Coleoptera (hygenic/medical pests)

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Luprops beetle
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Coleoptera (hygenic/medical pests)

The order of beetles includes various groups relevant to pest management, many species are for example recognized as plant pests. A few species are regarded as hygenic, medical and nuisance pests. These include mainly species that are known to cause skin irritation or dermatitis on contact. An example of a hygenic and nuisance pest is the rubber litter beetle, Luprops tristis, which breeds in the rubber plantations of India and can form large seasonal aggregations which invade homes. When irritated, they secrete a substance which can cause skin burns.

This page only refers to medical and veterinary pests. For other groups of Coleoptera see:
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The following families are currently included under Coleoptera (hygenic/medical pests):