insights from a new invasion

Biological Invasions (2019) 21, 37-58
Susan Canavan, Laura A. Meyerson, Jasmin G. Packer, Petr Pysek, Noëlie Maurel, Vanessa Lozano, David M. Richardson, Giuseppe Brundu, Kim Canavan, Angela Cicatelli, Jan Cuda, Wayne Dawson, Franz Essl, Francesco Guarino, Wen-Yong Guo, Mark van Kleunen, Holger Kreft, Carla Lambertini, Jan Pergl, Hana Skálová, Robert J. Soreng, Vernon Visser, Maria S. Vorontsova, Patrick Weigelt, Marten Winter and John R.U. Wilson (2019)
Tall-statured grasses: a useful functional group for invasion science

Biological Invasions (2019) 21, 669-683
Michael Ansong, Jan Pergl, Franz Essl, Martin Hejda, Mark van Kleunen, Rod Randall and Petr Pysek (2019)
Naturalized and invasive alien flora of Ghana

Journal of Applied Ecology (2018) 55, 92-98
Philip E. Hulme, Giuseppe Brundu, Marta Carboni, Katharina Dehnen-Schmutz, Stefan Dullinger, Regan Early, Franz Essl, Pablo González-Moreno, Quentin J. Groom, Christoph Kueffer, Ingolf Kühn, Noëlie Maurel, Ana Novoa, Jan Pergl, Petr Pysek, Hanno Seebens, Rob Tanner, Julia M. Touza, Mark van Kleunen and Laura N.H. Verbrugge (2018)
Integrating invasive species policies across ornamental horticulture supply chains to prevent plant invasions

Journal of Applied Ecology (2018) 55, 539-547
Carles Carboneras, Piero Genovesi, Montserrat Vilà, Tim M. Blackburn, Martina Carrete, Miguel Clavero, Bram D'hondt, Jorge F. Orueta, Belinda Gallardo, Pedro Geraldes, Pablo González-Moreno, Richard D. Gregory, Wolfgang Nentwig, Jean-Yves Paquet, Petr Pysek, Wolfgang Rabitsch, Iván Ramírez, Riccardo Scalera, José L. Tella, Paul Walton and Robin Wynde (2018)
A prioritised list of invasive alien species to assist the effective implementation of EU legislation

Ecology and Evolution (2018) 8, 2440-2452
Wen-Yong Guo, Carla Lambertini, Petr Pysek, Laura A. Meyerson and Hans Brix (2018)
Living in two worlds: Evolutionary mechanisms act differently in the native and introduced ranges of an invasive plant

Biological Invasions (2018) 20, 1931-1943
Yulia Vinogradova, Jan Pergl, Franz Essl, Martin Hejda, Mark van Kleunen, REGIONAL CONTRIBUTORS and Petr Pysek (2018)
Invasive alien plants of Russia: insights from regional inventories

Biological Invasions (2018) 20, 1611-1621
Wolfgang Nentwig, Sven Bacher, Sabrina Kumschick, Petr Pysek and Montserrat Vilà (2018)
More than "100 worst" alien species in Europe

Biological Invasions (2017) 19, 1353-1378
Llewellyn C. Foxcroft, Petr Pysek, David M. Richardson, Piero Genovesi and Sandra MacFadyen (2017)
Plant invasion science in protected areas: progress and priorities

Biological Invasions (2017) 19, 1055-1080
Margherita Gioria and Petr Pysek (2017)
Early bird catches the worm: germination as a critical step in plant invasion

Biological Invasions (2017) 19, 3589-3599
Carlo Ricotta, Gillian L. Rapson, Ullrich Asmus, Petr Pysek, Ingolf Kühn, Frank A. La Sorte and Ken Thompson (2017)
British plants as aliens in New Zealand cities: residence time moderates their impact on the beta diversity of urban floras

Biological Invasions (2017) 19, 3613-3627
Katharina Mayer, Emily Haeuser, Wayne Dawson, Franz Essl, Holger Kreft, Jan Pergl, Petr Pysek, Patrick Weigelt, Marten Winter, Bernd Lenzner and Mark van Kleunen (2017)
Naturalization of ornamental plant species in public green spaces and private gardens

Biological Invasions (2017) 19, 3051-3066
Jan Cuda, Michaela Vítková, Marie Albrechtová, Wen-Yong Guo, Jacob N. Barney and Petr Pysek (2017)
Invasive herb Impatiens glandulifera has minimal impact on multiple components of temperate forest ecosystem function

Biological Invasions (2016) 18, 907-920
Alain Roques, MarieAnne AugerRozenberg, Tim M. Blackburn, Jeff Garnas, Petr Pysek, Wolfgang Rabitsch, David M. Richardson, Michael J. Wingfield, Andrew M. Liebhold and Richard P. Duncan (2016)
Temporal and interspecific variation in rates of spread for insect species invading Europe during the last 200 years

Biological Invasions (2016) 18, 2421-2431
Laura A. Meyerson, James T. Cronin and Petr Pysek (2016)
Phragmites australis as a model organism for studying plant invasions

