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Publications of Karsten Schönrogge (9 listed):

PLoS Genetics (2019) 15 (11 - e1008398)
Jack Hearn, Mark Blaxter, Karsten Schönrogge, José-Luis Nieves-Aldrey, Juli Pujade-Villar, Elisabeth Huguet, Jean-Michel Drezen, Joseph D. Shorthouse and Graham N. Stone (2019)
Genomic dissection of an extended phenotype: Oak galling by a cynipid gall wasp

Ecology and Evolution (2019) 9, 8524-8540
Elsa Field, Karsten Schönrogge, Nadia Barsoum, Andrew Hector and Melanie Gibbs (2019)
Individual tree traits shape insect and disease damage on oak in a climate-matching tree diversity experiment

Journal of Applied Ecology (2018) 55, 526-538
Helen E. Roy, Wolfgang Rabitsch, Riccardo Scalera, Alan Stewart, Belinda Gallardo, Piero Genovesi, Franz Essl, Tim Adriaens, Sven Bacher, Olaf Booy, Etienne Branquart, Sarah Brunel, Gordon Howard Copp, Hannah Dean, Bram D'hondt, Melanie Josefsson, Marc Kenis, Marianne Kettunen, Merike Linnamagi, Frances Lucy, Angeliki Martinou, Niall Moore, Wolfgang Nentwig, Ana Nieto, Jan Pergl, Jodey Peyton, Alain Roques, Stefan Schindler, Karsten Schönrogge, Wojciech Solarz, Paul D. Stebbing, Teodora Trichkova, Sonia Vanderhoeven, Johan van Valkenburg and Argyro Zenetos (2018)
Developing a framework of minimum standards for the risk assessment of alien species

Ecology and Evolution (2018) 8, 1300-1315
James A. Nicholls, Karsten Schönrogge, Sonja Preuss and Graham N. Stone (2018)
Partitioning of herbivore hosts across time and food plants promotes diversification in the Megastigmus dorsalis oak gall parasitoid complex

Evolutionary Applications (2015) 8, 972-987
Frazer H. Sinclair, Graham N. Stone, James A. Nicholls, Stephen Cavers, Melanie Gibbs, Philip Butterill, Stefanie Wagner, Alexis Ducousso, Sophie Gerber, Rémy J. Petit, Antoine Kremer and Karsten Schönrogge (2015)
Impacts of local adaptation of forest trees on associations with herbivorous insects: implications for adaptive forest management

BioControl (2011) 56, 527-538
Melanie Gibbs, Karsten Schönrogge, Alberto Alma, George Melika, Ambra Quacchia, Graham N. Stone and Alexandre Aebi (2011)
Torymus sinensis: a viable management option for the biological control of Dryocosmus kuriphilus in Europe?

EPPO Bulletin (2007) 37, 166-171
A. Aebi, K. Schönrogge, G. Melika, A. Quacchia, A. Alma and G.N. Stone (2007)
Native and introduced parasitoids attacking the invasive chestnut gall wasp Dryocosmus kuriphilus

Ecological Entomology (2000) 25, 208-219
K. Schönrogge, P. Walker and M.J. Crawley (2000)
Parasitoid and inquiline attack in the galls of four alien, cynipid gall wasps: host switches and the effect on parasitoid sex ratios

Oecologia (1995) 104, 207-217
Graham N. Stone, Karsten Schönrogge, Michael J. Crawley and Simon Fraser (1995)
Geographic and between-generation variation in the parasitoid communities associated with an invading gallwasp, Andricus quercuscalicis (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae)