Journal of Applied Ecology (2020)

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Articles of Journal of Applied Ecology entered for 2020:

Journal of Applied Ecology (2020) 57, 67-76
Laura Dobor, Tomás Hlásny, Werner Rammer, Sona Zimová, Ivan Barka and Rupert Seidl (2020)
Is salvage logging effectively dampening bark beetle outbreaks and preserving forest carbon stocks?
Journal of Applied Ecology 57 (1),  p. 67

Journal of Applied Ecology (2020) 57, 170-180
Yi Zou, Joop de Kraker, Felix J.J.A. Bianchi, Haijun Xiao, Jikun Huang, Xiangzheng Deng, Lingling Hou and Wopke van der Werf (2020)
Do diverse landscapes provide for effective natural pest control in subtropical rice?
Journal of Applied Ecology 57 (1),  p. 170

Journal of Applied Ecology (2020) 57, 1876-1884
Paul G. Peterson, Merilyn F. Merrett, Simon V. Fowler, Douglas Paul Barrett and Quentin Paynter (2020)
Comparing biocontrol and herbicide for managing an invasive non-native plant species: Efficacy, non-target effects and secondary invasion
Journal of Applied Ecology 57 (10),  p. 1876

Journal of Applied Ecology (2020) 57, 1891-1901
Andrew M. Rogers, Andrea S. Griffin, Berndt J. van Rensburg and Salit Kark (2020)
Noisy neighbours and myna problems: Interaction webs and aggression around tree hollows in urban habitats
Journal of Applied Ecology 57 (10),  p. 1891

Journal of Applied Ecology (2020) 57, 2086-2096
Paola Pollegioni, Ace R. North, Tania Persampieri, Alessandro Bucci, Roxana L. Minuz, David Alexander Groneberg, Tony Nolan, Philippos-Aris Papathanos, Andrea Crisanti and Ruth Müller (2020)
Detecting the population dynamics of an autosomal sex ratio distorter transgene in malaria vector mosquitoes
Journal of Applied Ecology 57 (10),  p. 2086

Journal of Applied Ecology (2020) 57, 2296-2306
Ezequiel González, Douglas A. Landis, Michal Knapp and Graciela Valladares (2020)
Forest cover and proximity decrease herbivory and increase crop yield via enhanced natural enemies in soybean fields
Journal of Applied Ecology 57 (11),  p. 2296

Journal of Applied Ecology (2020) 57, 2441-2453
Arran Greenop, Samantha M. Cook, Andrew Wilby, Richard F. Pywell and Ben A. Woodcock (2020)
Invertebrate community structure predicts natural pest control resilience to insecticide exposure
Journal of Applied Ecology 57 (12),  p. 2441

Journal of Applied Ecology (2020) 57, 2475-2484
John H. Hoffmann, Vincent C. Moran, Helmuth G. Zimmermann and Fiona A.C. Impson (2020)
Biocontrol of a prickly pear cactus in South Africa: Reinterpreting the analogous, renowned case in Australia
Journal of Applied Ecology 57 (12),  p. 2475

Journal of Applied Ecology (2020) 57, 460-466
Christelle Robinet, Philippe Castagnone-Sereno, Manuel Mota, Géraldine Roux, Corinne Sarniguet, Xavier Tassus and Hervé Jactel (2020)
Effectiveness of clear-cuttings in non-fragmented pine forests in relation to EU regulations for the eradication of the pine wood nematode
Journal of Applied Ecology 57 (3),  p. 460

Journal of Applied Ecology (2020) 57, 590-598
Mandy C. Barron, Andrew M. Liebhold, John M. Kean, Brian Richardson and Eckehard G. Brockerhoff (2020)
Habitat fragmentation and eradication of invading insect herbivores
Journal of Applied Ecology 57 (3),  p. 590

Journal of Applied Ecology (2020) 57, 630-641
David S.L. Ramsey, Tarnya Cox, Tanja Strive, David M. Forsyth, Ivor Stuart, Robyn Hall, Peter Elsworth and Susan Campbell (2020)
Emerging RHDV2 suppresses the impact of endemic and novel strains of RHDV on wild rabbit populations
Journal of Applied Ecology 57 (3),  p. 630

Journal of Applied Ecology (2020) 57, 903-913
Catherine M. McNicol, David Bavin, Stuart Bearhop, Mark Ferryman, Robin Gill, Cecily E.D. Goodwin, Jenny MacPherson, Matthew J. Silk and Robbie A. McDonald (2020)
Translocated native pine martens Martes martes alter short-term space use by invasive non-native grey squirrels Sciurus carolinensis
Journal of Applied Ecology 57 (5),  p. 903

Journal of Applied Ecology (2020) 57, 914-925
Niamh M. McHugh, Steve Moreby, Marjolein E. Lof, Wopke Van der Werf and John M. Holland (2020)
The contribution of semi-natural habitats to biological control is dependent on sentinel prey type
Journal of Applied Ecology 57 (5),  p. 914

Journal of Applied Ecology (2020) 57, 926-935
Philip W. Tipping, Melissa C. Smith, Ellen C. Lake, Carey R. Minteer, Ashley B.C. Goode, Jeremiah R. Foley and Lyn A. Gettys (2020)
Classical biological control and apparent competition: Evaluating a waterhyacinth invaded community module
Journal of Applied Ecology 57 (5),  p. 926

Journal of Applied Ecology (2020) 57, 1012-1019
Angeliki F. Martinou, Stephanie M. Schäfer, Rubén Bueno Mari, Ioanna Angelidou, Kamil Erguler, James Fawcett, Martina Ferraguti, Rémi Foussadier, Trisevgeni V. Gkotsi, Christos F. Martinos, Martina Schäfer, Francis Schaffner, Jodey M. Peyton, Bethan V. Purse, Denis J. Wright and Helen E. Roy (2020)
A call to arms: Setting the framework for a code of practice for mosquito management in European wetlands
Journal of Applied Ecology 57 (6),  p. 1012

Journal of Applied Ecology (2020) 57, 1020-1030
Samuel F. Ward, Songlin Fei and Andrew M. Liebhold (2020)
Temporal dynamics and drivers of landscape-level spread by emerald ash borer
Journal of Applied Ecology 57 (6),  p. 1020

Journal of Applied Ecology (2020) 57, 1403-1412
Ryan T. Sharp, Michael W. Shaw and Frank van den Bosch (2020)
The effect of competition on the control of invading plant pathogens
Journal of Applied Ecology 57 (7),  p. 1403

Journal of Applied Ecology (2020) 57, 1442-1451
Lauren J. Brzozowski, Jeffrey Gardner, Michael P. Hoffmann, André Kessler, Anurag A. Agrawal and Michael Mazourek (2020)
Attack and aggregation of a major squash pest: Parsing the role of plant chemistry and beetle pheromones across spatial scales
Journal of Applied Ecology 57 (8),  p. 1442

Journal of Applied Ecology (2020) 57, 1806-1817
Emanuela W.A. Weidlich, Flávia G. Flórido, Taísi B. Sorrini and Pedro H.S. Brancalion (2020)
Controlling invasive plant species in ecological restoration: A global review
Journal of Applied Ecology 57 (9),  p. 1806