Biological Invasions (2016) 18, 893-905
Andrew M. Liebhold, Takehiko Yamanaka, Alain Roques, Sylvie Augustin, Steven L. Chown, Eckehard G. Brockerhoff and Petr Pysek (2016)
Global compositional variation among native and non-native regional insect assemblages emphasizes the importance of pathways

Biological Invasions (2016) 18, 2531-2549
Laura A. Meyerson, James T. Cronin, Ganesh P. Bhattarai, Hans Brix, Carla Lambertini, Magdalena Lucanová, Shelby Rinehart, Jan Suda and Petr Pysek (2016)
Do ploidy level and nuclear genome size and latitude of origin modify the expression of Phragmites australis traits and interactions with herbivores?

Biological Invasions (2016) 18, 3697-3711
Zuzana Rumlerová, Montserrat Vilà, Jan Pergl, Wolfgang Nentwig and Petr Pysek (2016)
Scoring environmental and socioeconomic impacts of alien plants invasive in Europe

Journal of Applied Ecology (2015) 52, 552-561
Sabrina Kumschick, Sven Bacher, Thomas Evans, Zuzana Marková, Jan Pergl, Petr Pysek, Sibylle Vaes-Petignat, Gabriel van der Veer, Montserrat Vilà and Wolfgang Nentwig (2015)
Comparing impacts of alien plants and animals in Europe using a standard scoring system

New Phytologist (2015) 205, 994-1007
Jan Suda, Laura A. Meyerson, Ilia J. Leitch and Petr Pysek (2015)
The hidden side of plant invasions: the role of genome size

Ecology and Evolution (2015) 5, 2878-2889
Jacob N. Barney, Daniel R. Tekiela, Maria Noelia Barrios-Garcia, Romina D. Dimarco, Ruth A. Hufbauer, Peter Leipzig-Scott, Martin A. Nuñez, Aníbal Pauchard, Petr Pysek, Michaela Vítková and Bruce D. Maxwell (2015)
Global Invader Impact Network (GIIN): toward standardized evaluation of the ecological impacts of invasive plants

Biological Invasions (2014) 16, 177-190
Jan Cuda, Hana Skálová, Zdenek Janovský and Petr Pysek (2014)
Habitat requirements, short-term population dynamics and coexistence of native and invasive Impatiens species: a field study

Biological Invasions (2014) 16, 577-589
Petr Pysek, Vojtech Jarosík, Jan Pergl, Lenka Moravcová, Milan Chytry and Ingolf Kühn (2014)
Temperate trees and shrubs as global invaders: the relationship between invasiveness and native distribution depends on biological traits

Ecology Letters (2013) 16, 1277-1284
Petr Dostál, Jana Müllerová, Petr Pyšek, Jan Pergl and Tereza Klinerová (2013)
The impact of an invasive plant changes over time

New Phytologist (2013) 200, 615-633
Christoph Kueffer, Petr Pysek and David M. Richardson (2013)
Integrative invasion science: model systems, multi-site studies, focused meta-analysis and invasion syndromes

New Phytologist (2012) 196, 383-396
David M. Richardson and Petr Pyšek (2012)
Naturalization of introduced plants: ecological drivers of biogeographical patterns

EPPO Bulletin (2012) 42, 21-27
M. Kenis, S. Bacher, R.H.A. Baker, E. Branquart, S. Brunel, J. Holt, P.E. Hulme, A. MacLeod, J. Pergl, F. Petter, P. Pysek, G. Schrader, A. Sissons, U. Starfinger and U. Schaffner (2012)
New protocols to assess the environmental impact of pests in the EPPO decision-support scheme for pest risk analysis

Biological Invasions (2012) 14, 1365-1378
Therese Pluess, Ray Cannon, Vojtech Jarosík, Jan Pergl, Petr Pysek and Sven Bacher (2012)
When are eradication campaigns successful? A test of common assumptions

Biological Invasions (2010) 12, 3913-3933
Llewellyn C. Foxcroft, David M. Richardson, Marcel Rejmánek and Petr Pysek (2010)
Alien plant invasions in tropical and sub-tropical savannas: patterns, processes and prospects

Biological Invasions (2007) 9, 383-395
Nana Nehrbass, Eckart Winkler, Jana Müllerová, Jan Pergl, Petr Pysek and Irena Perglová (2007)
A simulation model of plant invasion: long-distance dispersal determines the pattern of spread

Biological Invasions (2007) 9, 335-351
Petr Pysek, Lukas Krinke, Vojtech Jarosík, Irena Perglova, Jan Pergl and Lenka Moravcova (2007)
Timing and extent of tissue removal affect reproduction characteristics of an invasive species Heracleum mantegazzianum

Journal of Applied Ecology (2005) 42, 1042-1053
Jana Müllerová, Petr Pysek, Vojtech Jarosík and Jan Pergl (2005)
Aerial photographs as a tool for assessing the regional dynamics of the invasive plant species Heracleum mantegazzianum