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Publications of Christopher R. Little (16 listed):

Journal of General Plant Pathology (2020) 86, 350-359
Ramasamy Perumal, Sandeep S. Tomar, Ananda Bandara, Djanaguiraman Maduraimuthu, Tesfaye T. Tesso, P.V. Vara Prasad, Hari D. Upadhyaya and Christopher R. Little (2020)
Variation in stalk rot resistance and physiological traits of sorghum genotypes in the field under high temperature

Phytopathology (2018) 108, 948-956
Y.M.A.Y. Bandara, D.K. Weerasooriya, S. Liu and C.R. Little (2018)
The necrotrophic fungus Macrophomina phaseolina promotes charcoal rot susceptibility in grain sorghum through induced host cell-wall-degrading enzymes

European Journal of Plant Pathology (2017) 148, 749-754
Rodrigo Pedrozo and Christopher R. Little (2017)
Fusarium verticillioides inoculum potential influences soybean seed quality

Plant Disease (2017) 101, 2059-2065
Y.M.A.Y. Bandara, T.T. Tesso, S.R. Bean, F.E. Dowell and C.R. Little (2017)
Impacts of fungal stalk rot pathogens on physicochemical properties of sorghum grain

Plant Disease (2016) 100, 2062-2068
Y.M.A.Y. Bandara, D.K. Weerasooriya, T.T. Tesso and C.R. Little (2016)
Stalk rot fungi affect leaf greenness (SPAD) of grain sorghum in a genotype- and growth-stage-specific manner

Crop Science (2016) 56, 2895-2903
Adedayo Adeyanju, Jianming Yu, Christopher Little, William Rooney, Patricia Klein, John Burke and Tesfaye Tesso (2016)
Sorghum RILs segregating for stay-green QTL and leaf dhurrin content show differential reaction to stalk rot diseases

Plant Disease (2015) 99, p. 1865 (Pedrozo et al.)
R. Pedrozo, J.J. Fenoglio and C.R. Little (2015)
First report of seedborne Fusarium fujikuroi and its potential to cause pre- and post-emergent damping-off on soybean (Glycine max) in the United States

Phytoparasitica (2015) 43, 485-499
Y. M. A. Y. Bandara, R. Perumal and C. R. Little (2015)
Integrating resistance and tolerance for improved evaluation of sorghum lines against Fusarium stalk rot and charcoal rot

Journal of General Plant Pathology (2015) 81, 24-31
Louis K. Prom, Ramasamy Perumal, Noe Montes-Garcia, Thomas Isakeit, Gary N. Odvody, William L. Rooney, Christopher R. Little and Clint Magill (2015)
Evaluation of Gambian and Malian sorghum germplasm against downy mildew pathogen, Peronosclerospora sorghi, in Mexico and the USA

Plant Disease (2014) 98, p. 1745 (Pedrozo et al.)
R. Pedrozo and C.R. Little (2014)
First report of seedborne Fusarium thapsinum and its pathogenicity on soybean (Glycine max) in the United States

Plant Disease (2012) 96, 1775-1779
Dallas L. Seifers, Ramasamy Perumal and Christopher R. Little (2012)
New sources of resistance in sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) germplasm are effective against a diverse array of Potyvirus spp.

European Journal of Plant Pathology (2012) 133, 671-685
L.K. Prom, R. Perumal, S.R. Erattaimuthu, C.R. Little, E.G. No, J.E. Erpelding, W.L. Rooney, G.N. Odvody and C.W. Magill (2012)
Genetic diversity and pathotype determination of Colletotrichum sublineolum isolates causing anthracnose in sorghum

Plant Disease (2011) 95, 853-859
C.R. Brady, L.W. Noll, A.A. Saleh and C.R. Little (2011)
Disease severity and Microsclerotium properties of the sorghum sooty stripe pathogen, Ramulispora sorghi

Journal of Phytopathology (2009) 157, 518-519
Christopher R. Little and Clint W. Magill (2009)
The grain mold pathogen, Fusarium thapsinum, reduces caryopsis formation in Sorghum bicolor

HortScience (2008) 43, 1485-1491
Kenneth R. Summy and Christopher R. Little (2008)
Using color infrared imagery to detect sooty mold and fungal pathogens of glasshouse-propagated plants

Plant Disease (2006) 90, p. 1358 (Little)
C.R. Little (2006)
Occurrence of Leveillula taurica cleistothecia on honey mesquite in southern Texas