Divina M. Amalin

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The following data have been transferred from the database of scientists of the International Society for Pest Information (ISPI):

Divina M. Amalin
last recorded affiliation:
Tropical Research and Education Center
Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS)
University of Florida
18905 SW 280th Street
Homestead, FL 33031

research on citrus pests

Publications of Divina M. Amalin (21 listed):

Parasites and Vectors (2019) 12 (361) - Detection of Wolbachia in
Thaddeus M. Carvajal, Kazuki Hashimoto, Reza Kurniawan Harnandika, Divina M Amalin and Kozo Watanabe (2019)
Detection of Wolbachia in field-collected Aedes aegypti mosquitoes in metropolitan Manila, Philippines

Insects (2019) 10 (11 - 374)
Joeselle M. Serrana, Naoto Ishitani, Thaddeus M. Carvajal, Billy Joel M. Almarinez, Alberto T. Barrion, Divina M. Amalin and Kozo Watanabe (2019)
Unraveling the genetic structure of the coconut scale insect pest (Aspidiotus rigidus Reyne) outbreak populations in the Philippines

Environmental Entomology (2019) 48, 134-140
Dave I. Palen, Billy J.M. Almarinez, Divina M. Amalin, Jesusa Crisostomo Legaspi and Guido David (2019)
A host–parasitoid model for Aspidiotus rigidus (Hemiptera: Diaspididae) and Comperiella calauanica (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae)

Florida Entomologist (2016) 99, 734-739
William A. Overholt, Purnama Hidayat, Bruno Le Ru, Keiji Takasu, John A. Goolsby, Alex Racelis, A. Millie Burrell, Divina Amalin, Winnifred Agum, Mohamed Njaku, Beatrice Pallangyo, Patricia E. Klein and James P. Cuda (2016)
Potential biological control agents for management of cogongrass (Cyperales: Poaceae) in the southeastern USA

Florida Entomologist (2015) 98, 354-355
Divina M. Amalin, Lani Averion, Dennis Bihis, Jesusa C. Legaspi and Edward F. David (2015)
Effectiveness of kaolin clay particle film in managing Helopeltis collaris (Hemiptera: Miridae), a major pest of cacao in the Philippines

Journal of Applied Entomology (2015) 139, 237-240
B.J.M. Almarinez, D.M. Amalin, J.S.R. Carandang VI, M.V. Navasero and M.M. Navasero (2015)
First Philippine record of the parasitoid, Comperiella sp. (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae): a potential biocontrol agent against Aspidiotus rigidus (Hemiptera: Diaspididae)

Experimental and Applied Acarology (2012) 57, 271-289
Daniel Carrillo, Divina Amalin, Farzan Hosein, Amy Roda, Rita E. Duncan and Jorge E. Peña (2012)
Host plant range of Raoiella indica (Acari: Tenuipalpidae) in areas of invasion of the New World

Annals of the Entomological Society of America (2011) 104, 451-458
Jesusa Crisostomo Legaspi, Catharine Mannion, Divina Amalin and Benjamin C. Legaspi Jr. (2011)
Life table analysis and development of Singhiella simplex (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) under different constant temperatures

Florida Entomologist (2010) 93, 130-132
J. Medal, N. Bustamante, W. Overholt, R. Diaz, P. Stansly, A. Roda, D. Amalin, K. Hibbard, R. Gaskalla, B. Sellers, S. Hight and J. Cuda (2010)
Biological control of tropical soda apple (Solanaceae) in Florida: Post-release evaluation

Florida Entomologist (2009) 92, 450-457
W.A. Overholt, R. Diaz, K.L. Hibbard, A.L. Roda, D. Amalin, A.J. Fox, S.D. Hight, J.C. Medal, P.A. Stansly, B. Carlisle, J.H. Walter, P.J. Hogue, L.A. Gary, L.F. Wiggins, C.L. Kirby and S.C. Crawford (2009)
Releases, distribution and abundance of Gratiana boliviana (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae), a biological control agent of tropical soda apple (Solanum viarum, Solanaceae) in Florida

Florida Entomologist (2007) 90, 234-237
Jorge E. Peña, D. Amalin, A. Hunsberger and C. Mannion (2007)
Egg distribution and sampling of Diaprepes abbreviatus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) on silver buttonwood

Florida Entomologist (2006) 89, 367-374
Nancy D. Epsky, Divina Amalin, Paul E. Kendra, Helena Puche and Cathrine M. Mannion (2006)
Temporal and spatial characterization of an infestation of Paratachardina lobata lobata (Hemiptera: Kerriidae), a new invasive pest in Florida

Environmental Entomology (2005) 34, 264-270
Aijun Zhang and Divina Amalin (2005)
Sex pheromone of the female pink hibiscus mealybug, Maconellicoccus hirsutus (Green) (Homoptera: Pseudococcidae): Biological activity evaluation

Florida Entomologist (2005) 88, 77-82
Divina M. Amalin, Jorge E. Peña and Rita E. Duncan (2005)
Effects of host age, female parasitoid age, and host plant on parasitism of Ceratogramma etiennei (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae)

Florida Entomologist (2004) 87, 222-224
D.M. Amalin, P. Stansly and J.E. Peña (2004)
Effect of Micromite® on the egg parasitoids Ceratogramma etiennei (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae) and Quadrastichus haitiensis (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae)

Journal of Insect Science (2003) 3 (33), p. 1 (Amalin et al.)
Divina M. Amalin, Jorge E. Peña and Rita E. Duncan (2003)
Effects of host age, female parasitoid age and host plant, on parasitism of Ceratogramma etiennei (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae)
XIII International Entomophagous Insects Workshop - July 27-31, 2003, Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A.

Journal of Insect Science (2003) 3 (33), 18-19
Jorge E. Peña, D.G. Hall, R. Nguyen, C. McCoy, D. Amalin, P. Stansly, R. Adair, S. Lapointe, R. Duncan, A. Hoyte and J. Conner (2003)
Recovery of parasitoids (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae and Trichogrammatidae) released for biological control of Diaprepes abbreviatus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in Florida
XIII International Entomophagous Insects Workshop - July 27-31, 2003, Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A.

BioControl (2002) 47, 327-347
D.M. Amalin, J.E. Peña, R.E. Duncan, H.W. Browning and R. McSorley (2002)
Natural mortality factors acting on citrus leafminer, Phyllocnistis citrella, in lime orchards in South Florida

Journal of Entomological Science (2001) 36, 199-207
Divina M. Amalin, Jorge E. Peña and R. McSorley (2001)
Predation by hunting spiders on citrus leafminer, Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae)

Environmental Entomology (2001) 30, 1021-1027
Divina M. Amalin, Jorge E. Peña, Robert McSorley, Harold W. Browning and Jonathan H. Crane (2001)
Comparison of different sampling methods and effect of pesticide application on spider populations in lime orchards in South Florida

Florida Entomologist (2000) 83, 254-262
Divina M. Amalin, Jorge E. Peña, Simon J. Yu and Robert McSorley (2000)
Selective toxicity of some pesticides to Hibana velox (Araneae: Anyphaenidae), a predator of citrus leafminer