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Publications of Jason P. Bond (14 listed):

Plant Disease (2020) 104, 1949-1959
Mirian F. Pimentel, Erika Arnão, Amanda J. Warner, Arjun Subedi, Leonardo F. Rocha, Ali Srour, Jason P. Bond and Ahmad M. Fakhoury (2020)
Trichoderma isolates inhibit Fusarium virguliforme growth, reduce root rot, and induce defense-related genes on soybean seedlings

Plant Disease (2018) 102, 1093-1100
Yuba R. Kandel, Michael T. McCarville, Eric A. Adee, Jason P. Bond, Martin I. Chilvers, Shawn P. Conley, Loren J. Giesler, Heather M. Kelly, Dean K. Malvick, Febina M. Mathew, John C. Rupe, Laura E. Sweets, Albert U. Tenuta, Kiersten A. Wise and Daren S. Mueller (2018)
Benefits and profitability of fluopyram-amended seed treatments for suppressing sudden death syndrome and protecting soybean yield: A meta-analysis

Theoretical and Applied Genetics (2018) 131, 1541-1552
Lillian F. Brzostowski, Timothy I. Pruski, Glen L. Hartman, Jason P. Bond, Dechun Wang, Silvia R. Cianzio and Brian W. Diers (2018)
Field evaluation of three sources of genetic resistance to sudden death syndrome of soybean

Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology (2015) 37, 435-447
J.D. Weems, J.S. Haudenshield, J.P. Bond, G.L. Hartman, K.A. Ames and C.A. Bradley (2015)
Effect of fungicide seed treatments on Fusarium virguliforme infection of soybean and development of sudden death syndrome

Plant Disease (2015) 99, 544-550
F. Zeng, E. Arnao, G. Zhang, G. Olaya, J. Wullschleger, H. Sierotzki, R. Ming, B.H. Bluhm, J.P. Bond, A.M. Fakhoury and C.A. Bradley (2015)
Characterization of quinone outside inhibitor fungicide resistance in Cercospora sojina and development of diagnostic tools for its identification

Nematropica (2008) 38, 63-74
S.A. Walters, J.P. Bond, J.B. Russell, B.H. Taylor and Z.A. Handoo (2008)
Incidence and influence of plant-parasitic nematodes in southern Illinois peach orchards

Weed Technology (2007) 21, 1064-1070
J. Earl Creech, Jared S. Webb, Bryan G. Young, Jason P. Bond, S. Kent Harrison, Virginia R. Ferris, Jamal Faghihi, Andreas Westphal and William G. Johnson (2007)
Development of soybean cyst nematode on henbit (Lamium amplexicaule) and purple deadnettle (Lamium purpureum)

Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology (2006) 28, 77-83
C.M. Vick, J.P. Bond, S.K. Chong and J.S. Russin (2006)
Response of soybean sudden death syndrome to tillage and cultivar

HortScience (2006) 41, p. 1076 (Stieg et al.)
Jamie R. Stieg, S. Alan Walters, Jason P. Bond and Mohammad Babadoost (2006)
Effects of fungicides and cultivar resistance for Phytophthora capsici control in bell pepper production
Regional Meeting poster

Journal of Nematology (2005) 37, p. 359 (Bond et al.)
J.P. Bond, T.A. Jackson, X.B. Gao, T.L. Niblack and M.E. Schmidt (2005)
Soybean cyst nematode and soybean sudden death syndrome
44th Annual Meeting, Society of Nematologists, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 9-13 July, 2005

Nematropica (2004) 34, 235-243
J.P. Bond, E.C. McGawley and J.W. Hoy (2004)
The impact of nematodes on sugarcane cultivars

Nematropica (2004) 34, 191-197
S.A. Walters, J.P. Bond, M. Babadoost, D.I. Edwards and Z.A. Handoo (2004)
Plant-parasitic nematodes associated with horseradish in Illinois

Nematropica (2004) 34, 245-256
J.P. Bond, E.C. McGawley and J.W. Hoy (2004)
Sugarcane growth as influenced by nematodes and Pythium arrhenomanes

Plant Disease (2003) 87, 629-632
C.M. Vick, S.K. Chong, J.P. Bond and J.S. Russin (2003)
Response of soybean sudden death syndrome to subsoil tillage