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Publications of Marius Gilbert (17 listed):

PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases (2018) 12 (2 - e0006236)
Clément Tisseuil, Enkelejda Velo, Silvia Bino, Perparim Kadriaj, Kujtim Mersini, Ada Shukullari, Artan Simaku, Elton Rogozi, Beniamino Caputo, Els Ducheyne, Alessandra della Torre, Paul Reiter and Marius Gilbert (2018)
Forecasting the spatial and seasonal dynamic of Aedes albopictus oviposition activity in Albania and Balkan countries

Ecography (2016) 39, 409-418
Clément Tisseuil, Aiko Gryspeirt, Renaud Lancelot, Maryline Pioz, Andrew Liebhold and Marius Gilbert (2016)
Evaluating methods to quantify spatial variation in the velocity of biological invasions

Medical and Veterinary Entomology (2013) 27, 29-38
T. Rigot, M. Vercauteren Drubbel, J.-C. Delécolle and M. Gilbert (2013)
Farms, pastures and woodlands: the fine-scale distribution of Palearctic Culicoides spp. biting midges along an agro-ecological gradient

Molecular Ecology (2013) 22, 2456-2466
Patrick Mardulyn, Maria Goffredo, Annamaria Conte, Guy Hendrickx, Rudolf Meiswinkel, Thomas Balenghien, Soufien Sghaier, Youssef Lohr and Marius Gilbert (2013)
Climate change and the spread of vector-borne diseases: using approximate Bayesian computation to compare invasion scenarios for the bluetongue virus vector Culicoides imicola in Italy

Medical and Veterinary Entomology (2012) 26, 152-161
T. Rigot and M. Gilbert (2012)
Quantifying the spatial dependence of Culicoides midge samples collected by Onderstepoort-type blacklight traps: an experimental approach to infer the range of attraction of light traps

Parasites and Vectors (2012) 5 (270) - Predicting the spatio-temporal ...
Thibaud Rigot, Annamaria Conte, Maria Goffredo, Els Ducheyne, Guy Hendrickx and Marius Gilbert (2012)
Predicting the spatio-temporal distribution of Culicoides imicola in Sardinia using a discrete-time population model

Journal of Applied Entomology (2009) 133, 58-66
S. Augustin, S. Guichard, W. Heitland, J. Freise, A. Svatos and M. Gilbert (2009)
Monitoring and dispersal of the invading Gracillariidae Cameraria ohridella

Journal of Applied Ecology (2009) 46, 1332-1339
A. Conte, M. Gilbert and M. Goffredo (2009)
Eight years of entomological surveillance in Italy show no evidence of Culicoides imicola geographical range expansion

Agricultural and Forest Entomology (2005) 7, 161-167
Frédéric Piel, Marius Gilbert, Anne Franklin and Jean-Claude Grégoire (2005)
Occurrence of Ips typographus (Col., Scolytidae) along an urbanization gradient in Brussels, Belgium

Journal of Applied Ecology (2005) 42, 805-813
M. Gilbert, S. Guichard, J. Freise, J.-C. Grégoire, W. Heitland, N. Straw, C. Tilbury and S. Augustin (2005)
Forecasting Cameraria ohridella invasion dynamics in recently invaded countries: from validation to prediction

Environmental Entomology (2004) 33, 1584-1592
S. Augustin, S. Guichard, A. Svatoš and M. Gilbert (2004)
Monitoring the regional spread of the invasive leafminer Cameraria ohridella (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae) by damage assessment and pheromone trapping

Agricultural and Forest Entomology (2003) 5, 87-96
Marius Gilbert and Jean-Claude Grégoire (2003)
Site condition and predation influence a bark beetle's success: a spatially realistic approach

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata (2003) 107, 25-37
M. Gilbert, A. Svatos, M. Lehmann and S. Bacher (2003)
Spatial patterns and infestation processes in the horse chestnut leafminer Cameraria ohridella: a tale of two cities

Canadian Journal of Forest Research - Revue Canadienne de Recherche Forestière (2003) 33, 712-725
M. Gilbert, N. Fielding, H.F. Evans and J.-C. Grégoire (2003)
Spatial pattern of invading Dendroctonus micans (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) populations in the United Kingdom

Journal of Applied Entomology (2003) 127, 354-359
M. Gilbert and J.-C. Grégoire (2003)
Visual, semi-quantitative assessments allow accurate estimates of leafminer population densities: an example comparing image processing and visual evaluation of damage by the horse chestnut leafminer Cameraria ohridella (Lep., Gracillariidae)

Ecological Entomology (2001) 26, 133-142
Marius Gilbert, Gérard Vouland and Jean-Claude Grégoire (2001)
Past attacks influence host selection by the solitary bark beetle Dendroctonus micans

Integrated Pest Management Reviews (2001) 6, 237-242
Jean-Claude Grégoire, Frédéric Piel, Michel De Proft and Marius Gilbert (2001)
Spatial distribution of ambrosia-beetle catches: a possibly useful knowledge to improve mass-trapping